Is it illegal?

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    My boyfriend and I are getting really sick of strangers going through our trash all hours of the night. Some random guy was "handling" our apt building's trash cans and wheeling them from around the back of the building to the curb at midnight the night before trash day. The same guy who illegaly went through our personal belongings in our garage is the guy who is SUPPOSED to take our trash to the curb - this week it wasn't him and in previous weeks we've been awakened by strangers rummaging only through our bldgs' trash.

    I wanted my boyfriend to introduce these self-appointed garabage men to his US military training. He contended however that it is perfectly legal to go through people's trash. surely boyfriend is wrong?
  2. Once your trash is out of your house it's anyone's business.
    If you don't want you personal information discovered then invest in a shredder they are not too expensive. Even you can afford one Nate jasper the same shit head who asked this question several times previously,
    Fuck off.
  3. It’s legal
  4. They can't go on private property to access your trash. You can get them for trespassing if they do that.

    If you have to leave your trash out in public and unlocked - e.g., for pickup - then they can go through your trash when it is in public.

    You can possibly arrange with your sanitation services provider to keep your trash locked up somehow and provide them with a key - either get a bin lock, or build a small, secure structure at the curb to house your trash bins.
  5. Maybe there is a Market niche for a trash company that makes a deal with you that protects your trash ?
  6. Burn the stuff you don't want others to read or shred it, this is not complicated.

  7. Check with your local government offices with regards to the legal aspect of this and as for you boyfriend and his military training, yawn.

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