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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by DarkSpecterAnon, May 4, 2011.

  1. Mantis Member

    ok, i only read about the first half of this thread before i decided to throw down my thoughts. we make a few pamphlets with the basic information on it, why we choose to be anonymous, what crimes the church of scientology has done, why we feel that this deserves attention and protesting, and of course information on several sites in which they can reach and speak to other anons and view recent information on the COS.

    College campuses are probably the best places to do recruiting, so i suggest the anons local to a particular campus organize two or three anons going to a particular school and setting up a booth as such. i mean music, several signs and most likely some sort of presentation. i realize its a pipe dream to hope to put together a 20-30 video and bringing out a tv that plays the presentation on repeat all day, but that would probably be really good, something that passerbys can stop and watch for a moment, and if they have questions, they talk to the guy fawkes mask wearing guys at the booth. Different from protesting, we would need to be actively engaging, people that random college students would want to walk up too and ask questions. though wearing the masks is enough to probably peak some curiosity

    we would need to find out from each individual college what their rules are for wearing masks, setting up a booth, and what kinda disturbances are allowed, like if we set up that video idea, whether or not it would be allowed and whether or not we would be allowed to plug in the tv into one of their outlets. find out if the use of a megaphone is allowed in case we decide to use that. find out if they even allow us to do "recruiting" on their campus. and if we are in fact allowed, where would we be allowed to set up shop? we probably need to do some scouting and asking of questions of ahead of time before we do anything at a particular campus. i imagine the best place to do this would be in a student center on campus, probably not outside, unless outside is the only place allowed. And we'll probably need to go on a weekday, probably in the middle of the day, like 9am-4pm.

    we need to make a list of supplies needed and set a date thats ok but the campus ahead of time. get a least 2-3 anons running the booth, if not more. We probably need some sort of table, a portable stereo of some kind with some power too it, like 998s but probably with a little more when it comes to max volume, especially if we end up setting up outside. possible some sort of voice amplifying device if allowed to get peoples attention, like a megaphone or something, where we go through a list of "did you knows?" about the COS. Information is our greatest weapon, why do you think the COS have tried so hard to cover up anything and everything about them?

    if we make the presentation, i'd say bring a laptop w/ speakers to play whatever presentation we put together, or a TV, or whatever. something we can play a premade presentation on. of course some of us anons will need to get together to produce this, i am thinking something that talks about the different crimes the org has done over the years, how anonymous doesnt want to take away peoples freedom of relgion, just save people from this obviously corrupt and dangerous cult, and then going on for a little bit about what they can do to help, probably finishing with what could happen if the COS goes on unchecked and unchallenged. Something with alot pictures of who we are talking about. We most definately should site our references with any accusation against the COS we make. possibly such a presentation already exists, but if not, we should be general enough with the information that this same video can be used by other cells across the world. obviously a microphone and someone able to put together a decent powerpoint presentation would be nice, though if any local anons are techy enough to produce something that looks a little more professional than microsoft power point presentation, i am all ears. I am imagining something like those stupid repeat vids the play on all those tvs at walmart and such when they arent just playing a movie on all the screens. i kmow this probably wont happen but it would be nice.

    i know some local campuses will be too far from some of our anons to go too, and some of the campuses will be too far from the dallas COS to be pratical recruitment places. The campuses closest to the COS should be our top priority, because distance does make a difference to willingness for turnout. We should organize this amongst ourselves in a timely manner, this is something that newfags like myself probably shouldnt be involved in the planning of until we've "paid our dues" as it were. We most definately dont want infultrators operating these booths.
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  2. Anon998 Member

    This seems pretty cool to me, of course this would take a lot of planning and preparing, meaning we'd need to get off our lazy asses and put action into it. As for a presentation loop, I've got some decent editing skills......I just don't have a computer that can run the programs I need, nor do I have the programs I need. xD
  3. Enturbulette Member

    Don't become poseur Anonfaggots just for the "hope I meet some chicks" factor.


