Is Scientology really a hate group?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Oct 28, 2013.

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  2. Cancer Pants, I want to hear the story about the fucking owl.

  3. On the contrary, it's you who is doing the attacking, Motherfucker is hardly a polite term is it?

    Attacking the attacker is what you are doing.

    Every word you have posted has been negative, filled with hostility and anger.

    CP have a look at your responses again.
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  4. So you're posts have all been positive
    Hiv positive
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. -----> Sorry, edit : SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center .

    I think that they would be more attuned to this type of dilemma, more so than the ACLU, which is much more politically oriented. This is not a matter of politics. Also, I have no idea what I am even talking about. ;)
  7. Cancer pants, stop giving me your aids.
    Ok? :D
  8. Don't worry there's plenty of Aids for everyone.
    On that happy note, I will bid you good night.
  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    SPLC is purely political. The whole point of it is to marginalize SPs "hate groups" (as designated by them). It's dead agenting at a more professional level than the goofballs in Scientology could ever manage.
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  10. Oh ok. Pardon me, then.

  11. Is there a "Better Business Bureau" when it comes to religious franchises? LOL

    I would like a small coke and fries with that, thank you.
  12. Yeah, I went to this really great Indian restaurant one time. It was a total family affair, and people worked hard, but the restaurant which is still in business, once prided itself on treating its employees fairly and well.
  13. jensting Member

    You're too kind. Really you are. But of course I don't deserve to be mentioned alongside DH.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    As the Op, i request this to be moved into the dome. The purpose of this thread was to see if this was a good idea on not. Upon inspection of the responses, it has been verified that it was a bad idea.

    $ientology was the bi-product of a narcissistic, failure of a sci fi writer who could never have envisioned something like the internet occurring. I believe that the cult will be found out in the future, and everyone that tried to protect them will be ruined by their collapse. Knowledge can not be destroyed, even if the medium it was on has been erased. The internet presents a new medium where knowledge is shared, and where it is impossible to contain when it gets loose. The scilons can not defend against it.

    To bring down the cult, I believe that everything that can be done must be done . While we are bullshitting on the internet, people are being ruined financially, addicts are being mislead into getting fake rehab, lives and dreams are being crushed so that a high school dropout can live the good life on other peoples money. This type of destructive behavior affects everyone, on some level. Because of this, we have to look at them at EVERY angle, and we have to see if there is some sort of weakness, some sort of avenue, that we have not exploited in the past.

    There will be bad ideas. But for every good idea, if there are 100 bad ideas, then that will be good progress. I joined this community, for better or for worse, because they have some good ideas, but also because they are assholes. I too, am an asshole. I can take the trolling, and dish it out. We are the suppressive people that CO$ warns its clams about. Yet because they are a fake religion, they do not have the tools to fight us.

    I will continue to submit ideas in the future until. A good one is found.
  15. [IMG]

    Good thinking, OP!
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  16. Anonymous Member

    You know, if nowai derails a thread, then it must be important. I was just going to ignore this thread, however, Now that i see nowai here, i think i will throw in my two cents.

    Why does nowai go around derailing threads? What does he/she/bodytheatan gain from derailing threads? Is this just general trolling, or is it trolling for a purpose? Did somebody get regged out because their stats were too low? Is this some sort of troll implant tech that the scilons are playing around with? OR is nowai jelly because he/she/bodytheatan can't think of constructive ways to contribute to the party?

    Well here is what i will say, just to troll a troll:

    Times are changing. The christian world is starting to open up to homosexuals. The new pope is saying things that no other pope would ever say. Why is this important? simple. Scientolgy can not advance. Sure, they were all futuristic and "innovative" 40 years ago, but now, they are starting to show their retro 70's scifi garbage colors. they have backward views of pornography and gays that just aren't going to cut it anymore. If the scienology view of gays were to become more public, they would probably be chased out of every town they were in.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Any chance of getting this back to the original question?
  18. aussie Member

    In my opinion all so called religions are bad. And as heartless as I may sound. Tuff titties to anyone that gets shucked in it such horseshit
  19. aussie Member

    I live near a small town where a cult own half the town. At one stage the self proclamed had of this cult told her followers that posts are evil and the dumb shits had their pets put down. . All governments need to review the laws about freedom of religion.
  20. aussie Member

    Pets are evil..arghhhh bloody auto correct.sorry
  21. Anonymous Member

    I think this is an avenue that should be pursued(again, or intelligently investigated) in some form. While southern poverty law center is not exactly a liked group here, there are some things that we have to consider. the main one is that they are an "official" group that is somewhat recognized. this means that anything they say might be considered legitimate in Europe as well as in america.

    we have to consider that since Co$ partnered up with nation of islam, a notorious antisemitic, anti white group, this may adversely affect their standing in Europe. Letting Israelis know about this connection might cause some lulz as well.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Not for a second would I underestimate the Israelis, they will know more about that specific connection than anyone.
  23. Indeed.
    Farrakhan is not allowed in some European countries.
    Be nice to get that mud to stick on scientology.
  24. Anonymous Member

    The sothern poverty law center does have files on this connection, We also have some dox here where farrakhan openly said good things about CO$. What do we need to do to make this an issue over in europe? This is important, as they keep appealing and trying to get tax exempt status over there. This connection with NOI however, may be able to permanently stop this, as well as add more scrutiny to the cult, and prevent their fronts from doing business.
  25. Writing to religous media outlets in Europe could be a start?
    Also writing to the European parliament.
  26. Herro Member

