Is it safe for us to post/reply here?

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by blackchanceblog, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Hi all
    maybe it's already late to ask this question but I need to know if it's safe for me and others from inside Iran to participate in this forum by posting in this forum? is there any way for the government to find our IP adderesses?
  2. I read that's why this was set protect the Iranians so they can post here. What about it moderators????????

  3. Sol Mann Member

    If you follow the instructions here on how to protect your anonymity, you should be safe virtually anywhere on the net. Including here.

    But the creators of the site, you can rest assured, have no connection to the Iranian government. Your IP address is secure here. If there is any other way we can put your mind at ease please let us know.
  4. DanX Member

    You can PM me, I can upload all the information you have. FREE IRAN
  5. dr3k-IRAN Member

    It is perfectly safe for you be posting here. This site was setup so that Iranians have a communication method outside the confines of the 140-character Twitter.
  6. I trust moderators and I'm sure about them I just wanted to be sure if there is any way for the government to find my IP by checking this website (which I"m sure they're checking here rightnow and I'm sure they like to know my IP as well)
    I have secured my computer. so there must be no matter generally.

    please provide me a good english article and I'll translate to farsi for iranian users.
  7. Sol Mann Member

    At the bottom of the main page of the forum there is a section for translation, I'm sure there are projects in there in need of your help. As for the Iranian government being able to gleam IP addresses from this site... I highly doubt it. It would be very very difficult for them to do so, and a waste of resources for them to try.

    Welcome, good luck, and be safe. :)
  8. Be careful about posts here that try to get you to go to other websites, though. The guards have been coming in here pretending to be concerned posters, trying to get people to use the IP addresses they post up and trying to get them to download programs they have made, and those other websites and programs are traps. The mods are real good about catching it, so if you see something you suspect, post here and ask about it, and if the mods say it is safe and leave it up you should be cool. Check the time of the posts, and don't use anything that hasn't been up for very long. Give it time for the mods to see it and get rid of it if it is bad.

    Good luck in everything you do. God bless you.
  9. A small guide to staying safe

    It is rare that you can be certain of anything on the internet. And with the Iranian government no doubt watching, you should do everything in your power to remain anonymous.

    This website is a good starting point. The people behind have been reliably behind efforts against censorship and I believe that, as far as they are able, they will protect your anonymity.

    However, you should still make sure you use multi-layered protection. At least use a proxy -- see this site for advice -- and possibly additional anonymity services like JAP (aka Jondo) or Tor.

    Personally, if I was posting from Iran, in real danger, I would do the following:

    First, I would install and use JondoFox ( along with the Jondo anonymity service. I would use a public (slow) mix.

    Second, with all my traffic routed through Jondo, I would go through a "regular" proxy (like or one of the many made available specifically for Iranians. BUT DO NOT TRUST ONE OF THOSE ALONE.

    Third, I would be very careful about posting images or video that could be used to identify me or my friends. If I had really important footage, I would send it either to experts like Wikileaks ( or a moderator on this site. People who know about anonymity and could help remove identifying information that you may not even know was present in your material.

    Only then would I feel reasonably safe. Not completely safe, but as least as safe as I would be out on the streets.

    My thoughts are with you. Please be safe.
  10. DanX Member

  11. Pisarcik ending

    Also clean your cookies regularly. I'm not sure, but I've heard that if you are browsing through a proxy, and if you didn't do that before, then they could track you through the old cookies that you have.


    Best to do it after every time firefox shuts down. This can be set automtically.
  12. charm803 Member

    Looking for someone in Iran

    I understand it is hard to get someone who is from Iran to trust who is posting here.

    I have a journalist who is looking for someone in Iran to help cover the protests, an 'assignment' if you will. This journalist is reputable and I can send you contact info once I know you will help get the story out to the media.

    I will give the person from Iran this contact info, but we need to make sure it is safe for them to contact the reporter.

    I DO NOT want to put anyone at risk!! Safety first!

    To confirm that I am not Iranian government or that I want to put anyone in jeopardy, you can see some of my profiles here:

    Please contact me here, or

    I don't know what is blocked for Iranians.

    Thank you and I hope you prevail!!

  13. This is very important. Be careful of bad links to government controlled websites, they will try to trick you to click it. If you using proxy or Tor then maybe you have some protection from identification.
  14. Agreed. Delete all info connected to the images about when it was taken, with what camera etc. This is information that's stored in the file.
  15. ech0 Member

    Be careful about sending e-mails to unknown sources. Most free e-mail services will provide your IP address. So make sure you are using a proxy if you do send an e-mail with a web based e-mail service.
  16. oops, the title of last post is the captcha that I typed in the wrong place, doesn't mean anything.
  17. How about Freenet?

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