Is there a rape culture, or is it an Above the law culture?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by tinfoilhatter, Sep 9, 2014.

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  1. tinfoilhatter Member

    I have been wondering about this. I hear rape culture a lot. It seems trendy for people to throw it out there. Yet if we really had a culture that accepted rape, then it would not be a crime.

    Then when i think about it, i remember all the people that seem to get away with breaking the law without any consequences: The priests, the bankers, the athletes, the super rich and the famous. Perhaps the problem is not a rape culture, but a culture that allows people to be above the law.

    The more i think about it, the more it makes sense to me. I am a veteran, and I knew of a lot of people that worked themselves into high positions and abused their privileges. Not for rape, but to exploit the system. If you are an E-7 or above, it takes a lot of effort to punish you if you break the law. Combine this with the fact that such people usually are senior in the command hierarchy, that it would both look bad for the command, and be difficult to press charges against.So hardly anything is done to them if they do break the law. This was part of why i got out.

    this also explains all the senior officials that keep getting busted for rape in the different branches of the military. The senior officer culture is notorious for being a closed minded social club.

    I bring this up, because to me, it seems like its very easy for people to disregard someone when they say "rape culture". But when someone says that there are too many people who are "above the law", people tend to agree with this.
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  2. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Rape culture is actions and beliefs that maintain the subservience of women including physical assault. It's not just about the crime of rape.
    slut shaming
    You are right- people in power can avoid consequences to their actions by using their power, but thats not the same thing as rape culture.
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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  4. Anonymous Member

    It should stay as it is IMHO (I'm talking about abortion, not condoms).
  6. tinfoilhatter Member

    I am glad i asked this question here. I had always dismissed rape culture as some trendy catch phrase the lunatic feminists kept spouting.

    The more i read about it, the more i understand the merits behind why they talk about it. While i do not agree with everything, i do agree with some of the points they make.
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. tinfoilhatter Member

    I do not know how serious people on the internet are. I assume that they are venting their frustrations out on the world, though chances are, they are also stupid.
  9. White Tara Global Moderator

    Concerned E people here are hesitant to click on links without explanation posted by unregistered guests, could you give us an indication of what you are referring to? Kids? we have a Forum called Op Innocence which is located on the main page which seeks to bring an end to child abuse, porn, trafficking and so forth. Take a look on the forums (first) page.
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  10. anonsoldier Member

    I got into a similar discussion recently while arguing with someone about feminism. They were openly dismissive of rape culture, putting it in quotes the same way they did other things they were dismissive about, such as patriarchy and gender study. They're argument was that other cultures have rape as a tolerable thing, permitted and not punished, citing Afghanistan and the treatment of women there.

    I know six women who have been assaulted. Not one of their attackers have been brought to justice. Several of them had people try to convince them that it wasn't actually rape. Some lost friends when they tried to come forward. One was attacked a second time by a different person. We have a rape culture in America. If we didn't my friends would have been believed the instant they came forward and had their claims fully investigated, they wouldn't have friends calling them liars or persuading them it was a "misunderstanding", and one of them wouldn't have an attacker who felt fully justified because he was convinced "all women secretly want to be dominated".

    Sure, our rape culture isn't as bad as say Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, or other countries around the world, but we still have a rape culture that still allows in some places defense attorneys to question victims on their past sexual histories, the clothes they were wearing, or their previous relationship with their attacker as if any of those things had any kind of relevance.

    I will say that we also have a culture of elitism, where people believe they are above the law. It is pervasive in industry, politics, government, everywhere. Where the two intersect you have bad things happen, really bad things. I'd like to think that it's a separate issue worthy of addressing, tied only to our rape culture in that there is a pervasive attitude of entitlement when it comes to sex.
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  11. A.O.T.F Member

    tinfoilhatter .. You don't actually wear rubber soled shoes whilst wearing that hat, do you? :D ;)
  12. Anonymous Member

    Maybe the judiciary needs to be sent on a course explaining that just because I have sex on a regular basis I am not guilty of allowing someone to physically abuse me.
    Maybe politicians need to act to change the law regarding this intrusion on a my regular life when (and if) a case comes to court
    Maybe I need to get real and realise that nothing is going to change for the better whilst this culture of sex without consent has caused unfortunately more people to rethink what constitutes rape!
    Shout from the rafters if necessary to all who question...................rape is rape is rape and should not be tolerated in modern society!!!!
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  13. I just want to post a song that intriged me as a young kid:
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  14. Author Jackson Katz does an amazing presentation when he works with groups of males. He asks them to list all of the precautions they would tell their teen daughter if she was going to the mall at night and writes them down on the board for the group to see. Then he asks them to list precautions they would tell their teen son if he was going to the mall at night. There is always silence as they slowly come to realize that the females are the ones at greatest risk, and if society didn't tolerate it, it would not keep happening. This is a societal problem. At the same time, we need much greater awareness regarding male rape, in society as well as in the military, who are attacked by other males. (Even Jeffrey Dahmer sexually abused a fellow serviceman for over a year and was never caught). Rape, especially of young males, can be the catalyst that produces serial killers. Too often, however, in those cases, it is at the hands of a family member who gets away with it.
  15. Anonymous Member

