Is Scientology really a hate group?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    "The Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) definition of a "hate group" includes those having beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics".[2]

    This may seem like a completely odd question, yet its one we should be asking. We have documented evidence of Scientelogists attacking protestors across the world. Its why we have to have cameras at every protest. Then we have the Rathburn lawsuit, harassment by the OSA on critics, beliefs that are insulting to other religions, etc etc etc.

    Scientoloy constantly says anonymous is a hate group, yet the anonymous file at the SPLC demonstrates our willingness to help people overcome racism, and demonstrates our efforts to stop racist groups. The scienologists on the other hand, have two public files because of their connection to the NOI, an known anti-Semitic, anti white hate group.

    Furthermore, in the SPLC reports, they have several incidents of different groups working together because of their hatred of a specific minority, for example NOI has had talks with the KKK because both groups feel strongly against Jews. The fact that scientology associates with NOI has raised red flags with other anti racist movements.

    The question I pose is this: Do we feel that scientology is a hate group? Do we have enough evidence to suggest that they may be a hate group? Can their actions be perceived as those of an organization focused on personal gain and hate?Does their actions against the indies count as persecution?

    Scientology is a destructive organization. It is an orginazition that focuses on its brand image. We should be doing everything in our power to expose how crooked this group really is, and how cruel they really are. Furthermore, because of recent events, they are vulnerable, and we should use this opportunity while it is still available.
  2. RightOn Member

    I thinks WWP has been down this road before with the SPLC info.
  3. Anonymous Member

    I would suggest that the SPLC criteria and aegis are not productive.

    They categorize liberal, rational, non-hateful, critics of supremacist cult ideologies as purveyors of "religious hatred".
  4. Anonymous Member

    If SPLC were consistent, and they are not, they would condemn WWP as a hate site for maligning the entire class of Scientologists in WWP's attacks on the culties' fundamental, immutable and deeply held beliefs.
  5. Anonymous Member

    By that measure the klu klux klan could likewise condemn others for hating them and their deeply held beliefs.

    Sorry, if your beliefs involve disposing of others without sorrow, you deserve the emnity of others. Anonymous does not want to kill scientologists, we just want to destroy the organized church in it's current child-abusing, elder-refusing, lawsuit-confusing form. The illegal practices of the church been reliably sourced with court docs, personal statements, and a list of thousands of exes. Personally-believing scientologists can do whatever they like as long as they don't commit crimes and allow others and their families follow their own life path.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    You are right. What I was getting at is that the SPLC has not been smart enough to make those distinctions.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I hate hate hate groups.
  8. Kilia Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    It is already well established that Scientology is undoubtedly a hate group targeting whoever they can in the psychiatric industry.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Certainly, the doctrine of scientology is one of hate against wogs, psychs and others.

    But the SPLC hasn't had a thing to say about scientology, has it?

    SPLC uses their condemnations for their particular political ends. In that regard, their roll of "haters" and enemies is selective. It reminds me of OSA's "religious bigot watch". Of course KKK is a hate group. But SPLC's hate list is not objective or authoritative. I doubt if anyone needs the SPLC to instruct them what to think of the KKK.

    SPLC invented the elements of being a "hate group", as if it were an actual criminal offence, and apply it against whom they chose, as virtual legislator and judge combined.

    This is not to say that SPLC is like scientology, but they are not an impartial arbiter of anything.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I have enjoyed black robs thread, and the coverage here of the rathburn lawsuit. However, these, as well as some other events, paint a very disturbing picture. After the south park episode, it was revealed that the OSA was digging thru the south park creators trash. there have been mysterious deaths associated around scientology. There is a lot going on, some of which we have recorded, yet we ourselves do not seem to be paying attention. Historically, right after times are crisis, scientology always claims that they work for the greater good of humanity, they use this as a platform to regain support, and to recruit new clams. they have survived by doing this for decades. Granted, this was per-internet, times are changed, and new resources are available.They also have chased away the smarter members, and the COB appears to have lost his mind.

