Is it true you met L. Ron Hubbard?

Discussion in 'Situation Rooms' started by Reversetide, May 7, 2013.

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    I'm bored.
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  3. Great story there. I like to think that maybe the locals made him realize (painful cognition?) for perhaps the first time that he wasn't young any more but just another silly foolish fat old man. At least that's how I see it.
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  4. Gottabrain Member

    The way Janet told it, the ship wasn't that great-looking or big. So he was wearing the "Commodore" shit, like he's in charge of an entire Naval fleet or something, and strutting about as if they should all honour their new tyrant stepping off this rinky-dink ship with his weird Sea Org entourage.

    The clothes were out of place. He had no respect or study of the culture and he just looked like a fat, arrogant fool.

    Must have been quite a sight. Interesting that Janet told it with a bit of pleasure - we were both still in the SO, she wasn't an ex yet, but she was still glad to see that asshole put in his place. What a pic it would make - anyone feel like shooping?
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  5. I know this isn't the same thing you are talking about but I couldn't help but think of 6 L. Ron Hubbard heads on this pic.

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  6. Its probably no different to the way Miscavige would be viewed if he ever spoke outside one of his ideal org/events. Both of them have no point of reference to the outside world and are constantly told how awesome they are. In the real world people see them for the sad little men they are.
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    If scientology PR could lift their status to 'sad little men', that would be quite a coup.
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  8. Gottabrain Member

    I tried to get all the info/stories out of Janet I could, but she had mixed feelings about it. Understand, we were both on the RPF.

    We were later split up as a "bad influence" on each other. lulz :D

    She told other ship stories. There was something about L Ron insisting on using the stars to find their way when the navigational equipment broke down. They couldn't, it was impossible, just too broad and general and they were in rough waters and none of them had any prior serious sailing experience. He wouldn't allow them to use a compass. They did anyway, but didn't tell him. L Ron couldn't stop bragging about using the stars to find their way and his incredible knowledge of astronomy (which he didn't know much of anything about).

    L Ron kept telling them they knew everything about sailing from their past lives. Janet would shake her head - said nobody ever remembered anything useful from the past lives.

    "The Rock Concert" was the name old SO members had for when the locals pelted them and the ship with big rocks, I think that was Curacao but not sure - Hubturd mentions it briefly in a few places, called it inhospitable or run by SPs or something, but he never tells the true story of what happened there, the injuries, the rocks.

    All in all, the entire Mission Into Time was a fail and a terrible experience for everyone there except, of course, L Ron, Mr. self-appointed Commodore.

    She told me about another time when they were all seasick, he had them lay out on the top deck and they were puking their guts out. He yelled at them for being woosies or something.
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  9. Gottabrain Member

    Oh, and while I'm remembering her stories -

    Janet said they picked up any recruits they could get from anywhere and many of them were really scarey - felons of their countries trying to flee the law. She said there were rapes on the ships.

    None of this is personal info from her sessions, btw.

    Sorry I don't remember her last name, but by the time she was my twin, she'd been married & divorced 3-4 times and had lots of last names.
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  10. And you can be quite sure that Elron thought it was his magnetic charm that made them jump aboard.
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    First, this is a dead giveaway. Anyway...

    LRH offers a lot of things in present time, even though he is in a galaxy far away. He offers the world scn, for me the value is creating many victims year after year and continues to present time and on to future time.

    Yes, if you want to know his personality, the best is to ask somebody who met him. But then you won't believe them because they are bitter apostates.

    LRH offers what he left behind - fake medals. Fake degrees. He was a liar.

    He called Dianetics a science, which was not and still isn't.

    There is something called fact checking that doesn't depend on whether LRH is dead or not, whether you met him or not. For example, the New Yorker article by Lawrence Wright. Lies have negative value. But then you will think that somebody powerful altered the records and faked the evidences. But if they are that powerful, why don't they just mock up something to lock DM up and close the orgs?
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    I miss Sponge.
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  13. You got RPF'd, why flubtards whim?

    and "bad influence" as in entheta so widespread that the crew was at a point of mutiny?

    and obviously flubtard knew jack's shit about sailing or astronomy for that matter that it is impossible to navigate reliably with the stars, youneed charts, modern navigation equipment and most of all healthy dose of experience something that happened 100-200 years ago on woodworm, scurvy and rat infested ship doesn't constitute as valid experience

    were you told why exactly the "The Rock Concert" incident happened were they so reviled that locals decided to raise hell or were the Natives like 2008- circa anons and decided "Let's pellet them with rocks and stones! Onwards boys for the LULZ!"?

    And it's not surpring to hear flubtard fail so miserably after all he had inexperienced crew and L. Ron was blissfully incompetent, yet confident in his "abilities" and it is a good sign for a captain for every mistake he, himself made
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  14. Anonymous Member

    You know, I wish we could get our enturbulated data swiftly and flublessly handled by skilled application of standard tech, a bit more often around here.

    Where's Terryeo?

