Ireland gets another one out!

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by pedrofcuk, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    yes - especially Grumpy
  2. Random guy Member

    DD, if your password is compromised, you can ask a mod to permaban your account, and make yourself a new account (with a better password).
  3. Anonymous Member

    HOW ///BOUT ///delete account ? //// spacing altered to confoozzz
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    kill me too please thisaccountgivesmeproblems
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  6. Anonymous Member

    So interesting.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Someone care to explain what the crap happened in this thread?
  9. Anonymous Member

    The Hokie Pokie, scientology style.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    TL dr version.
    DD appeared genuine. Someone struggling to get free (and concerned about her child.)
    Communication continues. She is likeable, seems strong in her resolve and then...silence.
    Speculation that she is back in.
    A very different DD appears (writing louanne like) Says shes a scilon and always will be- but is open and would like to continue communicating. Every now an then a post from DD that seems genuine "my son will never be a scientologist" appears, but is then deleted and the Louanne DD appears.
    No clue if there is a real DD.
    Damn shame if there isn't bc I was rooting for her.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Also - very personal stuff about DD posted by the Louanne type - very nasty.

    Either that or it was all one person and DD's personality has 'split' due to returning to the cult.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Or, we have been trolled?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Quite possibly.
  14. anonanchovie Member

    It is the same person.

    She has not been able to confront certain issues and has trouble with letting go.

    I and everybody in the Irish WWP community that have dealt with her to date and that have given her time and space genuinely like and feel empathy for her. Yet she does drain you; plays with you in order to get some kind of emotional feedback.

    Her condition is not unique. She is a somewhat divided personality. What is unique is that she is playing the gap between the scientologist camp and the anti.

    I have found her making comments and asking forgiveness to me personally on the one hand and on the other; going and shooting her mouth off on these and other forums and then returning to do her 'ethics conditions' back at Dublin Mission, that is despite well thought out advice and genuine help given her to make positive and healthy life changes.

    I do not think that she is not being genuine, but simply that it conflicts with the intentions of 'the other' Devil Doll.

    I have got to know her over the past months and have got to know others who once knew her irl and the pattern remains the same.

    I do not wish her ill, but at same time feel that people should be aware that they are dealing with a woman who is posting here on WWP and at the same time doing courses in the Dublin scientology mission and is having an on-off affair with a committed scientologist who, from I have gathered, enjoys degrading and (mis)using her.

    She is an intelligent and talented woman, but she is also, imo, a relatively fragile and vulnerable person and is being played by her unscrupulous on/off scientologist boyfriend.

    Make of that what you will.

    I hope you find peace Devil Doll.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Be strong and someone you yourself would be proud of.
    Courage, pays off- always.
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  16. devildoll Member

    Courage will make my life 100 times harder now . And the sad part is there really now is nobody to trust .
  17. Anonymous Member

    Your "friends" post under your name and trys to effectively "end" your relationships here?
    Controlling much?
    And they are still your friend?
    Oh wait, he's doing it for your own good, right? You forgive him, right?
    Pathetic and sad.
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  18. devildoll Member

    No . My friends say Scientology is bad and those who want me out are bad . So I say very little . This friend had an issue with one ex in particular and I have not agreed with his behaviour then or now .
  19. Anonymous Member

    Very sad. What an unfortunate situation.
  20. Anonymous Member

    IMHO a lack of self worth/courage got you to this point.
    Gotta go. Please think about that.
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  21. devildoll Member

    And the rest . You might be right :) But if you don't know me personally , please don't judge me because it's not fair .
  22. Anonymous Member

    You sound like you could benefit from professional help, you may be suffering from depression, a treatable medical condition that millions of people live with. I fear that Scientology is playing with your mind and making you worse. Don't let the Scientology corporation do this to you:

  23. Anonymous Member

    Borderline personality disorder (BPD), (known by those using the World Health Organization disease classification as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, Borderline Type), is a psychological condition marked by a prolonged disturbance of personality function, characterized by unusual variability and depth of moods. These moods may secondarily affect cognition and interpersonal relations

    The disorder typically involves an unusual degree of instability in mood and black-and-white thinking, or splitting. BPD often manifests itself in idealization and devaluation episodes and chaotic and unstable interpersonal relationships, self-image, identity, and behavior; as well as a disturbance in the individual's sense of self. In extreme cases, this disturbance in the sense of self can lead to periods of dissociation.

    Splitting in BPD includes a switch between idealizing and demonizing others. This, combined with mood disturbances, can undermine relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. BPD disturbances also may include harm to one's self. Without treatment, symptoms may worsen, leading (in extreme cases) to suicide attempts.

    The negative emotional states specific to BPD fall into four categories: destructive or self-destructive feelings; extreme feelings in general; feelings of fragmentation or lack of identity; and feelings of victimization.

    Individuals with BPD can be very sensitive to the way others treat them, reacting strongly to perceived criticism or hurtfulness. Their feelings about others often shift from positive to negative, generally after a disappointment or perceived threat of losing someone. Self-image can also change rapidly from extremely positive to extremely negative.

