Is Pusha T a member of Scientology?

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  1. Is Pusha T a member of Scientology?

    Washington Post: Pusha T’s long path to solo stardom

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    By Christina Lee March 21 at 5:36 PM

    Pusha T grew up seeing the infomercials. For the self-help books that promised tips on how to improve your life, have a happier marriage and enjoy your job more. Or for clinics that could cure everything from loneliness to cancer. Or for newly emerging religious groups.

    I know of L. Ron Hubbard from growing up and wondering what .?.?. Dianetics was,” says the 38-year-old rapper born Terrence Thorton. But those TV ads for Hubbard’s form of psychotherapy, which was rebuked by medical professionals, would resonate with him decades later.

    And it might explain the line “I’m the L. Ron Hubbard of the cupboard,” which he raps in “Crutches, Crosses, Caskets,” a standout from his latest album, “King Push: Darkest Before Dawn — The Prelude.” Like many of Pusha T’s songs, it features smart rhymes and plenty of pop culture references. But whereas many rappers might name-drop Tony Montana, Pusha opts for the creator of Scientology. It’s representative of the shift that has made the second act of Pusha T’s career a continued success.

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    But back to that L. Ron Hubbard lyric .?.?.

    “It’s funny that you mention that line, because sometimes I say lines and I feel like, man, ain’t nobody going to get that. Then you may debate for a second whether to say the bar or not. And then it’s like man, .?.?. I Google everything. I was Googling when I was listening to Jay Z, you know what I’m saying? I did research. And right now it’s like, man, they’re going to have to Google what I’m saying. Do your research.”

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  2. Parental advisory.

    Start at approximately the 2:00 mark if you don't want to enjoy the entire song.

    Lyrics video. Start at approximately the 1:50 mark if you don't want to enjoy the entire song.

  3. RightOn Member

    Hey maybe Chill E can cover this ;)
  4. fishypants Moderator

    tl;dr: He thought to rhyme 'Hubbard' with 'cupboard'. Man's a genius.

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