IRL Raid on Youtube?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Wait - "Scientology" made a channel that had videos showing personal information?

    Then, "Scientology" made another channel, violating YT ToS?


    Scietnology isn't a single person. Mark Bunker is.

    Mark Bunker personally violated YT ToS - TWICE.

    Some individual Scientologist violated YT ToS by posting personal infomation - their channel was removed.

    The videos for Scientology now on YT were made by some OTHER individual Scientologist, with their own account and their own channel. They can't have their material pulled just because it's somehow related to another account with similar affiliations. If that were the case, then every Anonymous account on YT would get yanked.

    Once and for all, the most important lesson to take from this whole shit storm of WBM, YT, Beghe, ToS - the whole cluster fuck:

    Don't violate YT's ToS and then whine about it to Anonymous later. We just don't give a shit that you were stupid enough to get caught with your dick in your hand.

  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    There is an alternative to youtube: Vimeo, Video Sharing For You. Put "magoo" in the search box and you will see that someone has been making hay while the rest of us have been trying to get youtube to sit up straight. The quality of vimeo is way better too.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    IRL raiding of YouTube HQ is better than letter-writing, and it's mainly been discarded due to the need to stay on target.

    But just think of the ramifications of what a bit moar work by some San Frans on protesting the YT HQ could do. If it doesn't change their stance, then we'll be able to justifiably state that YouTube has lost it's neutrality, and has become biased. Multi-posting Anonymous videos on other hosting sites will ensure maximum availability, and will eliminate any reliance on YouTube.
    But if YouTube swings back to neutrality...

    YouTube, biggest videohosting site on the net. It would be better for it to either be back to neutral, or for it to be obviously aligned.

    They'll either be neutral, or biased hypocrites. But just accepting what happened, that'll make Scientology seem like they're in the right. And with what they've been putting up... That's a terrible outcome.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Is BoobTube also blocking the view count of our videos and infomation???

  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Yeah, this can set a precedent. But whatever the precedent we do NOT want to set a bad one amirite?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Right now this is Scientology vs the Anon. Let's keep it that way.

    Youtube may be taking cash monies from Scientology, but they are not Co$. I think most anon would agree that youtube has served as a more effective vehicle for anon propaganda than Scientology propaganda. As long as we keep it lulzy, this will remain the case.

    Yes, Youtube has a gimped sense of humor. But If we start picking a fight, what little affinity they have left for the lulz may well dry up.

    So pretty please, with sugar on top...

  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Here are the options:
    We take it in the pooper, and ignore the questionable nature of what YouTube did, and is doing.
    We protest, and YouTube stops being fuckwits.
    We protest, they show that they're biased, and there goes their validity.

    If we don't so something, we're getting what we deserve; Raep by default. If we take action, we're either winning by winning, or winning by YouTube being openly bought-off. Either way, it's still going to be a big blow to Sientology's reputation.

    The target is the same. Scientology. The reasons are the same. Scientology is running ads, a channel, and has been using front groups to make channels like Anonymous Exposed. In order to avoid bans, they're using their front groups to make the channels, so if one falls, another can rise in it's place. Like a LJ user with proxied socks, only it's a religion, not a 16 year old girl.

    So, because YouTube holds the threat of Banning over the heads of Anonymous, we're supposed to bend over and take it? Just because YouTube bent over and took it doesn't mean we should.

    We need the answers from YouTube about their stance. If they're being threatened with legal action, we need to know. If they're doing it of their own accord, we need to know. If they're pro-Scienco, or being bought off, we need to know.
    And then the media needs to know. Field day.

    It's not picking a fight if they've been bought off, are openly supportive, or being threatened to have their asses sued out of existence.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Sage? I can is be Sage nao?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Anonymous think thank. Where shitty ideas never die.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Fine. YouTube is not questioned on it's motivations. Scilon ads and channels remain. WBM's ban doesn't matter. Freedom of speech doesn't matter. Let's just go back to shooping nigras and pedos and forget we ever left the basements.

    Either we can stay on target by uncovering MOAR litigation from the Scilons, or other dox, or we can ignore it and hand them our poopers on a silver platter.

    Scilons did something to get YouTube to take action. They'll do it again. Either we do something, or the next time they do it, we'll just let it happen, again and again. Choosing not to choose is still a choice, and a bad one.

    Let it pass, then. Let them do whatever they want. Scilons did something, that made YouTube do something. Censorship. YouTube isn't tearing up a flyer, it's banned a critic of Scientology. What's going to stop them from doing it again?