    But maybe the op is right, maybe we have an opportunity to seize momentum, and force some public scrutiny. I do not think SPLC is the best route to go however. But this is what the think tank is for, thinking.
  12. Anonymous Member

    OK, I get you. You bring the 'Theramy'* situation to mind.

    But then we're probably starting to venture into some of the possible reasons the buttchurch wasn't disposed of way back when they were discovered jacking US documents.

    *Literal rabbithole. It all begins when Beck wants to make an Alice in Wonderland Movie.
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  13. The Internet Member

    I'm fine with people hating whoever the fuck they want to hate. But I want everyone to treat others as equals before the law. Same rule for everyone: "Dox or GTFO."

    I suppose it's okay to hate psychiatrists. People hate things. Some people hate dogs. I don't hate dogs, but whatever. Anyway, we need doctors to help people with psychiatric problems so it's a bad idea to give those doctors a hard time just because they aren't into Hubbard. Hubbard didn't do "Dox or GTFO," so he needs to GTFO with respect to psychiatry.
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  14. OTeleventy Member

    Can we give people who don't like dogs a hard time? I'd like that.
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  15. jensting Member

    " I know there are people in the world who do not love their fellow human beings — and I hate people like that!" Tom Lehrer
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  16. JohnnyRUClear Member

    My favorite bumper sticker: "I hate people like you." I hate people who hate that one.

    The SPLC isn't just like the RFW. They're like the RFW with extensive ties into the federal government. Imagine OSA writing helpful white papers for the FBI on who is dangerous.
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  17. There are plenty of people in here who treat newish members like shit, deciding in their own little groups who is OSA or a spy, or just someone whom they have taken an instant dislike to.

    Speaking as a newish member who has lurked as suggested, I find the anti social attitude towards newbies is more than enough to prevent them from offering anything worthwhile as the atmosphere is both intimidating and discouraging.
    Unfortunately for the newfag when he encounters the elitist culture that exists in here he is given the cold shoulder and thrown in the towel quite quickly.

    Two of you in particular, Jensting and Deathhamster are the worst, their arrogant air of superiority is a classic example of the elitism currently dominating this forum.
    It comes as no surprise when trollers and others cause disruptions, I strongly suspect this is due to being ignored and excluded.
    One one particular evening I watched several people register here, and so far they have yet to post a word which after two or three weeks is definately something worth thinking about.

    I too am a member since a couple of years ago, and in that time I have noticed just how badly newfags are treated.
    This last two months have been the worst so far, and I feel ashamed to admit I am part of this forum.

    Lots of you oldfags need to take a long hard look at your attitude towards the newer people and ask yourselves what you can do to help them along.
    This forum needs new blood now, new ideas and inspiration will keep it alive. Face up to what you see is happening here, and be more receptive to the newer people they might have more to offer than you think.
    Venture into the Why Did You Join WWP thread, read what people have said and give them the respect they deserve, as opposed to the contempt you currently offer.
    Read the newfags entries as they register, you were one yourselves at some point.

    It's time to get down from your hobby horse and humble yourselves, otherwise this forum will degenerate into a rabble.
  18. Anonymous Member

    While I appreciate your message metoo I have to say that how do you know what personal messages of support occour or dont occour between oldfags and newfags behind the scenes.

    On many occasions, i have been made aware of oldfags taking newfags under their wings to guide them when they get a little off course. You cannot dismiss that personal care they are offering. I and many others always take the time to council new members to take a thick skinned approach to this forum. I remind them that if they are committed to their ideas then let the stupid role off your back.
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  19. Your attitude is symptomatic of the currents state pf WWP.
    As I mentioned in my post I am a member of a few years back and post here frequently,I am active on several threads.
    My comments arise from watching the unpleasant attitude from the elitist group who ignore and actively discourage newfags by their ignorance and arrogance.
  20. Anonymous Member

    It took me several socks to find one that would last. There is an alchemy involved as well as an understanding of what this board asked of me. I can attest this place has been educational.
    Nowadays there are a few other boards devoted to the subject of scientologyt, all have their limitations. If this one isn't enough of a hugbox, there are others who will take you and your fuzzy soul in. If you want to drink deeply of the LULz every day that you live... anonymous delivers.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    That you Scott?
  22. This post is a fine example of someone trying to pretend they have around for a while.
    Prove me wrong motherfucker.

