Is it a mortal sin to kill someone holding the Koran?

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by realitybasedtek, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. If it is, do they need any help getting Korans to the protesters?
  2. I doubt the ones who are actually murdering care about The Koran.
  3. is this true - its sin to kill anyone holding koran?

    if so, why not hold a copy during the protests?
  4. rooky Member

    Does the Basij care? I'm just wondering..
  5. probably not. but imagine if there was footage of that. muslims would be outraged.
  6. they've been holding the qu'ran but doesn't really make a difference

    those sort of religious rules (from ALL religions) are made up after the books were created. They are equivalent to things like dont eat meat on friday (christian thing) that was created as to get the vote of the fishermen ...yea politics =/
  7. Ya... one picture and the entire middle east would go nuts.
  8. Don't do this, it's stupid.
  9. Hesperornis Member

    No it's not true.

    Source: 3 years intensive study of Islam - the Quran, tafseer, ahadith & sira.
  10. nebraskanon Member

    that is pretty much my thought. it's sorta like locks only keeping honest people out.
  11. atmasabr Member

    If a tree falls in the forest...

    Only if it can be put on tape.
  12. Also important to note.

    Sin to kill in Islam and every other religion.
  13. jtreglio Member

    Not a bad idea. . .

    It couldn't hurt, and in this article the tactic was used by the soldiers in the Battle of Siffin against Ali, who is regarded by Shi'as as the First Iman. I'm guessing that everyone in Iran would know the significance of the tactic without the aid of Wikipedia. On the other hand, it was a trick used by Ali's enemies which ultimately lead to his death, so maybe its not such a good idea.
  14. Hesperornis Member

    Except if it's manslaughter or for mischief in the land (Quran 5:32-33)
  15. well

    I've never heard of it being a sin to kill someone while he/she is holding a qur'an, but as a muslim i do know that it IS sin to put a qur'an on the floor or dirty it.

    But judging from the actions of the Basij, it's evident they're not really interested in the rules of islam. To them going against Khamenei is equal to going against islam(that's how fucking brainwashed these people are). It reminds me of the divine right rule of european monarchs.
  16. Considering Imam Ali, the most revered figure in Shia Islam, stopped a battle because his enemies hoisted Korans onto their spears, I would say it is a good tactic to use.

    It's not going to stop bullets or beatings, but what it will do is enrage devout Shia if they see peaceful Koran holders attacked and Koran's desecrated. It goes against Ali and it goes against the sanctity of the Koran.

    To attack somebody holding a Koran you would have to attack that Koran and damage it. Images and video of regime figures doing that may help sway conservative, devout and rural Iranians that the regime is corrupt and against God and their religion. Could help tip the balance, and make basiji, IRG and others question their orders.
  17. or... make them furious at the protesters for uh... abetting in the desecration of the koran.

  18. DevilInPgh Member

    Dunno. If a person is robbing a bank but holding a Koran, would it still be a mortal sin? Also, if you were to prevent Al-Qaeda from perpetuating attacks in Iraq, what if they were holding Korans? Just because someone thinks he's righteous doesn't make him so.
  19. Hence why I'm sure they can "justify" their actions.

    Although that verse is dodgy to trust due to the translation, and what it originally meant versus how it is interpreted today.

    I somehow doubt it's the same.

    "The only reward for those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom...""
  20. Killing is much definitely a sin in Koran and Islam; but the killers won't hesitate just because they are holding Korans -or for any other reasons. If the shooter believes that it is justified it's all that takes. Duty overwrites conscience -common thing. Still hoping that the shooters will start to doubt their position. As far as I know, something similar happened in the Iranian Revolution where the soldiers could not shoot anymore -but that was a different regime.

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