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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by GoDs, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. GoDs Member

    I always get this error message:
    * Connection failed. Error: Connection timed out

    Is that normal?
  2. Depends of what kind of configuration you have. TOR sometimes causes problems. VPNs sometimes cause problems.

    I suggest trouble shooting your configuration. Clean Internet Caches, cookies, etc.
  3. GoDs Member

    I was already logged in and after 1...1 ½h i was kicked and now cant connect anymore
  4. System could be down.
  5. GoDs Member

    I see. I'll w8 until tomorrow.
  6. The act of a patient person. Bravo! You win three Internets!
  7. GoDs Member

    Okay, now it suxx. Is there any other chat option except WWP or Anonops (connection time out...)
    I'm from germany(therefore the bad english :x) so i prefer german-speaking chats
  8. Anonymous Member

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