Is the FBI on to you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by his_GF_left_him, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Snag Member

    Here we see residue of dust cleaner left behind by a Taco Bell beefy crunchy beef burrito he ate last month.
  2. hushpuppy Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    How do I make a good buffalo wing?
  4. anonymous44 Member

    It has to be spicy.
  5. Glassesguy Member

    ever since i posted ive created a mess on the thread. WIN.
  6. FBI I love you Please go book Davey Miscavige
  7. fatrix_ Member

  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. none given Member

    Rinse and dry the wings so they cook fast.
    Also, a few drops of honey with the pepper sauce; adds flavor, lessens burn.
  10. Boris Korczak Member

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  11. Miranda Member

    To add to what Boris said, survival depends on continued creativity and the ability to adapt. For their own sake and that of their political objectives, I hope activists who are using illegal methods will switch tactics before they self-destruct. Passe happens before you know it.

    Applies just as much to radicals and revolutionaries as to entrenched power structures. More, since the instigators of change, one would hope, are ahead of the times.
  12. Boris Korczak Member

    I could not agree more with you Miranda.
    FBI with all its deficiencies is OUR tool. Remember I called on everyone who suffered because of CO$ to go to the FBI. As you all probably know FBI, (not the fastest entity), is investigating now human traficking by CO$. You, the people who called the FBI have achieved it. Let's hope the FBI will not stop there but will go to the core of the cult and starts asking questions that the asthmatic dwarf will have to answer. That will be our win.

    Stay safe.

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