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  1. b4 I forget - IRIB has been saying that demos r work of anti-gov thugs - IRIB wantto turn ppl against Mousavi - hack them pls

    From Twitter earlier, decent source. Anyone know what this is?
  2. Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
  3. Quick Google search says Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Sounds like a government-owned media company to me. So:

    Pros to attacking:
    -site goes down. Might actually do some good, who knows.

    Cons to attacking:
    -seriously fucks with Iranian nets, which suck already and are funnelled through a central government location for filtering, which slows them down even more. Makes it harder for Iranians to get videos, etc. out of the country, at least for a little while.
  4. LOL, If you hack the IRIB the Iranian people will be eternally grateful. It's the #1 source for the government's BS. and
  5. Is there something not-LOIC we can do to it?

    Or perhaps not we, but someone with a hat of appropriate color?
  6. I am literally falling onto the keyboard, I am so tired, but I will check the site out for insecurities, outdated software, etc...

    I have been working all day, defending Iran on various sites, and informing people about the situation.
  7. Quoted for goddam truth.
  8. I Ran Hubbard Member

    In reality, there is one pipe left connecting Iran with the internet. Why put more packets through that pipe. On the other hand, any filtering hardware has more trouble if there is extra normal html type traffic to hide packets within or overload. The other thinking is that gov't websites need to stay up, especially if people are told everything is normal, and then have the gov't websites don't work.. Also, it ties up gov't hackers from filtering, blocking, and searching if they have to deal with getting website working. So there may be benefits, but certainly don't do anything illegal.
  9. category 6-11

    I wouldn't recommend DDoS, don't need to harm the connection more than it apparently already is.

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