    Just put down your teacups ladies and do it. the GF mask represents confident silent confrontation - 76.66% of its mass appeal.
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  4. I dunno if the video is such a good idea. Our protests aren't exactly the most impressive to stand around and watch.
  5. BrakTalk Member

    Here's the only problem I see with this: consider what makes Anonymous both flawed and immortal at the same time. That's right, there are no leaders, there are no followers, no "members", the whole idea of Anonymous is just that - an IDEA. How can you recruit "members" to something like that? If you mean recruiting like-minded people to join WWP specifically, or making more people aware of the dangers of Scientology so that they take action, that makes more sense. Let's consider these two scanarios:

    Recruiting WWP members - anyone who is against Scientology can easily find their way to WWP already through simple everyday anti-Scientology research, which anyone interested in being an active anti-Scientologist would already do. This is how we already have the members we have here.

    Making more people aware of the dangers of Scientology - this is the more logistical approach. It isn't about "recruiting members". It's about awareness. That said, here's the REAL issue at hand: there are hundreds, if not thousands, of anti-Scientology videos all over the internet, and protests done almost every day, so how do we spread the MESSAGE further? Remember, it's NOT about US. We are nothing without the CAUSE - It's about the MESSAGE. Therefore, if we want to "recruit members", all we need to do is simply find more ways to spread the message about Scientology. I hate to sound like a retard for making a lame quote, but "if you build it, they will come" fits perfectly here.

    Saying "we need more Anonymous members" is both an illogical and selfish viewpoint.

    So, what do we do to spread the message, to make, not OURSELVES, as that would be selfish, but to make the MESSAGE more visible to the world?
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  6. ^^^ Well that's the balance basically Between saying, "Join Us" versus, "Look at it and decide for yourself"... but the idea is kind of to come off the internet you know? I mean, considering Facebook is really hard to use because we got our real identities on it, It's hard to really show someone whats up, while Staying Anonymous all the same. Plus with all of the recent "bad Press" The idea of who is anonymous is slightly construed. And yes while it is possible to wage online war and have people interested do a look for us, Alot of people that use the internet just go to facebook, check twitter for their celebs, and youtube some non chanology vids.

    I guess really it's about getting Anons out to be as up close and personal with people... and really aiming to talk to people instead of talking to people interested outside the CoS or whatev...

    Thanks for your input... it really helps trying to sharpen the idea.
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  7. BrakTalk Member

    By all means, use Facebook. If your privacy settings are set right, no one from Scientology will find you, assuming you don't have any scilons in your friends. If there are scilons in your friends, you might want to reconsider who you choose to associate with. That being said, I post things from Anonymous on Facebook all the time, because I'm cautious of who I associate with, and I don't need to worry. If you spread the message "non-anonymously" to those whom you trust, you don't need to worry. I posted some interesting things from Anon on there, and I have had a few people remove me from their friends. Good riddance. That's how I see it. They still don't know my Anonymous identity on YouTube or on here. Never reveal that to anyone. But expressing your beliefs on Facebook and spreading the message should not be discouraged.
  8. I'd prefer not to dabble in that... Facebook still seems loose, and I'm one of those more social people So I'd prefer just not fucking with it.
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  9. BrakTalk Member

    If you feel uncomfortable with it, then don't do it. It's a matter of personal choice. Never do anything you are not comfortable doing.
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  10. Aye hence the point of trying some other way to get right in to real people and tell them about what we do. Yeah It's really just giving the people information right there.
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  11. Anon998 Member

    Really, I think we should just do a Flyer Raid. We take a group (or 2 if it's big enough) and make a walk around the city or a campus or whatnot and just pass out flyers very simple, and very effective. If people have questions, then we can give answers. Plus I really want people walking about to comment on my L337 Dancing skills. ;)
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  12. Mantis Member

    hmmm, well i am sure if a few of us put our heads together, we can do it
    i dont mean a recording of our protests, probably a montage of protests from around the world. make the video something that can be used universally for any other cells who decide to do the same
    create a dummy account then my friend. new account with no association to your personal account, have just your username and a random picture that is not of you, and use an email address that you just made specifically to use for this account. then spread your message of anit-cultiness to anyone and everyone on facebook who is willing to listen.

