Iran's Crisis of Civilization: A Baha'i Perspective

Discussion in 'Iran' started by RonPrice, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. RonPrice Member

    Iran's crisis of civilization will be resolved neither by blind imitation of an obviously defective Western culture nor by retreat into medieval ignorance which often seems to be the direction taken by religious and political elites in Iran. The answer to the dilemma faced by Iran was enunciated on the very threshold of the crisis of modernity in the late 19th century, in the clearest and most compelling language, by a distinguished Son of Iran Who is today honoured in every continent of the world, but sadly not in the land of His birth--except by a religious minority now referred to by Iranian political and religious authorities as heretical.

    Persia's poetic genius captures the irony of the position of this religious minority: "I searched the wide world over for my Beloved, while my Beloved was waiting for me in my own home." The world's appreciation of Bahá'u'lláh, the Founder of the Baha'i Faith, came perhaps most explicitly into focus on 29 May 1992, the centenary of His death, when the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies met in solemn session to pay tribute to Him, to His teachings and to the services rendered to humanity by the community He founded. On that occasion, the Speaker of the Chamber and spokespersons from every party rose, successively, to express their profound admiration of One who was described in their addresses as the Author of "the most colossal religious work written by the pen of a single Man", a message that "reaches out to humanity as a whole, without petty differences of nationality, race, limits or belief".

    One of the most appalling afflictions, in terms of its tragic consequences, has been the slander of Bahá'u'lláh's Cause perpetrated by that privileged caste to whom Persia's masses had been taught to look for guidance in spiritual matters. For over 150 years, every medium of public information-- pulpit, press, radio, television and even scholarly publication--has been perverted to create an image of the Bahá'í community and its beliefs that is grossly false and whose sole aim is to arouse popular contempt and antagonism. No calumny has been too vile; no lie too outrageous. At no point during those long years were the Baha'is, the victims of this vilification, given an opportunity, however slight, to defend themselves and or to provide the facts that would have exposed such calculated poisoning of the public mind.

    Ruling elites can make no more serious error than to imagine that the power they have managed to arrogate to themselves provides an enduring bulwark against the relentless tides of historical change. Today, in Iran, as everywhere throughout the world, these tides roll in with insistent urgency and tumultuous force. They are not merely at the door of the house, but they rise up irresistibly through its floors. They cannot be diverted. They will not be denied, perhaps not today but tomorrow---for tomorrow is another day.-Ron Price, Tasmania
  2. Cattypuss Member

    [Iran's crisis of civilization will be resolved neither by blind imitation of an obviously defective Western culture]

    No one here is asking Iran to imitate western culture Ron - most here are well aware that Iran's culture is ancient as it is diverse. If the Iranian people can unleash the shackles they currently find themselves in (curteously of the all powerful controlling Mullah's) they can chart their own destiny FREE from tyranny. Btw - western culture may be defective, but I see you are happily living in it down in Tassie....:)

    signed: A fellow Aussie living in Queensland.
  3. The "obviously defective" Western cultures allows people like you to live and express their beliefs freely, unlike Iran and plenty of other countries. If you don't like living in Australia, might as well move to a different culture, see how you are treated.

    I suggest Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. I wonder how will people react when you tell them you're Baha'i.
  4. His mention of defective western culture is probably referring to our moral relativism, obsession with plastic hollywood stars, promiscuous sex, drugs and partying. The cool thing about the west is he is completely free to feel that way. He is not wrong. And anyone who tries to tell him he is wrong for feeling that way is wrong. I am free to say that, and to side with him. No one is going to beat me, you or him for what we think or say.

    That is the difference. He has every right to think there are problems with western culture. I agree with him. The faults of our own culture causes pain, too. Just a different kind of pain. But we are free to avoid that pain, and to think anyone who disagrees with is is a dick.

    When other's lack or morals is shoved down the throats of people who want to have morals, then our society has really gone to hell and it has become just like the one the Iranian regime is creating right now. We should be free to pick our own paths, with no government interference, as long as it does not hurt others.
  5. All cultures are 'obviously defective', is there such a thing as a perfect culture? Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, I'd be very suspicious of anyone proposing to create such a thing from the top down.

    On the other hand I do have Baha'i friends who are incredible people and I find it appalling and puzzling to think others like them are persecuted for their beliefs.
  6. Baha'i perpective

    I grew up in a Baha'i family and I am currently a non-active Baha'i and still truly believe in the New World Order of Baha'u'llah and still willing to do anything to make the world a better place as Baha'u'llah thought us
    Anything that's been happening in Iran today is what Baha'u'llah predicted over a century ago. He predicted that Kingship in Iran will collapse and the Musslim clerics will take over and become such blood thirsty dictators that their own Muslim followers will turn against them and eventually many Muslims will become athiest leading to collapse of Islam the same way catholic church once rulling entire Itally minmized and most of Europe minimized to Vatican
    Soon after manifestation, Baha'u'llah send letters to the world's top Political and religious leaders including the Shiia Muslim leaders, the Pope, Kings and Queens around the world warning them if don't accept his message, their empires and rulling power will soon end and almost all soon lost their power including Napleaun, Otaman empire, Ghajar dinesty and many more
    What Islamic Republic is doing is a favor to Iranians by making them realize religion and politics can not be combined and Islam is not capable of leading a 21st century openminded nation
    The only way to establish a successful democracy anywere in the Middle East is to cut the roots of religious radicalism and prejedous from culture and that's what exactly this regime unwillinly and indirectly doing in Iran
  7. Dear Ron, it is helpful to give the source of the entirety of your post: an 8-page letter written by the Universal House of Justice to the Followers of Baha'u'llah in the Cradle of the Faith, dated November 26, 2003, the Day of the Covenant. This letter also drew upon 'Abdu'l-Baha's book The Secret of Divine Civilization.
  8. XxGhostBossxX Member

    Bahai prayer is the best prayer I have ever read aloud.... Blessed be yo!!!
  9. RonPrice Member

    Belated thanks for your responses folks and for the interesting discussion generated. Good point about the reference to that excellent letter.-Ron

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