    Some mental health professionals (and the DSM-IV[13]) describe individuals with BPD as deliberately manipulative or difficult, but analysis and findings generally trace behaviors to inner pain and turmoil, powerlessness and defensive reactions, or limited coping and communication skills.
  24. Anonymous Member

    I have no idea who you are and I have no reason to want to hurt you. I was just drawing attention in bold to your own words that you yourself typed. Those are the kinds of words that people with depression might type. You may or may not be suffering from this disease (that is treatable!) I don't know. But it cannot hurt to get yourself checked out by a doctor, someone who was smart enough to get into medical school, who devoted years and years to studying human health in university, and who probably has some (or many) years of experience helping people with medical problems. If you have no problem then you won't have to wonder anymore, and if you do have a medical problem, they are the most qualified to help.

    I did no such thing. Your problems are not my business, and I have no interest in taking anything apart.

    I am not judging you, I am not diagnosing you, you are a stranger to me and I have no interest in your personal life. But you posted some words that drew my attention, and I gave you some honest simple advice: see a professional. Take this advice or don't, it's your decision, I have no power over you.
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  25. devildoll Member

    Ok , Thanks . I will bear it in mind .
    I have asked this account be banned . I have deleted as much as I can . And I wish you all well and appreciate your time and your advice .
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  26. devildoll Member

    I understand .
    I have plenty to fix and make right . All of the above might be true . But I am aware of my problems and I am not looking to hide them from anyone .
  27. devildoll Member

    'I have found her making comments and asking forgiveness to me personally on the one hand'

    I said I was sorry for not acknowledging you on one occasion . I said sorry for speaking to you about something and using a Scientology term , because you do not share that belief anymore and I wanted to respect that . And all of these chats were confidential . You assured me of that .
  28. devildoll Member

    'Yet she does drain you; plays with you in order to get some kind of emotional feedback.'
    I will offer a sorry for this and if I asked advice it was because I wanted advice .
    I said numerous times is this ok that I am asking you for advice and if it was wrong tell me .
    I am guilty of asking too much and I understand that . But a private message would have done . I have not said any of what I shared with you to another person and I fully intend to keep that promise .
  29. devildoll Member

    ' I do not wish her ill, but at same time feel that people should be aware that they are dealing with a woman who is posting here on WWP and at the same time doing courses '

    I don't wish you all ill either . I said all of that on a post yesterday . I said I am a Scientologist and I am doing those things but I hated nobody here and didn't understand why that had to mean we be enemies .
    I deleted that post after because I had requested this account be banned and felt it might land me in more trouble . That's the truth and I haven't denied I am doing courses .
  30. Anonymous Member

    Well... if you want to keep taking courses from the Scientology corporation you will have to believe whatever they tell you about me. This can only go one of two ways: you will either continue taking courses and getting audited and you will cut off all communication with anyone who criticizes Scientology, or you will remain in communication with people who criticize Scientology in which case the Scientology corporation will eventually refuse to offer you any more courses, and declare you an SP.

    One thing that is impossible is that you will both remain a client of the Scientology corporation and also be free to communicate with anyone you want.
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  31. devildoll Member

    Yea I know and I did communicate that to Anonanchovie just today . That I was no longer going to use this site and I was not responsible for attacking Irish exes on here - whatever it looks like or whoever wants to believe otherwise .I have no interest in that and unfortunately , I cannot prove that .
    If I cannot remain in contact with friends and I am not doing so with some sense of 'I am winning or I am better than them ' . And it is them who are now not willing to communicate with me . I have told Scientology I had been in contact with people outside of it and made my own conclusions .
    But I still I don't hate you - whoever you are - or anyone . Hate isn't good for me or my child .
  32. Anonymous Member

    My dear, don't you think that actually the sad part is that you can't trust yourself?

    So scared, so hiding. Such a shame, you see. It's so sunny and fun out there.
    Filled with Longcats, and ponies, and thousands of funny pictures of cats...and the only rain is a rain of lol, sweeping across the praire.

    I don't know, my child. It seems your real problem is that you only trust others, but don't seem to trust yourself.
    But it's day you will see from your cave that everything is fine, and that you can run away from that horrible loneliness that swallows your dreams.
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  33. themadhair Member

    Any chance of talking to you on IRC or Skype?
  34. devildoll Member

    I don't have Skype and I don't know what IRC is .. But I can talk to you . As long as it doesn't end up posted on here .
  35. themadhair Member

    IRC = Internet Relay Chat

    You have already talked to me over IRC (regarding books and course materials)
  36. devildoll Member

    You have a way with words :)
    I don't trust anyone or myself . But I don't think I'm alone in that category .
  37. devildoll Member

    But I want it here please with witnesses and in black and white that it won't end up posted here in a few days time when I will be hopefully banned and not here to defend myself .
  38. Anonymous Member

    Unless DD remains in between camps to start gathering information on exes and anons for the scientology cult.
    If a scientologist needs to lie to you for the cult they will.

    DD - get yourself a good shrink, get out of the cult and don't expect to get help on a message board.

    A good shrink might help you to learn to trust yourself instead of looking for answers everywhere else
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