  23. No need Cancerpants you are one of those who imagine themselves to be elite along with Jens and deathhamster.

    It takes very little time to see just how nasty your attitude is, and by answering inthe way you did I have proven you wrong.
    Like them apples do you?
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  24. Motherfucker???

    Typical of you Cancerpants!
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Jens and Deathhamster seem like fine, witty and amusing people to me.
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  26. Truth hurts, and times like now YOU don't like being made an example of. Because the motherfucking caps fit the three of you very well.

    Finally, assuming I had not been around for a while and a newfag, you have validated my every word.
  27. Why bring those two into it?
    I am being lectured by someone who doesn't use the space bar.
    So as to my original point.
    You have yet to prove you have been around for a couple of years.
  28. DeathHamster Member

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  29. If this is not hate, what is?

    Cancerpants to you I say this, your use of the word Motherfucker is yet another indication of your attitude.
    DH you are just as bad as CP it's indicative by your reaction to my posts.

    You talk of others spewing out hate, and here you are doing it yourselves.

    Have you realised you are behaving exactly as I predicted you would?

    To ice the caek , we can all see just how you respond when someone hits back at your behaviour.

    Better still, the silent majority will be agreeing with my every word.
  30. Anonymous Member

    As a member of the silent majority, my assumption was that you were on crack.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the laughs, funny man.

    Anonymous hates all unique snowflakes and their special feelings. If you're not feeling the hate then you're not in the game.
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  32. Well at least you are using the space bar.
    As to predicting behaviour.
    Have you ever wanted to fuck an owl?
    No matter which way you shag it, it always makes eye contact.
  33. OTeleventy Member

    Why do people come here (and then stay here) if they don't like it here?

    Oooh-ooooh, I know! It's because this is the only site on the internet!

    Look, don't come here for loves and hugs. As you've seen, post and you might get flamed. I did. Oh well. I decided that learning about clamville without the burden of the mental numbfuckery elsewhere was worth staying here.

    I mean really, it's just the internet. As for me, I took my lumps, I read, I learned, and I got involved.

    In short, don't whine. It's unbecoming.

    That said, I'll try to be nicer to the newfags. Even if they're dumbfags.

    I said "TRY."
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  34. Attack the attackers appears to be your policy CP

    Why don't you take another look at this thread after a nights sleep?

    Review your answers and the hate in them.

    See ya.
  35. I just wanted to say that I like this thread, OP.
    It is very thought provoking.
    I would have to read thru the links you provided, and unfortunately i do not have the time to do so right now, but my candid thought is that the answer to the question is yes.
    Yes, and it is very complicated.
    That is all i know.... it is very complicated. :)

    I appreciate your digging into this subject, though.
    So, thanks.
  36. I would love to know what the folks at the SLPC think of the Simon Wisenthal Center having given a very big

    presentation and banquet dinner to honor Tom Cruise for "Humanitarian of the Year" Award.

    ( It would strike me as being a "conflict of interest" to accept what may have been a million dollar plus payoff to essentially whitewash a hollywood celebrity who is talented and funny and charming, but who also has very deep ties to an organization that is disrespectful of human rights and unfortunately has a very bad track record for abusing their very own parishoners quite severely to supplant the greed of a select few. I wasn't aware that we had monarchies here in the united states who can selectively abandon labor laws and amenable and fair tax code adherence. if it were just a couple of libertarians living out in the bush somewhere with their own little neighborhood, then whatever, but this is not the case. they control and manipulate the lives of so many people with first the promise of presenting an adherent with the keys to total and absolute freedom, while actually giving them the complete opposite result. that is why beyond the jokes and oprah kerfuffle, there was basically a man not only just promoting himself as an actor, but looking to find fresh meat who might be interested in investing their lives and livelihoods into personality tests and harsh and critical introversion, and submission of any freedom to think and express oneself. But, i ramble. ))_
  37. So you admit to posting with the intent of attacking.
    That puts you in the wrong.
    Review that after a nights sleep.
  38. LOL



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