    I believe totally that discussions about rape should be non-gender specific. It is a crime against the person which has both physical and mental repercussions. It's just sad though that in the cases of rape against males that do come to court, their "asking for it" is very rarely used as a defence tool.
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  16. White Tara Global Moderator

    Men sadly are even less likely to report their sexual assault than women, and for all the same reasons.
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  17. Dot Member

    In one situation I'm looking into, there is overlap with the wider circle being elitism and within that circle a much a sec of more sadistic individuals. Sociopaths. They can appear calm after knifing someone. People mistake that appearance of level headedness for credibility. The victim gets upset. Elite roadblocks victim from justice. Victim tries other means. Elite consider any avenue they can't control to be making a spectacle, and they use that as an excuse to ignore what they refer to as "drama." I'm sure other models exist as well.
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  18. A.O.T.F Member

  19. xxSocialismxx Member

    And why? Because sexism is alive and well in America.

    A woman reports to a police officer that she has been sexually assaulted, the police take action.

    A man reports of being sexually assaulted by a woman, the man is laughed at and told to go away.

    Someone prove me wrong.
  20. xxSocialismxx Member

    "Asking for it" is another concern. There could be both sides to every argument.
    "If a woman does not want to get raped, why would she wear slutty clothes?"
    Another side would be...
    "A woman has every right to wear what she wants, without worrying about being sexually assaulted.

    Stuff like this makes my mind hurt, because each side has their facts and opinions.
  21. tinfoilhatter Member

    I have not heard anyone say stuff like this, which i take means that society is changing.

    The reason why i made this post, is because i had been contemplating about the stubenville incident at the time. I still think about it.

    Had the chess team done that, they would STILL be in jail, and no one would have protected them. Yet when a football player does it.....

    Take for example, the UVA incident, and the rolling stone article. That guy was not a member of a sports team, he did not come from a rich family(that i am aware of), and he his life was turned upside down by a false accusation.

    Now, many people on the other side go "see, that is one false accusation, so there must be many more", but i think that misses the point. Why did this incident get so much attention, but the stubenvile one did not?

    The stubenville incident, was very open and shut. Yet it took a lot of effort to just get the appearance of the legal system to work. But UVA..... Everyone came out of the woodwork, and the incident was thoroughly investigated.

    Why? Why such a huge difference in investigation?
  22. Jay_Emros Member

  23. tinfoilhatter Member

    Quick question: Are you familiar with what happened in stubbenvill oh? I see you joined last month, but what do you know about that incident?

    That event still upsets me.
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  24. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hey tinfoilhatter jjay_emros post refered to a now deleted troll post in between.
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  25. Jay_Emros Member

    Thanks there I understand the confusion now, I was confused with the reply there, and the troll post was from a firiend of mine who has been reprimanded
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  26. tinfoilhatter Member

    well gee whiz,

    but anyway, the stubbenville oh incident still concerns me, as i am discovering that there are some serious problems with the justice system, that would delay the removal of a rapist from the public school system.

    also, this has been going around the internet if you have not seen it, it seems to be the origin for the term "rape culture".
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  27. Miss_Cha Member

    The term rape culture has been around for awhile (1960s or 70s?) And was coined by feminists. One reason I believe it has taken so long to gain traction. It has always been criticized. But I think people are starting to get it.
  28. tinfoilhatter Member

    do you have a source for that? So far, in my research, it looks like it was coined by an anti-prison rape organization from the 70s, to address the issue of prison rape.It disappears from the main stream after that, then shows up 30 years later.

    Its one of those side projects that i have been trying to get to the bottom of.

    the ugly thing going on right now, is that the new college regulations for sexual assault remove due process from campus. If the students come from a rich family that can afford a good lawyer, the damage is mitigated. However, if they are a lower income minority student, these allegations destroy their academic careers before they even begin.

    I bring this up, because apparently people in the "dark enlightenment" sphere of the internet, are working this system SPECIFICALLY for this purpose. Historically speaking, due process has been one of the protections for minorities when racism is prevalent, and and my hunch is that opportunistic racists are exploiting these new policies for their racist agendas.

