IRIB - Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. First off, it's my first time posting on these forums, even though I've been visiting and reading it for a long time now.

    Secondly, I wanted to express my utter sorrow, gratitude and praise for every single man and woman who is in Tehran right now and is fighting for the freedom of our beloved country.

    Sadly, being in a different part of the world, I cannot do much to help other than join the protest that happen in my local area. However, I wanted to bring a point to the table, that may not have been discussed more seriously in the past few days.

    I don't think it is news to anyone that IRIB, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting is the root and source of propaganda inside and outside of Iran. It is the single most important tool that this corrupt regime has in portraying its self as innocent; which we all know is nothing but a filthy lie.

    I think if an attack was made on IRIB, be it a physical raid on Seda o Sima from inside Iran, or an attack on the IRIB website ( صدا و سیمای جمهوری اسلامی ایران ), it would severely cripple the government in promoting their lies and their rather successful attempt at brainwashing and deceiving the people who are in remote parts of the country, which makes up quite a large population.

    Of course, an ideal scenario would be if IRIB was crippled from within by its own employees, and it's to my greatest surprise that this hasn't been done yet. So I thought one way I could help my brothers and sisters in Iran is to bring this discussion to the table.

    The first step that can be initiated by those of us living outside of Iran, is to try and attack the IRIB website, and raise awareness that anything IRIB broadcasts for other countries (through satellite, channels IRIB 1, IRIB 2, and IRINN) is utter lie.

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