    Did I mention that David Miscavige is an odious inadequate? Do they lose points when that goes unhandled, or do they wipe the slate clean on that?
  15. terreyeo is busy spamming youtube with his buddies, Val and company

    DM is in inadquate because he is a marcabian ewok, trufax
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    Kate Bornstein.
    Thanks for trying
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  18. What a useless thread: coddling some would-be troll-bitch who has no Google-fu.

    Anonymous must be way bored. Time for more Miscavige shoops. Or maybe some raiding?
  19. Gottabrain Member

    Nah, I wasn't on the ship, never met Hubbard personally. These were Janet's stories. I was RPFed at someone else's whim because I had sex with someone who was single while I was single, too.

    I was a bad influence on Janet because I just wanted to leave the whole time I was there. Made Janet doubt, to question things, to remember all this sort of stuff. So they split us up. Scns don't want to know the truth, it's entheta.

    You know this stuff! Ex-navy? That's exactly what Janet was saying! She said Hub kept going on about "Greenwich Mean TIme" as if he or they could figure it out but he was just BSing, as usual - wouldn't dare grab the wheel to personally get them out of that situation. She couldn't believe they actually made it back safely to land.

    Janet said that port had a mob of people waiting for the ship with rocks ready to throw before they even docked. They knew about their arrival ahead of time from the previous port. One guy had a bad concussion from a rock to his head. Apparently digging big holes in foreign countries late at night without permits in search of treasure wasn't popular with the natives. Can't imagine why.
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  20. Who is to say that all people are not "awesome", including people you have decided were not. I have never met a person who did not have equal parts "awesome" and "sad" and "little". Humans are the kind of being that praises and gushes about you when they are feeling that special love feeling for you, and the kind of being that takes a gun out of the glovebox and tries to shoot you if they perceive you cut them off in traffic. You dislike L Ron Hubbard, have collected a nice bunch of opinions and POV's and agreement from a few other like minded persons and voila, you now think you have met the person and god is on your side for every bad thing you say about some person you never met.

    Is it that odd that I do not buy into all that?
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  21. Anonymous Member

    We just met boRkcalB. Mirrors in the thetan. Know what I mean? Not a patch on ours.
  22. Perceived us "ugly Americans" perhaps? The world has a volatile relationship with the citizens of the USA. What else was happening in the world around that time might be relevant. it is not uncommon for one group of people to blame a 3rd group people for something a third group of people have done in the past. The 9/11and the Boston Marathon could be sad to have been one group of people throwing rocks at the USA for who knows what!
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    L Ron Hubbard has a name for your illness. Theety weety. Unfortunately, Scientology cannot cure you.

    Have you tried other cults? Maybe Raëlism? Cargo cults? Heaven's Gate?
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    Not odd at all. Completely standard.
  25. Declined.
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  26. Humans are pretty standard when we step back and look at ourselves. I am breathtakingly unoriginal and try and remember that.
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  27. reversetidez
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  28. As ifness Member

    I mean, of course, standard for Scientology adherents.

    Did you find anything Hubbard was wrong about in regard to Scientology?
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  30. i have never met L Ron Hubbard and only ever met one person who said they were a "Scientologist" and while i did find that person to be off putting, i will not judge a whole community by one single person. And as I said a few posts back, and will certainly not base it on something I read on the unmoderated internet where anybody can say anything and a few squeaky wheels can make a whole lotta noise if they want to. Just because I am not gleefuly, blindly and agreeingly against Scientology because that is the way of this group, does not mean I support or are advocating for Scientology who I do not know from Adam.
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  31. Gottabrain Member

    Go David Love!

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  32. Anonymous Member

    If you are trying to convince someone you are a special needs person with strong opinions on asubject you proclaim to not know much about, but need to caution factually informed experts ... job done.
  33. Anonymous Member

    This just in. I have speshul knowingness that OP is just a computer virus programmed by OSA. And here is the program:

    1. Tell an "acceptable truth" (scientology speak for lie).
    2. goto 1

    In this case the lie is that you can't criticize Hubbard if you haven't met him.

    Why does this sound so familiar? Because it's just another version of the Scientology corporation's "you are not allowed to criticize scientology unless you've tried it".
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  34. Anonymous Member

    If you are trying to convince someone you are a special needs person with strong opinions on asubject you proclaim to not know much about, but need to caution factually informed experts ... job done.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Is OP saying we can't have an opinion of someone we never met or is OP saying because we have strong opinions we must believe that we have met Hubbard? Or is OP saying we all acting like we know Hubbard or something because we talk like we...

    Wait, wtf is OP saying?
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    Please don't let reverso go till we hear if Hubbard was ever wrong about scientology .
  38. The Internet Member

    When you make a rule no one on Earth can follow, like "Don't criticize people you've never met," you automatically lose The Game. Hope that's settled.

    This handling fails as well. It's fair to criticize people for their bad qualities even if they have some good qualities. For example, I'm told that Hitler was an excellent dancer and he was quite fond of cats. Still, he killed millions of people for crazy reasons.
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  39. It is "pretty standard" that the Hitler card would be played around this time, there is no getting away from it.
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