    If this idea is shit, tell Anonymous WHY it is shit. If you have a better idea, SAY IT.
    Don't just be a smart-ass about it.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    We are doing something you dumb ass. You know this whole protest the evil cult till it shuts down thing? yeah that because while youtube may suck ass they were just following their policies.

    So instead of blaming the gun for the crime we blame the gun holder (in the case the cult of scientology).

    is this so fucking hard to figure out. No one gives a shit about youtube.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    We are well aware; We are going to the protests, after all.

    Don't blame the gun, blame the holder? Correct. But would you prefer they keep the gun? After all, they've got bullets in that gun. Deny them YouTube as a tool, it'll cripple their online efforts to make Anonymous look like domestic terrorists, instead of the mudkips loving people that we are.

    YouTube isn't just some 12 year old kids fansite on the Neopets; It's HUGE. Even the elderly know about YouTube. As you said, it's a "gun" and I'd rather not let Scientology keep a hold on it.

    The Gun holder will have a lot to answer for, if we protest YouTube's lack of neutrality. If the Scilons threatened legal actions, it'll really bring out the Church's litigious nature in a media shit-storm. Footbullet with auditing process R2-45.

    Deny them their PR weapon, deny them the ability to Censor YouTube, attract media attention, and keep them from spreading their propoganda throughout the tubes. It's naive to think that they're only going to fight above the table, fairly, and matching our methods. They're going to use every dirty trick they can, and they are; Dead Agenting, Black PR, stagings, intimidation, harassment, following, fair game... And moar.
    We can't has win just by waving our signs, calling out slogans, and taking a moral high ground.

    The problem with staying on target is that they use fronts and OSA/Sea Org. Remember what happened when they stayed on target? They got shot in the ass and died because they didn't deal with the other problems. If we stay on target, and ignore their ops, they're going to rip us new assholes.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Enough debate, bitching and moaning. You've caught our interest. We will do something about youtube / google. (although it will not be a major focus)

    /end thread
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    If you want to do it, DO IT.

    Its not like the whole hivemind stops running because of one miniraid! The worst that can come from this is that a few Anons are standing outside of YouTube offices for a few hours. Anything that comes from it is a WIN...
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    The OP doesn't want to IRL raid youtube. They want some one else to do it.

    That's how the anonymous think tank works. Some one posts the worst idea ever, then posts over and over trying to convince any one who might do it.

    Then bitches when some one disagrees that they are going forward with their idea that they have no intention of participating with but felt enough self importance to make countless threads about it.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?


    First its Youtube, then it will be GOOGLE.


  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    I would do it if I didn't live on the other side of the country...
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Seeing as youtube is owned by google.

    Look, bayfags are going to spend one weekday dealing with these fags. We've already discussed it and have come up with a plan.

    So... the balls already rolling. Why are we even discussing this anymore? What's done is done. The idea got support. You can't stop it now.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Anons protesting outside Youtube are nothing more than whiny little kids crying, "That's not fair!"

    Youtube will say, "We don't care. It's our clubhouse. Fuck off."

    And Scientology will say, "Ha! We won!"

    Youtube will NOT change their Terms of Service Agreement because a bunch of masked, whiny kids (you will ALWAYS be kids to them if you're in a mask) baaaaaaww about it outside their door.

    It's not a matter of trying to get Youtube to change their rules. It's a matter of using Youtube's rules to GET THE JOB DONE. If you're not competent enough to do THAT, then you've got no business posting anything on Youtube or proposing lame ass ideas like this.

    The focus is supposed to be Scientology. Bottom line - you wage a RL protest against Youtube, then you are OFF TARGET.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Of course, this IS the Anonymous Think Tank. It's pretty pointless to tell a baby not to suck it's thumb if that's what it wants to do. And the ATT is pretty much the playpen for whiny, self-centered "anons".
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Man bayfags need to focus on what's important and that's bringing the lulz like you guys always do.

    This idea was fail from the start. Support your local fundraiser have fun watching some bands and raise some money drinking and having a good time.

    Wasting your time on youtube/google is better spent doing a flahsraid and boosting your numbers.

    Sorry but I don't see the point in this at all.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    I can't believe the level of idiocy going on in this thread. The world doesn't fucking end if this shit happens. What could one weekday hurt? You fucking idiots don't even live in the bay area. if you don't live there then shut the fuck up. Bay area anons agreed with the idea. they're doing it. suck my fucking dick you BBAWWWing POS. It's faggots like you that make this all the less entertaining. It's faggots like you that make the think tank fucking stupid. No wonder I don't check here often. it's filled with more retardation then TD.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Epic Bay area Anonymous has win.

