Is it really not time to give up?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by atmasabr, Jun 24, 2009.

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    Of course! Defeat happens. So does revival.

    We in the US have been reading this in the news over and over again: the Islamic Revolution that toppled the Shah lasted a year in fits and starts almost every month.

    In order for the Green Revolution to fail, a series of impossible conditions must be met.

    The people must accept Ahmadinejad as their rightful president and Ayatolah al-Khamenei as their rightful Supreme Leader.

    How can ANYONE feel that in their hearts after watching so many of their countrymen brutally murdered, after seeing with their own eyes the thuggery these men brought against them to their streets, the betrayals they have experienced? They will buy a temporary suppression at tremendous cost. So long as a majority of the people recoil in disgust, the Green Revolution can never lose.

    All of the opposition leadership must be captured and killed.

    Not possible. What they're going to try to do is eliminate Mousavi and the other very strong leaders last. However, I predict they will miss a few reformist leaders, including at least one very big name. Others will emerge with the skills and luck to be leaders. People with great skill and courage will emerge (secretly) to defy the Iranian government. When the time is right, the corrupt presidency and government will get shingles.

    Am I right?

    [Edit: Hmm, I meant to say captured OR killed. But I'm reminded all of a sudden of Nelson Mandela.]

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