    Some people might say pragmatism is good and that attracting new members is vitally important for grassroots movements. Or you could cling to your internet hate machine nonsense and keep this your special tree house while the rest of the world continues to not give a fuck. Decisions decisions.
  27. Anonymous Member

    I do not know who the old fags are, and who is an ex-scilon and who isn't. the point is is that the current mentality here chases away the quality new-fags, and promotes the wonderful moonbats that seem to be flocking here lately. If you want the movement to be successful in bringing down Co$, then you will need to not be so abrasive. Granted, we do need to either caution new members, or chase away the careless, because the OSA has committed crimes in the past, and we do not want them hurting anymore people, so new anons should be prepared. Furthermore, there are worse things out there then the OSA.

    I believe that we need to fully scrutinize Co$, as well as our methods for protesting CO$, to be more effective. There will come a point where doing protests in front of empty org buildings will be pointless, as it stands, now they are usually empty. The reason why CO$ survived its hardships in the past is because people did not kick them when they were down. We should press on while we have the initiative and momentum.

    This means re-digging up and trying the hate group approach again. Thankfully, we have history on our side, as "real" churches have gotten intro trouble for being classified as hate groups. We have more info on Co$ activities, many of which would now fall under the general hate category. They are being sued for harassment, and my in fact have violated the Texas hate crime laws.

    "Hate crimes target innocent victims simply because of the color of their skin, their religious views, their ethnic origin or the sex of the person they love."

    This may be the death blow against Co$. If DM is connected to the rathburn lawsuit, then he and the rest of the squirrel busters can be charged with committing a hate crime in texas. I don't think Co$I could operate overseas it this occurred, as such a charge would merit removal of their tax exempt and religion status in Europe and the rest of the civilized world.
  28. Herro Member

    Give up on the religious hate thing. That dog won't hunt. The CoS has a pretty live and let live attitude towards other religions. Sure their scriptures are full of stuff about all other religions being false and CoS being the only truth and needing to convert everyone ect ect ect, but most religions have that shit. What about homosexuality? Hubbard wrote this crap in the 50s and 60s right? Everyone back then hated gay people. Does Scientology see homosexuals as defective or damaged? If so they have to have tech to "fix" gay people right? I mean they have tech for everything. If Scientology has the equivalent of gay conversion "therapy," and teaches that homosexuals are degraded beings, you might be able to get some traction from the SPLC. They've labeled fundamentalist Christian groups as hate groups recently for similar things if I remember correctly. Of course I still maintain that you should just avoid all fights over whether or not Scientology is a "legitimate" religion. As soon as you make it about church vs cult you're fighting on their terms.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Not necessarily agreeing with the other poster, but some of the newfags that have wandered by over the last year have been really really fucking stupid.

    I've invested considerable time and effort into nurturing those newfags that have shown a monocle of common sense, and some have turned out to be a real asset to this site. But some newfags just drip idiocy, moonbat and arrogance to such an extreme that, frankly, it really is best if they are goaded into pissing off. The hostility isn't related to them being a newfag, but rather due to them being fucking idiots.

    There have been too many examples to count, but I think the following is a great illustration of your typical muppet:

    Ignorance can be cured. Attitude can be cured. But the gross moronic ineptitude displayed in asking a question that was answered in the less than 10 word sentence just quoted??? That's incurable, and symptomatic of a level of idiocy that will only act as a drain on energy expended in attempted rehabilitation.

    It's a calculus certainly, but some idiots (the latest being Scott Ogle) are either trolling or so retarded that their continued posting on this site becomes deleterious to this site's IQ. The only redeeming value of newfags such as this is as a chew toy for the collective. Investing time, energy and patience in folks who quite literally could be mentally disturbed is a futile wasteful endeavour – and it is a pragmatic decision to factor that reality into your approach.
  30. JohnnyRUClear Member


    P.S. lrn2modicum
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  31. The Internet Member

    Lol, "monocle of common sense" while raging at the morans.


    That space exploration thread had some good stuff in it even though the OP was a bit dim.
  32. Herro Member

    Fair enough. Lord knows I act like an overbearing opinions asshole to people around here that I perceive to be ignorant. But then again I do it because moonbats irk me and there's a good reason the mods essentially banned me from the new members area. You just don't want to wind up with a few people sitting in their Internet tree house congratulating each other on being in the cool kids club but suddenly finding that they don't have the manpower to accomplish anything.
  33. JohnnyRUClear Member

    What did they do to you?? You seem like the voice of normal people now. (Or are we all just that much worse than before???)
  34. Herro Member

    I"m starting to question what my OSA handlers tell me.
  35. JohnnyRUClear Member

    At least you can look out the window again; the protesters are gone. WINNING!
  36. Herro Member

    We never cared about you guys.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Oddly, I'd like to respond to you.Unfortunately, I cannnot until you visit the dome and answer a question.
    Drinks and privates. Herro or Imposter?
    Derail/ wtf is tt?/over
  38. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Now that's more like the "real" Herro. Glad to see we've knocked the rust off. <3
  39. Anonymous Member

    Who said Slappy couldn't start a trend?

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