    I believe that the issue at hand is to get more of a diverse group of people aware of scientology and what it stands for. the majority of anons i know of are internet nerds, people that spend alot of time surfing the web. While that includes 4chan'rs, this group is not exclusively 4chan'rs. Other people out their spend alot less time devoted to "internet culture" and are far more influenced by pop culture. and unfortunately no one is really getting serious media coverage that speaks out agianst the COS. What i mean by that is that the media is far more concerned with telling you how linsey lohan and he dad are getting along rather than actual important news. Thats why its far more important to hit the streets as it were and be at these college campuses. Yes this information is easily accesible to anyone who has a mind to look it up, but if you dont know that there is something to look up, then you're not very likely to find it. We need to inform the public as much as possible, and seeing as the college kids are peers to the majority of us, or at least the majority of us Dallanons, that seems the best group to start with. besides that, these college kids are the future of our world, right? i dont mean to sound preachy, but this is the perfect time to get these kids involved, they are at the age where they find and choose who they will become for the rest of their lives, and introducing them to the idea of always being viligent to uncover wrongdoings and then making their opinions known is a great message. Its not that all these no anons are uncaring, its that they are ignorant of what is going on around us, and frankly you cant blame them, it seems that the last few generations of this country were founded on ignorance.

    Those of us Anons who personally know each other from real life, i highly recommend a planning meeting or something, but i understand if you dont like that idea.

    Anyone have suggestions as too what is the best college to hit up first. i personally think it should be the closest large campus to the dallas COS, but then again, small community colleges are more likely to have local people, while bigger colleges will have people from out of town who are just here for the school year. And the Dallas COS isnt exactly close to all of us, we probably could hit up the campuses that are closer to our own locations much more often. Any thoughts?
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  13. Mantis Member

    those dancing skills are pretty 1337. What campus did you have in mind? i will be your wingman if you need it. lulz
  14. Anon998 Member

    Really I only have walking the streets of Dallas in mind.
  15. ^^ Loving the above post. I say at the very least.. Dallas Anons, this can kick ass in our area. Let's do it, and see what we come up with!!!

    As much as I like the video idea though.... idk if carrying a laptop would be practical. Ideally we could show people a website where people can see, like WWP or YFTC. In any case. Let's do it... I think we need to start with some colleges we can go to around here, and then poon them for information on rally/ walking around/ wearing masks etc.
  16. Negatory... I think walking campuses would yield results better than the other NORPS in say Downtown Dallas. NORPS tend to be busy and in a hurry, while College kids would love to see what the music is for, have some dancing fun, and learn something from a person in a mask.
  17. Anon998 Member

  18. Mantis Member

    thats fine by me broski, just tell me when and where
    we could always just walk around campuses as well, not set anything up, but just wander around for an hour or so. all we got to do is find out if the masks are allowed before we go and hit it up. downtown dallas is probably a better idea for the weekend, while the campuses are a better idea for during the week
  19. If you insist.. I just don't think we will get much response from People in Downtown.
  20. Mantis Member

    oh, i know, but i imagine the weekend crowd would be a little more receptive. plus we can opt to stick mostly to more entertainment-esk areas, such as parks and whatnot. that probably would be good. We should at least test the waters a little to see how receptive the people are. if it seems like a pointless efforts, then we scrap the going around downtown thing
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  21. Anonymous Member

    You should always do things you are not comfortable doing. No never. No always................
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  22. BrakTalk Member

    Such is the paradox of life and ethics.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Excuse me if I ALWAYS jump off a bridge with a bungee cord.
  24. Well the walking-the-streets anons have the advantage now, because finals are almost over.

    I recommend DallAnons look for locations such as Thanks-Giving Square, or Cancer Survivors Plaza. They're accessible by DART and are in the heart of downtown; you can wander where you wish from there.
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  25. zudok Member

    why not do some reverse psychology on these people and hand out scifag flyers and then hit them when theyre there? the dallas site says seminars every weekend so think about it: anon, scary; scifag, ..meh. they try and look all holy or whatever. point being, get them there and then theyll think "oh jeez wtf is all this?" when they see us and then we hand OUR flyers out to THEM. (really, whos going to enjoy a nice 2 day seminar when there are people protesting outside calling it a cult? i know i wouldnt. id see what the damn deal is.)

    at least in theory it sounds good. right? i mean just a thought.
    (also, i am aware of backfiring.)
  26. Hmm not a bad idea... Make our own. "Legit" Flyers telling people to come by the Church of Scientology.... but the date and time for when we will be outside protesting... Possible... but I see this needing 2 things.

