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Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Anonymous, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Tired of being censored ?
    Tired of being banned for calling Khamenei a sandnigger?
    Want to debate why the IR should exist? Why it shouldn't?
    Want to praise the Koran? Want to curse it? Want to piss on one?
    Want to bow to Khomenei? Want to piss on his grave?

    Scared that you might post a dick, tit, or pussy on here and get banned?

    NO PROBLEMS! Come to

    Want to call Arabs monkeys? Want to talk about how much you hate Jews? Turks? Niggers? Whatever, FREE SPEECH! Tired of having to register accounts everywhere?

    Iranica-Chan (I'm not the owner of the site) is 100% encrypted and anonymous.
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  2. anonymous612 Member

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  3. Zak McKracken Member

    I don't.

    accessing it through: is not 100% encrypted. In fact its approximately 0% encrypted.
    accessing it through: is encrypted, but using a cert that belongs to the "Economic Development Council of Alberta".
    Doubtful that CDEA has any affiliation with the site, as they are a Canadian government agency.

    The iranica-chan site appears to be hosted on a generic server farm in the USA.
    Nothing wrong with that, I guess.

    Claiming that the site's encrypted when its not, is poor form, though that could be an oversight.
    Running an SSL server with a dubious cert is very poor form. Oversight my ass.

    I'm going to be charitable and imagine the guys running this just don't know WTF they're doing,
    but if that's the case they really oughtn't to be in the "Persian revolutionary support" biz.

    I see no reason to think they won't be sitting ducks for the next Basiji hax0r attack.

    meh. =P
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  4. anonymous612 Member

    I approve of the fact that someone went "Hey, you know who needs a chan? THE MIDDLE EAST."
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  5. Zak McKracken Member

    Well, yeah.
    I was probably being a little harsh,
    but I don't liek misrepresentation when srs shit's on the line.

    Just, hope the faggots running this have at least half a brain.
  6. anonymous612 Member

    That's just one step above "You know what would fix the Israel/Palestine conflict? TITS."

    ...actually that's not a bad idea.
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  7. fallingspider Member

    Considering that recent discovery that some iranian hacker had supposedly cracked the SSL security, I would find this dubious aswell. Infact if there's any chance the government was behind those hackers I be tempted to call this a trap considering what was said about the iranian government getting hackers to engaging in cyber warfare against the oposition.
  8. Zak McKracken Member

    Doesn't look like that sort of trap, to me.
    If this was a setup by BasijiL33t, they'd have taken the 5 minutes to req a valid SSL certificate and install it; and then nobody would be asking questions.

    They wouldn't have left all the other little nuggets of fail lying around that increase "transparency" in much the same way goatse man's pants are transparent.

    The site's been up for a few months at least; it hasn't been brutally pwned in any obvious way yet,
    but then again, a smart pwner wouldn't necessarily be visible.

    ITT: looks like another fun treehouse for the Persian diaspora, and anyone who cares to troll them.
    Looks like NOT a safe, or fun house for Persians in Persia, atm.
  9. fallingspider Member

    either way it looks like you end up at the same result? Maybe some one should go link to Tor for them? (I'm assuming that could atleast help)
  10. Laura Meer Member

    I think everyone here should be aware that the owner of this site was trying to drop an actual Iranian web user in Iran into shit with the Iranian authorities because he wanted nothing to do with their bigotry and 'Persian Pride' BS.
  11. Zak McKracken Member

    [bumper-crop of cocks deleted]


    Laura: thanks for the warning. :(
  12. Laura Meer Member

    Yep it's just inter-chan drama really, the owner of Iranica-chan invited Iranball, just an ordinary chanlad to visit his site with the possibility of being a mod thrown in to boot. Iranball declined his offer as he found the usual content of the site distasteful and didn't appreciate their previous speculative racial slurs against him. He is back now due to some wizardry by the KC admins and mods, but the efforts of the mod of Iranica-chan did manage to get KC blocked by informing to the Iranian authorities, petty as this is, he could potentially be putting him in real physical danger by this sort of action. Their claims to represent free speech are not really true and it's most definiteley not a safe site for an Iranian web-user to visit because of the behaviour of the mods there.

    this was just a warning really, the Iranica-chan board is on lockdown now because of raids and so far no harm has come of the whole shitstorm.
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  13. Zak McKracken Member

    Thank you. <3
    (sorry for any inaccuracies in my speculative accounts)
  14. Greetings from Krautchan!

    You might want to know that Iranica-chan is not only full of racist iranian expat shitposters (yesterday it said only persians may post, everyone else is mongol), but they also reported to the iranian censors yesterday. Since today KC is blocked in Iran and one of our fellow users from Iran can't connect directly anymore. He found a way around this though. Anyway, it shows the spirit of the admin of iranica-chan and the posters.

