Is this for real?

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by seebs, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. seebs Member

    Is this for real?

    From alt.religion.scientology: ... a087a8a6f0

    Is this for real? I mean, seriously. Do the leaders actually function at this kind of cognitive level?

    I'm wondering if the problem isn't that, while LRH obviously didn't need to do auditing and so on, everyone else has to go through all this stuff, and since it's very well-designed for creating cultists, it's leaving them essentially dysfunctional.
  2. Anonymous29 Member

    Re: Is this for real?

    Wouldn't be surprised if it was.
  3. Consensus Member

    Re: Is this for real?

    It's consistent with everything I've read, but that doesn't mean it's authentic. The sad part is, anything coming to us from 'the inside' isn't going to be confirmable.

    We should prepare for the possibility that this is their plan. If ANY members of anonymous are targeted, we need to be ready to document it, to publicize it, and to defend them through legal means.

    Also, the more I read... the more I become convinced that Miscavige is a true believer. I always figured him for an accomplice of LRH's, someone that is intentionally scamming people... but when I read the account of him forcing his film crews to put together some film, and then auditing and punishing them severely when they failed to complete it to his satisfaction... that's very much consistent with a person who believes that LRH tech will produce perfect results and allow people to perform miracles. It's consistent with the belief that only serious betrayalls, or lack of faith, can inhibit their success. It makes sense for him to imagine they're traitors, if he's a true believer. Non-traitors, people who employ the tech, cannot ever fail. Because the tech is perfect.

    This bit of info is also consistent with the 'Miscavige is a true believer' hypothesis. He's trying to understand any possible way that this could all be happening given that LRH is right and the tech is flawless. The only way to do that is to imagine a conspiracy involving Marcabians (hey, we do use fedoras and suits...) and Psychs.
  4. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Is this for real?

    i dont believe its true. the lower levels arent supposed to know about the space aliens. so i doubt this is a church wide explanation.
  5. seebs Member

    Re: Is this for real?

    Right. But the claim is just that the higher-ups believe this.

    Do they?

    On the one hand, I'm sort of scared that they may escalate their violence dramatically. On the other hand, if they do, it's over.

    But wow. I always assumed Miscavage was just a scammer. Now it turns out he may be a total nutjob.
  6. Anon1OfLegion Member

    Re: Is this for real?

  7. Re: Is this for real?


  8. thenewanon Member

    Re: Is this for real?

    So True

    Anon in Brazil taking Action !
  9. Little Sister Member

    Re: Is this for real?

    Ho-ly. Shit.

    I really hope that is fake. I don't think I'll be able to handle them being truly that crazy.
    That makes us sound like some crazy underground, secret society of honest-to-god terrorists...
  10. blackeyes Member

  11. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Is this for real?

    They always project what THEY are guilty of upon their enemies.. ... tanism.htm ... -nazis.htm
  12. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Is this for real?

    And if you think the prior urls are out there... understand I did not make up any facts, I just described what we found..

    The following is a true story... if anyone doubts this, ask Jeff Jacobsen who runs , he remembers me describing something about this incredible incident, at a dinner of picketers in 1997 in clearwater:

    I was picketing Ft Harrission, HQ in clearwater.. I was across the street, the scientologists had come out and mobbed our party of perhaps 20 individuals.. a man I knew when I was in who was still a true believer, was walking next me... assigned to me...trying to handle me.. to make me go away... he argued for a long time untill this:

    There was quite a crowd around me, and there was a very young girl, with a nice butt, walking erratically, directly in front of me, I had to keep one eye on her to keep from running into her as she kept stopping and starting.. i thought that most odd but that oddity pales in comparison with what my once old friend then said to me

    He leaned over and he whispered to me, gesticulating towards the young girl,

    "Do you like that? Is THAT what you want? Is THAT what it will take? That can be arranged.. if you would go away and stop fighting us"

    I was speechless for some time after that, and walked in stunned silence for the rest of the picket....ashamed to have ever had any association with an organization capable of such evil, and recounted this event during dinner with the other picketers, Jeff Jacobsen said he recalls me saying it at the time, in 1997.

    Arnie Lerma Exposing the CON
    for our friends and family
    to get them out of
    scientology before they
    end up HERE:

    L ROn Hubbard's own son said "The only "Sin" in Scientology is Getting Caught"
    LINK to Cite for above: ... 40.htm#sin

    I'm bad with names, but just recalled the name of my old pal... richard tinklenberg[/url:2bx22xb0]
  13. Tom Socrates Member

    Re: Is this for real?

    Damn. If the psychs don't send me my check soon, I swear I'll disclose Anonymous's internal power structure to the Co$. That includes Toby and his Elite Anons.
  14. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Is this for real?

    At one time in the 1980's when Capt Bill Robertson was still in the Sea org,
    and the CO - commanding officer at a place called ASHO...American Saint Hill organization...
    he stationed guards on the roof at night awaiting the mass marcabian landings..

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