    But these policies are new, and are just now getting enforced, so information is not yet available.
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  29. Miss_Cha Member

    Eeeh. Unfortunately my source is wiki. 'Rape culture'. I haven't considered race or minorities as specific or even major target of a prevailing rape culture. Although I would readily admit that they may feel it more (black and Hispanic women more likely than white. Poor women more likely to be raped. Which Btw, I read that when I searched 'rape statistics'.) I had not heard the term rape culture myself or was I well read on the subject. Until about a year ago when a friend in my social circle raped me. The worst part of it was not the was what I dealt with when I came forward. I was so angry I was being treated that way. So I looked for information online. (Always what i do...and i read as much as i can. Arguments for and against) so I read about rape culture. Idk what 'Dark enlightenment' is....and theyre working for what purpose? I guess I can look that up now.
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  30. Miss_Cha Member

    *shudder* k...I think you may have misunderstood what I was trying to say in my original post. I myself AM a feminist. But most ppl DON'T like feminists. I was trying to say because of that the term rape culture also gets critisized.
  31. kklick13 Member

    I've talked to a handful of people who have managed to delude themselves into thinking that rape culture is just a "feminazi" thing (which it isn't but I digress). It's not exclusive to women at all but, more often than not, is geared towards women since women are more sexualized than men in most cases. Just look in a fashion magazine or any TV, magazine, even newspaper ad. This is not to say that that men aren't sexualized or not raped because that is far from true. It's an easier concept to understand when you put it in perspective (from a woman's point of view).

    We can't go home by ourselves because a lot of us know we have a higher probability of some pervert grabbing us in the street when we're just trying to get home... and a lot of times, it's hard to face off a guy that's three times your size, and that's before you have a chance to position the pepper spray and/or weapon. More than 50% of human trafficking victims are also women, taken from a moment of isolation.

    If we go to an event where it's okay to wear a mini skirt or some sort of form-fitting or revealing clothing, we're looked at as sluts by at least one person. If we're raped, herd mentality kicks in. We're told it's OUR fault we were raped and that our choice of clothing says we were "asking for it". If we take the fucker to court, the legal system rarely judges things in our favor and the perp gets away with no charges. We have to constantly guard ourselves in some way because society teaches people that it's okay to do these things to women... why? Because of cultural roots where women must be "pure" and be accepting of what men or those that overpower them do to them. Why? Because if we fight back, we're called sluts... and it's not a joke.

    So to answer your question of "what is rape culture?" It's the continuation of making people feel guilty for being a sexual being through any means possible.
  32. Ankh Member

    Some people do it just to show the victim that they are just that a "victim" that they're weak. Like it is a power they have. So wrong and sad
    And what's even sadder is 4/5 of cases the offender knows the victim prior to the rape
  33. I tend to think it's more of an Above the Law culture. Seems if you are connected to money or power or just an institution that is more concerned about its "image" than anything else, these things get made to go away or to be somehow blamed on the victim. And that definitely DOES facilitate an attitude on the part of some that they can just do whatever they want and it's one big joke. So I wouldn't say the idea of rape culture doesn't exist. It most certainly does in the minds and actions of some, but I'd say it's a side effect of those people knowing(or believing) they can gt away with it.
  34. Anonymous Member

    I was never comfortable with the either/or thing, posed in the OP and thread title. It doesn't have to be one thing or the other. IT - rape culture - is both.

    What you have described for me IS the rape culture. It has the "above the law" stuff embedded deeply within it.
  35. Granted. One can't exist without the other. For my part I wasn't implying they were necessarily separable. The kinds of people who would do these things have to have the feeling that they will get away with it or at least be shielded from the worst consequences of their actions.
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  36. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  37. Kelea Member

    i agree to all of the above rape is not about gender or even the colour of our skin whoever commits it is a pig in society it sickens me it not only ruins the vivtems lives but their family's too money should not ever be an issue when a charge is brought forward rape is rape it's a crime and it causes suffering and like someone said a lot of children are murderered by abortion because of this sick crime !!!!!!!!!!!!! Anti rape all the way
  38. Kelea Member

  39. Kelea Member

  40. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  41. Anonymous Member

  42. Aw, poor child rapist wouldn't fare well in prison. Give me a moment to find two sh**s to give over how he fares.

    Nope, couldn't even find one..................
  43. Anonymous Member

  44. Yeah, I may need to read that. Seems most of mine gone missing over the years.

    Except over the important stuff, which I'll endlessly joke about, because hey, even(or maybe especially) when fighting the good fight, it's just bad form to lose one's sense of humor. :)

