IRC and how to use it!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by core, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. core Member

    IRC and how to use it!

    Okay, so-

    IRC (Internet Relay Chat) has proved to be an exceptionally useful tool in the organization of the protests. The Partyvan IRC Network offered to host the projects channels, and has dedicated a lead admin (myself) to help out with coordinating between channels, solving channel disputes and dealing with general channel issues efficiently.

    However, an IRC client can look complicated at first glance, but it's really quite simple. I'll explain it step-by-step.

    1. First off, you'll need a client. mIRC is probably the best choice for you, as it's user-friendly and has a nice GUI.

    Head to and click "Download mIRC".


    2. Install the client. Just run the file that's downloaded and it'll walk you through installation.

    3. Start mIRC. Click the icon!


    4. When the program starts up, a window will pop up containing some fields. Just fill in "Full Name" and "Email Address" with some gibberish, to ensure your anonymity, and click Cancel.


    5. In the field at the bottom of your screen (this'll be the field you'll use to write messages) type:




    This'll connect you to one of our servers.

    Now type:

    /nick yournickhere


    Obviously, replace "yournickhere" with whatever nickname you want to use.

    And then type:

    /msg core Hi, I'm new here (or whatever you wanna say to me!)


    From there, I can show you to some interesting channels on the network, and direct you to your local raid channel.

    You'll also want to register your nickname, so no one else can take it! Type:

    /ns register password

    Obviously, again, replace "password" with whatever password you want to use.

    If you REALLY want to stay super-anonymous, you can make it so that no one can see what your ISP (Internet Service Provider, not your IP) is.

    To do this, type (please note, you'll have to have a registered nick, as the two are tied to each other):

    /hs request something.something (just like a normal host)

    E.G: For my vhost, (, I would have typed:

    /hs request


    Some interesting channels (and how to join them):

    /join #xenu
    /join #strategy
    /join #press
    /join #irl

    If you have ANY other issues at all please feel free to send me a message by typing /msg core Hi, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  2. saerat Member

    sticky plz =F
  3. Amomynous Member

  4. core Member

    I could write an X-Chat Aqua walkthrough for Mac users and an irssi walkthrough for linux users, if it's needed. Post here if you'd want one!
  5. OUCH oldfag brain just exploded


    doen't anyone yahoo any more? :twisted:
  6. core Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Just bumping this up.
  7. Anonagram Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Handy, yes.
  8. anon13 Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Mac walk through requested please. :(
  9. core Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Okay, absolutely. I'll have it written up within a day.
  10. core Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    IRC tutorial for macfags

    Step one: download an IRC client that works for mac. There are several, the best of which has proven to be X-Chat Aqua ( Colloquy is the most user-intuitive (, but cannot handle floods, and crashes regularly. Babbel ( is a little better, but still crashes frequently.

    Once you’ve downloaded a client, you will need to set up server settings to connect to the partyvan IRC network. Most clients (including X-Chat Aqua) will guide you through this the first time you launch the program.

    The partyvan server info is, port 6667, or 6697 if you want to connect through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer, provides basic encryption, and is needed to join any channel that has a mode of +z, which means it's SSL only. It all sounds complicated, but you'll adjust to it quickly). You also must choose a nickname that you will be identified as while on IRC.

    Once you get all of this set up, you can join the server. Some IRC clients will allow you to specify which channels to join upon connecting to the server. If this is not the case with your client, you have to enter the command to join a channel, which is /join #channelname. Some of the main channels on Partyvan for the Co$ protests are, #xenu (for the scientology raids), #strategy, #irl

    Once you are connected there are a few other important actions to take. The first one is to register your nickname. You do this through nickserv. To register your nick you type /msg nickserv register password.

    From there, any questions you have can be answered by an IRC operator. To find out what admins are on the server at the moment type .staff

    If I am online (core) feel free to message me (/msg core) with whatever queries or problems you have.
  11. Amomynous Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Sweet! Thanks a lot. :)
  12. bunt Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Great Effort.