    1. Either we do it as a joke as Anonymous. We wear GF masks and hand them a pamphlet telling them we will be outside the ORG on this day, come and see us protest!.

    2. Play it as a straight Scilon pamphlet... make it look nice and official, but again, the date and time is for when we will be outside the ORG protesting. Then we talk to them while they drive up.
  27. zudok Member

    Number 2 is what i was going for
  28. Anonymous Member

    I don't like this idea. I wouldn't want to be responsible for somebody joining Scientology. Because whether it's intended or not some people might simply enter the org and may even join as a result. Also, even if you were able to approach all of them, what you have there are people who showed interest in going to what they thought was a Scientology event. How receptive would they be and wouldn't they be pissed off that they were deceived and drove out there for nothing?
    So in my opinion this strategy is too risky and also ineffective and could backfire.
  29. zudok Member

    I already said i knew about the backfire but i mean if they didnt know what the deal was, thats what i was saying. Theyd know the name, see us, freak for a second and get info from us. I mean if you went somewhere expecting something and saw people lookin pissed off wouldnt you want to know why?
  30. While "recruiting" seems to be the wrong word for a gathering that anyone can decide they are involved in seems wrong, i agree. I would like to think of it more as "awareness" than recruiting, from being aware people can decide on their own if they want to help.

    I may make up some mock flyers or something when i get chance that can be either handed out at protests or left in public places for people to pick up and upload here to see what people think.

    Also Mantis' little assignment there seems to have some pretty solid ideas which could be really cool and i'd be happy to help with.
  31. WMAnon Member

    Okay, I kinda skimmed after the first page, so sorry if a lot of this has already been said.

    Boston did a lot of work trying out different raid tactics since our org is on a shitty street with minimal foot traffic. Some of our stunts have included:
    • A public dance party, complete with DJ and Masquerade Masks to hand out to the general public
    • A pirate picnic on one of the harbor islands
    • "SP meter" tests for the public
    • Speeches on the common
    In my experience, these things do pretty much nothing for recruitment. The only thing that gets people to raids is caring enough about the subject (whether it's WikiLeaks, Scientology, or the lulz) to get off your ass and show up.
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  32. zudok Member

    also, the game.
  33. zudok Member

    Idk if i should be worried or not... at a raid today on the way back there was a mysterious lurk moar white car with florida plates that ended up going towards sciorg and im pretty sure i just saw the same car with a similar guy in it also with florida plate only on the back just like car A in my hometown
  34. Possibly... but they are pretty desperate if they are trying to dox you. Good sign... but stay alert.
  35. zudok Member

    lol ya rly it was just a tad bit scary. read the postgame for today it was pretty funny i wanna put pics and videos but i just dont have time to at the moment. plus i wanna drink
  36. Anonymous Member

    Two of us anons raided City College in San Francisco and the University of California San Francisco. It wasn't exactly a recruiting raid, more a info/education raid. I think if we had raided there more regularly we probably would have gotten some newfags.

    Faculty and students both appreciated our info and our fight.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    A what?
  38. zudok Member

    It was just sitting therr lurking and waiting for a long ass time at a stop sign until we came up then they hauled ass towards the org. The front plate was possibly dealership and the back was a florida one. There was a couple. Older maybe 50s but they looked like they were mean muggin and taking notes like constantly looking towards center console and moving. I mean man it was RIGHT THERE come on dressed like em and everything
  39. i have been trying to to recruit some anons from around my are sadly i have found a small handful. I live In northern ireland and the number of anons had decreased. i have talked to a friend of mine who is interested in joining he's all willing but he needs a guy fawkes mask..That can be sorted out. He has personal reasons on why he wants to join.
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  40. i just had a good idea that just popped into my head. We could do a podcast that will let anons from all over the world know about our raids. We could use voice altering software to disguise our voices and inform other anons of upcoming raids. Its just an idea though..

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