    Latest posting (after KC users showed iranica-chan what they think about this censorshit):

    >Bad news: Site got spammed (meh, modfag was away at gym)
    >Good news: Iranball d0x has been confirmed

    Between the lines this basically means they would give the dox of our iranian KC poster to the iranian authorities.
    During "Project Greenwave" which was featured on (I participated back then), iranica-chan would most probably have been on the list of targets for deliberately endangering a freedom loving Iranian.

    Also, you're all invited to come visit our international board @
    (iranica-chan stay the fuck out)

    Here's the thread the admin of iranica-chan started on KC yesterday:,21242369/thread-4731428.rar/
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  15. Anonymous Member

    pretty much says it all
  16. Krautfag Member

    Aye, the iranica-chan modfag is obviously a 14yr-old keyboard warrior from 'merica (fuck, yeah), enjoying doxing to the fucking Iranian authorities. What a jerk. How about a nice wordfilter for iranica-chan?

    Also: KC /int is quite nice, I like dem countryballs :)
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  17. Zak McKracken Member

    (neads moar lieks)
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  18. Krautfag Member

    I am not a likeable person,
    And I quit here when they introduceed the shitty new facecancer-style board software with all them fancy "like" crap, right after introducing massive amounts of moralfaggotry :p
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  19. Zak McKracken Member

    You WILL be liked, and you will like it.
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  20. Krautfag Member

    Bloody hugbox this place has turned into.
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  21. Zak McKracken Member


  22. Krautfag Member

    That's more LIKE it...
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  23. Ahmad Member

    It's actually sad that many of you people here are currently being trolled. I'm an IranicaChan representative (Admin).

    I'll explain this little drama to everyone, our server is run by two Iranians, one living inside of Iran who does everything off a VPN and one Iranian living in Canada (that would be me), over the months, we've added a few moderators, but most recently we added what seemed to be a pretty interesting guy. An Iranian living in Texas who has served in the Marines (a convert to Christianity who was overly obsessed with "American pride" and whatnot), he speaks fluent Persian, and seemed to be a massive supporter of the Iranian revolutionaries, virulently anti-Islam as well.

    Anyways, most recently, he got into this heated debate with a character known as Iranball, he threatens the guy, starts a few stickies on Iranica (which we if you didn't notice either deleted or locked after we got to them) wanting to get him banned and whatnot. At the time we had no legit communication with the guy besides his email address, I eventually see someone on Krautchan link me to a thread of his though, see that it's a Texasball, immediately tell him to fuck off and remove his mod status. Yes, we're pretty slow seeing bullshit on our little chan seeing as both of us are either working or at uni most of the day (partly the reason we have a mod team). Speaking of KC, I've been a poster there for a few years.

    If you need any clarification on anything see me on the Iranica IRC and everything can and will be explained.

    On a final note, Iranica-Chan is a free speech chan for Iranians.
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  24. Kruge Moderator

    You sure? To me it looks a lot like a bunch of your average racist trolls and nothing else.
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  25. Kruge Moderator

    Wouldn't it make more sense to explain things here, so everybody can see what's going on?

    Anyways, I don't think I'm the right person to judge this, I have no idea how that whole chan-subculture works... I can only tell you this - loads of racist bigotry including holocaust denial right on the first page... Not my cuppa tea.
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  26. iraniam Member

    Well said my friend.
  27. Kruge Moderator

    .... and the rest was silence?
  28. Any reason in particular why my post was removed? here it is again:

    Let me tell you about this site

    They claim to be the following:

    Iranian. - They constantly deny Iranian culture.
    True free speech - They delete anything they don't agree and will ban you.
    Uncensored - Not even close. They will claim you posted "illegal content" if you make a post they don't like
    Anonymous - obviously, they cannot be trusted with even the most information like an IP address. Who knows what these psychopaths might try to do.

    They are none of the above. The administration of the site cannot be trusted with private info like your IP because he will threaten you by claiming you posted "illegal content" if you defend real Persian culture or disagree with his views. They are a bunch of self hating , racist, delusional children. They constantly quote statistics about how great and educated the Iranian diaspora is. Well its obvious to anyone with eyes that these people are NOT included in any such statistics. These people are the bottom of the barrel of Iranians, if they are even actually Iranians. People like this exist only to give a bad name to Iranians.
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  29. Zak McKracken Member

    I think it was removed by mistake.
    It was moved to the "thread derail megathread" probably because someone thought
    that complaints about iranica-chan had nothing to do with the thread.