    Sympathizing with convicted child molesters is not only not high on my list of priorities, it was never even considered for inclusion!
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  45. INTEResting. I can tell you a truth about a place in a small football town where a neighborhood of landlords have conspired to attack the resident and or residents of a certain address. By using a combination of gasses, including but not limited to phormaldahyde, nitrous, oxygen and acetylene they turn this guy into a walking zombie. They have kidnapped him countless times. They led hime they the city naked, past police and witnesses. The man was not under any influence, he was under attack. Where isJustice? Why has not one witness bothered to help him. Welk, maybe one or two, from what he can recall of it. Very nitemarish. Imagine coming out to from a blackout in the stairwell of a bar that you haven't been to in over 20 years, only to see the people who brought you there trying to fend for you when they have had really kidnapped you. When after that you reach out for help to see your former college professor. You try to speak but the effects of the phormaldahyde won't allow you to format words. Bottom line you look like a drunken fool. Never-mindng that they didn't bother to dress you before you were stolen from your bed. Careless regard to seasonal weather.Don't bother getting a gun, the gas will incapacitate you and give them something else with which to breed contempt. This is of course after they let the wholesale and cancer patients in to give you the receiving end of a necrophiliac's rage. And to use you as a sponge to soak up all their cancer. Cruel world doesn't even get close. I finally bought an alarm monitor, but I'must starting to get this uneasy feeling that I'M getting violated again. Too much rot in this old town and no communication from anyone.
  46. I am sorry for your travesty. If you are still able to function and breathe, I am happy for you. Don't mind the rot, though. That has happened to all of us. I mean that in a nice way. I am rotten through and through. I missed my nephew s 3rd b_ day party. But he has a fever. What do I do?
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  47. White Tara Global Moderator

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  48. Zazzoo Member

    There is a huge rape culture there is actually a website up or also that is all about rape culture the man who started it is a self proclaimed pick up artists and he claims to use abuse physical and verbal to get women to sleep with them or he rapes them to put them in their place. He believes rape should be legal if you do it on your own property and it has spread world wide now. There were meetings set up all over the world for this February the 6th but locations have been made more private so people don't show up to protest. I would like to know where they are meeting now because that is something I would love to protest.
  49. White Tara Global Moderator

    Roosh has a habit of baiting the all to willing press with provocative statements, courting the notoriety, selling more of his books to his moronic followers, then cutting bait and running. That is the net result of this his latest PR move.

    Yeah his rantings are vile, and sure as shit resonate with some sick and twisted people out there but its all a money game for him.
    At last count the meetings worldwide have been canceled due to 'his inability to guarantee the safety and privacy of interested followers'
    He never had any intention of showing up anywhere afaic, so all we stand to do in chasing this character is help him milk his followers for more money.

    A far better means of standing against rape culture is donating to/volunteering with established organisations that work against rape culture, or to support women in need locally.
    or for the lulz deploy mockery and scorn in earnest: ;)
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  50. Rape is not accepted in any condition or circumstances.It does not matter whether the victim was wearing revealing clothes or was drunk...the only thing that matters is YOU do not have any sort of right to touch a person physically or say anything to him/her without their consent.
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  51. Tepee Member

    Unfortunately there is a rape culture in some places!
  52. Greatnews556 Member

    USA biggest rape culture on planet. It is their policy of choice metaphorically. They use total warfare to destroy anything in their way especially psychological.

    This forum is run by NWO agents as is nearly all of anonymous. Whole media including alternative is censored. Us govt and shadow govt are basically the same entity. Everything else is an illusion to keep you from knowing the truth. They will turn you into a witting or unwitting agent or destroy your life. Primary directive of intelligence is to control all communications to manipulate entire planet. Greetings you can call me sir truth dgaf.
  53. White Tara Global Moderator

    Right, which one of you signed me up as a NWO agent without telling me? ;)
    On a more serious note, I think the last few months in the USA have shown what some of us already knew, rape culture is alive and well in the USA. I still hope for change, but YMMV.
    Edit: Well a rape culture, with a definite seasoning of above the law culture as an added bonus.
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  54. equalityy Member

    I think this is an interesting view point and what your saying is true howevever I think this should not be seen as an alternative to rape culture but a part of it although rape is a crime and is punishable from my own experience cases of sexual assault that are not black and white are sometimes seen as acceptable I would like to hear peoples viewpoints on this including yours find your experiances within the military fascinating
  55. I don't know where to put this so it lands here.

  56. White Tara Global Moderator

  57. War is rape, Peace is love
  59. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    There is definitely a rape culture

  60. Bunch of dumb bitches asking for it. You show it I own it.
    Kik me I need some good whores
  61. Q4Q Member

    Men are raped in jail. Men can understand women better than they let on.
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