Irish anons infiltrated

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Anonymous, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The logic flaw belongs to you. A lie is a lie is a lie, regardless of whether the person is deliberately lying or just repeating a lie they have been told. Scilons who have been exposed to Xenu and have not checked it out, have lied to themselves. A punter walking into the shop will know this . . . if you bother to tell them. But, no. The idea you have is to explain Scientology. Tell me, have you seen a Conservative Party Conference press pack explain Labour Party policy?


    Yeah, because all wogs are dumb. Gotchya.

    Try a new twist - L Ron Hubbard says Mary Mother of God, full of grace is nothing but a Xenu implant!! That'll get through to the Catholics. I tried it with a bunch of them when invited to address a Church youth group last year. Believe me, they were very interested in that tidbit . . . reeled them right in and set them up for a nice little lecture on DC8-shaped UFOs. Won't be any Scilons coming our local Lady of Perpetual Guilt, I can tell you.
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  2. HOC Member

    Why are you trying so hard to emphasise 'ohhh rip irish anonymous', when they are having their own megaraid and are still very much alive? A little strange. We have no control over what exes and freezoners decide to do on a site thats not ours or if they decide to show up to a protest or not. It really isnt an 'us' vs 'them' thing people.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Its a Scientology vs Us thing. So far, in Ireland, the Scilons are winning and Anonymous are unwelcome, even by those who have benefited. But, its Anonymous' own fault - we gave an inch and now innocents can be hypnotised into Xenu both inside and outside the cult. At least its cheaper outside, I guess.
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  4. HOC Member

    Do you have first hand experience at Irish protests to know this? Are you heavily involved in the irish anon community?

    From personally being involved in Scientology protests here in Ireland for the last 4 years, I would strongly disagree with you on this matter.
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  5. Anonymous Member

  6. HOC Member

    That is not an answer to my question....
  7. Anonymous Member

    Doesn’t change the fact that LOL Xenu is ineffective for the reasons you are now avoiding.
    This is the third time you have tried this fail point – only 3 paragraphs discussed this out of how many? Yes, I do think such a CP press pact would spend at least that amount describing Labour party policy. If you are going to argue against something you do have to spend at least some paper space describing the background, regardless of how horseshit it is.
    You really have no idea about the current climate in Ireland do you? Let me break it down for you. Those that would actually know enough to recognise why this was in issue with Catholic theology are already beyond the cult’s grasp here. Those that do not would be completely unaffected, if not a little bit more vulnerable since you have painted the picture of the cult being kooky rather than being sinister and dangerous.

    Ffs, I know people personally who would regard the OT3 as a reason to check out the cult such is the anti-Catholic sentiment that abounds.
    You make three separate claims here, all of which are false. For someone who quite forcibly claimed they knew something about Ireland you have a nasty habit of disproving yourself. Given that the majority of people at the conference will be anons…well…that must indicate they are unwelcome right????Someone sounds like a troll.
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  8. pedrofcuk Member

    It is a Press pack and assumes that the reader knows fuck all about the subject.
  9. pedrofcuk Member

    Also it's been tried and tested that chanting xenu xenu xenu has no effect on captive clams minds.
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  10. Malory Member

    Honestly, until you've lived here you have no idea of how deep religion is ingrained into the social fabric.

    Yep, successfully used that line in Belfast. It works for Protestants too but, as I said, you need to cover all the bases, which is what the Dublin Anons are doing. They're not putting themselves to the forefront with this conference but it damned well wouldn't be happening without the work they've put in to it.

    OTIII and Xenu is out there all over the place but I'm personally keeping an eye on the likes of Marty who want to remove the sting by likening it to biblical parables. If the virus of Scientology is mutating, then Anonymous has to change the vaccination programme.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    ^Seems likely. But if it's not...

    Did those of you complaining about the lack of anon-related stuff just miss the fact that Prof. Gabriella Coleman is speaking at the conference, because of the fact she's an expert speaker on Anonymous?

    I'll be wearing my V mask, sitting back and enjoying the speakers talk about Hubbard's disconnection policy, Hubbard's SP / Fair Game policy, Hubbard's Sea Org, Hubbard's deceptive front-groups, etc. etc. as well as Davey's colossal mess.

    Shut up and enjoy the party.

    - Non-Irish Anon
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  12. pedrofcuk Member

    What they said ^
  13. Anonymous Member

    Nothing will get through to the captive clam mind until something intolerable occurs and they wake up themselves. Read their stories.

    What's being discussed here is not chanting Xenu but a press pack which misses an excellent opportunity to further educate the media by reinforcing the complete and utter mindfuck of Scientology. Instead, it soft-soaps Auditing, and promotes L Ron Hubbard intentions to offer "relief" to the irrational masses.Who are you trying to fool?
  14. Anonymous Member

    why is this out of the dome?

    the most watched and still most powerful anti-scientology message to date? south park's trapped in the closet.
  15. Anonymous Member

    OSAOSAOSA everywhere . . . but you can't see them . . . that's because they're right in front you . . . no, they're not, they're over there . . . no, they're not . . . they're under your bed . . . get a grip.
  16. Anonymous Member

    What better time to talk about Xenu? Get the lols started early.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Fair nuff - I cede the point and bow to your local knowledge. It looks a little different from this side of the pond what with all the kiddy-fiddling and so on. Still, even more reason to hammer the Xenu aspect and Mary = Implant aspect. The media would lap that up?
  18. Anonymous Member

    And I yet I know folks who have seen that episode and still joined. The problem is the episode gives and air of kooky, which is a positive over here.
    Not as much as you might think. There is a spectrum of journalist ranging from those who won’t touch it because it involves Mary to the other extreme which would discuss the topic in an ‘all religion is bad mkay?’ style. The latter is a negative for us and it allows the cult here to sidestep a lot of criticism when talking to journalists who don’t any better.

