Is there a list of COS freedom medal winners?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by TrevAnon, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. TrevAnon Member

    I would like to know. :)

    Idea derived from a Mike Rinder post:

    Maybe we I can add data about the current whereabouts of these people to such a list. Especially if lots of former winners have blown, got declared etc. it would be nice to know, and hopefully useable against the cult.

    Already found:


    Jane Allen (1990)
    Jerry Boswell (1992)
    Dennis Dubin (1986)
    Jan Eastgate (1988)
    Debbi Mace (1992)
    Don Moore (1986)
    Jeff Pomerantz (1985)
    Michel Raoust (1985)
    Andrik Schapers (1987)
    Peter Schless (1987)
    Gabriele Segalla (1991)
    John Travolta (1992)

    - WARNING COS LINK http://www. whatisscientology. org/html/Part06/Chp24/pg0416.html REMOVE SPACES

    - medal&o=date&c[title_only]=1
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  2. TrevAnon Member

  3. TrevAnon Member

    WARNING SCIENO LINK [I think] http:// www. mag/issuea19/page03.htm

    Wendy still mentioned. :p

    "Wendy Honnor is thought to be the only winner of the Freedom Medal to quit and publicly distance herself from the church."
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  4. TrevAnon Member

  5. TrevAnon Member

    Ok. Done some further research, and I found 63 of them.

    See file.

    Attached Files:

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  6. TrevAnon Member

    Any additions would be most welcome.
  7. TrevAnon Member

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  8. 442

    A few people have raised quite a bit of money by begging on ESMB, maybe Andrik should try it.
  9. TrevAnon Member

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