    Anything that comes from this is win. Even if they say they won, they're admitting they bought off JewTube, infiltrated JewTube or threatened to sue JewTube's asses off. I'd love to particapate, but sadly, JewTube HQ is hundreds, if not thousands of miles away.

    It's going forward, and that means this thread is over, unless there are some Protips to offer Bay area Anons about what's happening.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Protip: Become An Hero for supporting this godforsaken stupid idea.

    Protip: Be sure to get your dick caught in a door for supporting this godforsaken stupid idea.

    Protip: Please die kthx for supporting this godforsaken stupid idea.

    Enough protips for ya?

    Off target raid is off target. Get back on target, namely Scientology, NOT YOUTUBE/GOOGLE. Our targets aren't the idiots Scientology fools, our target is Scientology, and ONLY THEM.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    What ever good luck protesting Google bayfags. If you guys catch shit over it though you're on your own. This has nothing to do with Chanology.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Yeah - do the "real" Anonymous a favor and don't call yourself "Anonymous" while prtoesting a privately owned company for upholding their own online policies and terms of agreement. You wanna Fail? Fine. Don't dirty the rest of us with your worthlessness.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    Fine; Go cry about it. Ignore every fucking thing Scientology does that isn't directly related to protests. I'm sure you'll be happy when they use your apathy against you. They do what they did on YouTube to many other sites, and it worked, like it always had.

    This started over Scientology's censorship of the Cruise video, did it not? What the fuck do you think they just did on YouTube? Scilons have been taking credit for it since they first got Magoo banned temporarily, and they sure as hell were putting the screws on YouTube. Are we going to IGNORE the very censorship that started this entire thing?

    Anonymous, this is the fucking epitome of why we fight; The church's litigious nature; It's suppression of dissent; Is it just me, or does it seem fucked up to anyone else?
    Here we are, having started this entire epic conflict over Scientology's criminal activities, suppression of free speech, it's litigious actions, all of this being characterised by their interactions with YouTube, and no one fucking cares or think it's at all relevant?

    This thread has become a place for emo faggots to BAWWWWW. They spend their time being whiny pussies because they're the bitch in the relationship. Instead of actually contibuting, or even actually criticising, they just scream STAY ON TARGET and die in a ball of fire.

    Go audit yourselves with R2-45, or pull that dick out of your mouth and learn how to think for yourself.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    LMAO!!!... I choked on my coffee!!... THAT was a good one!! LOL!!!
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: IRL Raid on Youtube?

    For the record - "this" didn't start with YouTube pulling the Tom Cruise Scientology video.

    It started when Scientology started lying, cheating, stealing, infiltrating the government, breaking up families, ruining reputations of critics and essentially killing their own people.

    People ON LINE finally got involved when the YouTube shit went down - but that makes them late-comers to the party - not innovators. Yes, what has been happening since January IS unprecedented, but it wasn't and isn't the Genesis of this Movement. That is pure Internet arrogance to think otherwise.

    Protesting a person, organization or currently enforced policy is a statement that that person, group or idea is WRONG. If anyone chooses to protest YouTube, then they will be telling YouTube that they are WRONG - wrong in practice, wrong in choices, wrong in concept, wrong, wrong, wrong. That's how it will be interpreted by them and by those witnessing this from the outside.

    How is this similiar to what Anonymous did originally regarding the TC vid? Then, it was a matter of coming to the aid and encouragement of YouTube to not be intimidated by Scientology to the point of breaking their own rules. YouTube found that they could stand up the CoS and survive it.

    Now, it is being proposed that YouTube be villified for still having the integrity to uphold the same rules that denied Scientology's scare tactics. Mark Bunker broke the rules. YT has every right to uphold their own company policy. Trying to bully them into backing down sounds a little too familiar, doesn't it?

    I am not naive enough to think that Scientology doesn't benefit from this somehow. Of course they benefit. But they are not benefitting because YT upheld their ToS policies - they benefitted because Bunker failed to cover his ass and follow the rules. If Mark had performed due diligence from the start, this wouldn't have happened. That may seem harsh - but it's the truth.

    This started with Fail. Moving the focus (or "target") from Scientology to YouTube (even if just for one day) will potentially lead to more Fail.

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