    The problem over here is that, for a lot of people, the instant you bring beliefs into it you’ve lost the discussion as those people get lost in the fog of religion. It is the biggest convoluter of the discussion, and the cult wins by being considered in that light. Mention it is a money scam and you’ll get traction. Ditto with disconnection and the like. But mention Xenu and then it becomes a religion thing – and you’re in territory that won’t help you.
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  19. pedrofcuk Member

    No, that would be stupid and unhelpful for all the reasons stated above.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Do you want to portray the cult as being kooky?

    Do you want to portray the cult as being dangerous?

    Answers on a postcard.
  21. Anonymous Member

    We love the leader and the leader loves us!
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Educating the media the about how Scientology reduces people to having certainty on Xenu and the Mary Mother Of God implants is stupid and unhelpful? Ignoring "UFO Cult Aliens" headlines is stupid and unhelpful? The lols are stupid and unhelpful?

    Big Pharma called . . . they want your mask back.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Thou shalt not mock, joke or degrade . . .

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  24. DeathHamster Member

    And on all behinds too.
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  25. what I don’t fully understand, and it might be a bit off topic, is how people like Sam Domingo can speak in the same conference as Tory (for example) when Tory feels the whole “tech” is bullshit and brainwashing and Sam is a devoted Marty follower and a “Real Scilon”. Did she get "clearance" from Marty? Also, will she need a PTS handling after hanging with Anonymous? Or is it fine just because is attacking Scn Inc? I am baffled.
  26. Anonymous Member

    LOL Xenu is effective - it proves how fucking dumb & brainwashed culties get!
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  27. pedrofcuk Member

    Who is this Marty?
  28. Anonymous Member

    ITT lots of marty-lovers *cough*Sam Domingo speaking at the conference, therefore lots of Marty input yes, anon has been infiltrated. now marty/sam/whoever tells us we cannot say Xenu?? WTF? Marty i thought it was just Elron "storytelling".
  29. Anonymous Member

    you are going against the grain ... inb4ban
  30. Anonymous Member

    Did she clear that claim with Paul Fetch, Sabu and Barret Brown?
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Its a gradient thing. First identify all local Anons by name, infiltrate group, commence to set the agenda, work towards a focus on "DM=bad, LRH=good, Scientology ≠Scientology Inc." and "rescue NOT inoculate". See, according to Marty, we are all slaves on a prison planet but, in our bewildered state, we love being slaves and so our liberator has to work really, really hard in really, really sneaky ways to save us. But its okay. The intentions are good, right?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Where such crap fails:

    "We are a lighthouse, your call."
  33. pedrofcuk Member

    Chanting Xenu has not proved effective in freeing clams from the cultic mindset in Ireland, if it works in your neck of the woods, carry on chanting.

    If I was to call the press and tell them how Scientologists believe in Xenu, they will hang up and write "appears mental" on my file.

    What works and what doesn't work is learned from going to 52 consecutive monthly protests and seeing how effective things are and also by talking to recent exes about what it was that woke them up.

    I have yet to hear of one from anywhere in the world say that it was anons chanting "Xenu!"

    But some people don't care about waking up and freeing captive clams and that in itself is folly as the cult will continue until, in the words of Tony Leigh, we, "Get 'em all out!"

    Let those who know what they are doing, do their stuff, or in the words of John McGhee, fuck off.
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  34. pedrofcuk Member

    Marty again? Who is this fucking Marty of whom you speak?
  35. Anonymous Member

    (Yes, it's an ancient urban ocean myth, but it's a cool story.)
  36. Anonymous Member

    How much raw has been inoculated, got stats on that? Anyhow, we've been round the mulberry bush already. The clams will wake up when they wake up by themselves. SPs are SPs, and it doesn't matter what SPs say to clams, its entheta. Also, I'm not talking about raids, I'm talking about educating the media.

    Fuck 'em. If they watch South Park and still join the cult they deserve each other. As the smart ones or those exposed to that final straw start to wake up (and most do) swapping them for the totally dumb ones isn't that bad an idea long term, especially if the escapees stay off the cans. Weaken the intellectual gene pool and watch the number of lulzy footbullets go straight up and vertical. Win/Win.

    You sound certain. Really, really certain. Like, totally certain. Above criticism and comment and everything.

    I've already said its too late, the press pack is out there. It was a mistake to PR the tech and knob-job Hubbard, is all. But its done now. Don't do it again. Stay on target - the lols work and they help people.
  37. Anonymous Member

    This guy . . .

  38. Anonymous Member

    Whereas you're that guy that posts in 1:30-3:30Z timeslot who's all about Marty.
  39. Anonymous Member

    D'OH! GMT conversion messed up. 21:30-23:30Z
  40. Anonymous Member

    There's a team of four us, three take an eight hour shift and one comes in for an eight hour shift to count the posts and confirm whether strategy remains intact or needs alteration. Its a 24/7 operation keeping a track on the Martybots. Still, Big Pharma pays well although I'm getting a bit sick of climbing in and out of the window so that our host's mom doesn't work-out we're her basement. Be seeing you.

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