    Vote for stikey
  13. bananonymous Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    bananonymous Erroneous Nickname: Please no anonymous nicks
  14. Unlisted Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    I haven't used irc in years, and mostly back then I was with a friend and we were totally stringing old pervs along for lulz.

    if you're looking a for a channel covering your local area/town/city/country/etc.

    in the status window, and you'll get another window listing all the channels on the server. if you right-click over the channel names you can sort them by name, amount of users and topic.
  15. core Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    What nick are you trying to use? You can use anony136 or anon216 or whatever numbers you'd like. I'm not sure if you can have "anonymous" nicks, it could be badworded.
  16. Ben Dover Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Yo Core:

    Is there a snafu with the partyvan server?
    When I use the instructions you provided, I get:

    * Connecting to (6667)
    *Unable to resolve server :(

    *Connect retry #1 (6667)

    Thank you for any help you can provide.
  17. Re: IRC and how to use it! misspelled it once, but not that out.
  18. core Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Pretty strange! Connect to (/server or There seems to be a problem with the round-robin which I'll try to correct.
  19. Ben Dover Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Yo core: I connected using
    mucho thanko for the guidance :)
  20. core Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Bumping this!
  21. Anon77576 Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Thanks for the tutorial, very cool, but there's one thing missing...

    How do I log in once I've registered a name? This is such a n00b question but I can't find anything quickly in the help doc.
  22. ThornAnon Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    /ns identify PASSWORD

    (or /msg nickserv identify PASSWORD, but that's longer. /ns is a shortcut for /msg nickserv)
  23. bananonymous Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    I got myself a shell account and trying to set up a irc bouncer (znc) but I've run into some trouble. If any of you irc whippersnappers would be willing to help me out a little, PM me.
  24. xscnchild Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Hi Core,

    Excellent guide, thank you. It has been a very long time since I used IRC and I recall that in those days it seemed pretty insecure, ie. very easy to trace IP info. I take that has changed? Is there anything to be gained by connecting via TOR? (Assuming connecting via TOR is possible - I am newfag when it comes to internet security.)

    Thanks for your time and effort with this. :)

  25. core Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Regarding the security question, the simple answer;

    Yes, it's secure. No one can see your IP except our Network Operators and Admins, all of whom have been carefully monitored before being given their o:lines. You can gain additional security by registering your nickname and registering a vhost (which can be ANYTHING. For example, mine is

    /hs request host.something

    And that's it! No one can even see your hostmask, and therefore they can't even get a vague idea of where you're from.
  26. anon78941 Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Thank you!
  27. Anon77576 Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Thanks! It works!
  28. random Member

  29. AquaMan Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    However, some networks, like what seems to be the main chanology one ( disallow TOR connections, due to their abuse by assorted assholes. I ran into that problem, myself, since I was trying to avoid my hostmask from showing my IP's name (which uses airport codes, helping pin me down to a region).
  30. Anon77576 Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    I was able to connect to the partyvan server a few days ago, but now when I try it, it can't connect through a firewall. I noticed another poster on the first page had a similar problem. Trying to connect to gives me the same message, that being:

    * Connect retry #35 (6667)
    * Firewall: Unable to connect to firewall

    I wasn't running Tor or anything when connecting, so I don't know what the holdup here is, especially when this worked just a few days ago. =\
  31. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    sup core...

    thanks for this... had problems connecting with SSL on X-aqua - will try non encrypted - i never normally bother anyway on icechat... thought i would give irc a go on my mac... not as easy as icechat is.... and i just noticed... there is no fucking hash key on a mac (then worked out its alt+3)
  32. Selleck Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Make sure to join both the main channel at #xenu (/join #xenu) and your local protest channel.
  33. bananonymous Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    Is there something wonky with the network, because I woke up and found that I can't reconnect to any of the partyvan servers?

    Wut? I've been z-lined. wtf? :( :raincloud:
  34. core Member

    Re: IRC and how to use it!

    You can connect through or etc. is broken I think!

    EDIT: If you've been z:lined... well, it could be due to the botnets that we've had recently. In glining them we often gline one or two normal users accidentally. If you post the reason which should appear in ((parentheses)) when you try to connect, I'll fix it.
  35. Hello, Could you write a walkthrough of X-Chat Aqua for Mac, please?
  36. Anonymous Member

    partyvan IRC isn't anymore is where to go these days and there is a tutorial somewhere on this forum...
    x-chat will set up very similarly to MIRC.... just follow the instructions you can figure it out.

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