Is there a rape culture, or is it an Above the law culture?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by tinfoilhatter, Sep 9, 2014.

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  4. Aw, poor child rapist wouldn't fare well in prison. Give me a moment to find two sh**s to give over how he fares.

    Nope, couldn't even find one..................
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  6. Yeah, I may need to read that. Seems most of mine gone missing over the years.

    Except over the important stuff, which I'll endlessly joke about, because hey, even(or maybe especially) when fighting the good fight, it's just bad form to lose one's sense of humor. :)

    Sympathizing with convicted child molesters is not only not high on my list of priorities, it was never even considered for inclusion!
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  7. INTEResting. I can tell you a truth about a place in a small football town where a neighborhood of landlords have conspired to attack the resident and or residents of a certain address. By using a combination of gasses, including but not limited to phormaldahyde, nitrous, oxygen and acetylene they turn this guy into a walking zombie. They have kidnapped him countless times. They led hime they the city naked, past police and witnesses. The man was not under any influence, he was under attack. Where isJustice? Why has not one witness bothered to help him. Welk, maybe one or two, from what he can recall of it. Very nitemarish. Imagine coming out to from a blackout in the stairwell of a bar that you haven't been to in over 20 years, only to see the people who brought you there trying to fend for you when they have had really kidnapped you. When after that you reach out for help to see your former college professor. You try to speak but the effects of the phormaldahyde won't allow you to format words. Bottom line you look like a drunken fool. Never-mindng that they didn't bother to dress you before you were stolen from your bed. Careless regard to seasonal weather.Don't bother getting a gun, the gas will incapacitate you and give them something else with which to breed contempt. This is of course after they let the wholesale and cancer patients in to give you the receiving end of a necrophiliac's rage. And to use you as a sponge to soak up all their cancer. Cruel world doesn't even get close. I finally bought an alarm monitor, but I'must starting to get this uneasy feeling that I'M getting violated again. Too much rot in this old town and no communication from anyone.
  8. I am sorry for your travesty. If you are still able to function and breathe, I am happy for you. Don't mind the rot, though. That has happened to all of us. I mean that in a nice way. I am rotten through and through. I missed my nephew s 3rd b_ day party. But he has a fever. What do I do?
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    There is a huge rape culture there is actually a website up or also that is all about rape culture the man who started it is a self proclaimed pick up artists and he claims to use abuse physical and verbal to get women to sleep with them or he rapes them to put them in their place. He believes rape should be legal if you do it on your own property and it has spread world wide now. There were meetings set up all over the world for this February the 6th but locations have been made more private so people don't show up to protest. I would like to know where they are meeting now because that is something I would love to protest.
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    Roosh has a habit of baiting the all to willing press with provocative statements, courting the notoriety, selling more of his books to his moronic followers, then cutting bait and running. That is the net result of this his latest PR move.

    Yeah his rantings are vile, and sure as shit resonate with some sick and twisted people out there but its all a money game for him.
    At last count the meetings worldwide have been canceled due to 'his inability to guarantee the safety and privacy of interested followers'
    He never had any intention of showing up anywhere afaic, so all we stand to do in chasing this character is help him milk his followers for more money.

    A far better means of standing against rape culture is donating to/volunteering with established organisations that work against rape culture, or to support women in need locally.
    or for the lulz deploy mockery and scorn in earnest: ;)
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  12. Rape is not accepted in any condition or circumstances.It does not matter whether the victim was wearing revealing clothes or was drunk...the only thing that matters is YOU do not have any sort of right to touch a person physically or say anything to him/her without their consent.
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    Unfortunately there is a rape culture in some places!
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    USA biggest rape culture on planet. It is their policy of choice metaphorically. They use total warfare to destroy anything in their way especially psychological.

    This forum is run by NWO agents as is nearly all of anonymous. Whole media including alternative is censored. Us govt and shadow govt are basically the same entity. Everything else is an illusion to keep you from knowing the truth. They will turn you into a witting or unwitting agent or destroy your life. Primary directive of intelligence is to control all communications to manipulate entire planet. Greetings you can call me sir truth dgaf.
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    Right, which one of you signed me up as a NWO agent without telling me? ;)
    On a more serious note, I think the last few months in the USA have shown what some of us already knew, rape culture is alive and well in the USA. I still hope for change, but YMMV.
    Edit: Well a rape culture, with a definite seasoning of above the law culture as an added bonus.
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    I think this is an interesting view point and what your saying is true howevever I think this should not be seen as an alternative to rape culture but a part of it although rape is a crime and is punishable from my own experience cases of sexual assault that are not black and white are sometimes seen as acceptable I would like to hear peoples viewpoints on this including yours find your experiances within the military fascinating
  17. I don't know where to put this so it lands here.

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  19. War is rape, Peace is love

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