    I reported the error the moderators, hopefully they will "get it."
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  30. Zak McKracken Member

    In the mean time, (if you're still reading) let me give you fair warning: things are not always as they seem.
    Even if iranica-chan is a harmful site, as it appears to be, some of it's problems are endemic to the format and composition, and are "normal" for that kind of discussion forum.

    It is a "chan" site. Like 4chan, and 777chan, 888chan and others with "chan" in the name.
    Chan sites are all full of immature and extremely bad jokes, hostile and crazy people who post Anonymously. Chan sites are actually the origin of the Anonymous culture.

    It is strange, but users on Chan sites almost always deny their own culture, and other cultures.
    It's usually a joke, but outsiders may not understand that it is a joke.
    There is no such thing as "true free speech" but some sites are worse than others.
    Would have to see more examples to be sure. It's possible the mods/admins are just being abusive assholes.
    It's possible some of the "illegal content" was supporting violence or things that could potentially get the site ownership in trouble. If you can provide examples of what "passses" and what doesn't, that would help us understand what's really going on there.
    Any time you go on the Internet, you are trusting someone with your IP address. If you can't trust anyone, you should probably log off.
    If you post things like incitement to violence, or copyrighted audio/video/software, those could be considered "illegal". If they only threaten people who they don't like (and ignore people they do like) that's unfair.
    If so, they are no different from 4chan.
    Except that 90% of the kids on 4chan aren't actually racist and they just pretend to be for the LULZ.
    Regarding iranica-chan, I can't really tell which it is. :(
    What troubles me most isn't any of the issues you raised.
    The reports that Iranica-chan admins have informed on Persians abroad- directly to the Iranian government, that goes way beyond petty disagreement, and is really frightening.

    I'm also not convinced that the "bad behavior" you report is a reflection of the mostly-harmless "bad behavior" of azn and weaboo chans elsewhere. You may be correct and they may actually actually believe racist filth they spew. (normal channers don't)
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  31. Pique Member

    As Zak said it was not removed, but rather moved to the Derail thread. Perhaps mod staff were not aware of the pertinence of it to this thread.

    In any event...
  32. VatanDoost Member

    @A Real Iranian I'm a long time Iranica-Chan user and came across your post via a Google search and honestly had to reply. I don't think you understand what Iranica-Chan is, I know I personally didn't when I first came to Iranica-Chan. "Iranian. - They constantly deny Iranian culture." Iranica-Chan doesn't deny or promote anything, the community does. I've gone on Iranica-Chan and seen people promoting black dicks, gay porn, incest, Iranian nationalism, LGBT rights, militant homosexuality, nuking Israel, loving Israel, liberalism, communism, Nazism and the rest. Iranica-Chan's content is decided by YOU, the user. "True free speech - They delete anything they don't agree and will ban you." I'm a liberal Iranian and I've never been banned or had a post deleted from Iranica-Chan. I originally came to Iranica-Chan after constantly being censored on for my views on various topics within the Iranian community. I honestly can't see how Iranica-Chan will delete or ban people, just last night I saw a picture of a man having sex with a dog for crying out loud, that wasn't deleted. "Uncensored - Not even close. They will claim you posted "illegal content" if you make a post they don't like" Again, I've never been banned for posting whatever I want. It sounds like you have an agenda against Iranica-Chan. Why's that? "They are a bunch of self hating , racist, delusional children." Hahahahaha... I'm assuming you take the "Iranians are White Nordic Europeans" nonsense posted on /g/ seriously? 90% of the racism and self-hate on Iranica-Chan is SARCASM. Do you not understand how chans work? "These people are the bottom of the barrel of Iranians, if they are even actually Iranians. People like this exist only to give a bad name to Iranians." Iranica-Chan is a chan site. It isn't meant to be a place where people make a good name for themselves. I know there's an obsession in the Iranian community to "prove yourself to Westerners" and "show them you're not like your neighbors" and that's cool, but honestly if someone wanted a good representation of Americans or Europeans, would you recommend they goto 4chan for it? I wouldn't. My advice for you: Lighten up, learn to take a joke, learn what a chan is. Oh and also, you might like IC's new board /sd/, which is essentially a troll-free board where you can actually talk about real issues (aka the opposite of /g/).
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  33. VatanDoost Member

    Also not sure if I covered this. But the majority of racism on Iranica-Chan tends to be sarcasm, in fact most of the nonsensical hyper-nationalistic talk on IC is indeed sarcasm. I can see how you'd be "offended" by Iranica-Chan if you didn't understand the humor or took it too seriously however.
  34. sooooooo glad this site is gone for good. it was pure hate and ignorance.

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