Is this Hubbard in this picture?

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    This picture was sent to me by someone asking if the guy on the left is Hubbard. I haven't seen it before, but that means little since there is so much info about Hubbard out there.


    The picture is captioned: "Parsons with fellow members of Agape Lodge." and can be found posted on this page:

    I've dug a little bit to see if Hubbard was a big part of the Agape Lodge and I'm finding conflicting stories on how deeply he was involved there. Any insight would be helpful and if it's Hubbard in the picture that is yet another lulz cow delivered.
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    Hubbard knocked around with parsons, I wouldn't be massively surprised if that is him in the picture, can't tell, need a higher res picture.
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    It's pretty hard to tell but first pass guess is that he really doesn't look like Hubbard when he was approximately the age of the dude on the left. Still, it would help to know when the picture was taken.
  4. who is the girl in the center? then we can make an edumucateded guess.
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    Possibly Marjorie Cameron Parsons.

    Edit: This picture led me to read a number of very strange and highly disturbing articles including the "boy in a box" story that happened, oddly enough, in Riverside.
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    op here. I'm sorry, but there's no higher res for that picture and they don't say when the picture was taken. You can see the picture at the link in the op. I found this picture of Hubbard taken in 1943. Hubbard showed up at Agape Lodge in 1945.


    Here's the link to the wiki page where the picture can be found:
    Sadly, no higher res on this picture either.
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    One problem is that most early Hubpix don't seem to be very well dated.

    This is circa ~1943


    circa ~1943:


    Unknown (mid-late 1940s?)

    Unknown (~1950?)

    Unknown (in chron. order?)

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    This site says that it might be Wilfred Talbot Smith conducting a ceremony at Agape Lodge:

    Here's a picture of Wilfred Talbot Smith:


    I guess without a higher res, it's going to be impossible to tell.
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    We could use a thread for parson er, parsing out LRH pictures, and dates for them.
    A photographic timeline of LRH might come in handy at some time or another.

    Some of the dates are certainly going to be speculative, but I imagine we should be able to get some kind of loose stratigraphy at least.
  10. is she before or after the Betty girl? forgot her last name but it's not this one.
    for an old man like me, this is the bee's knees!
    brb charleston

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    Parsons & Cameron:


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    In the picture, Parsons is half a head taller than the spear carrier. (4+") Hubbard's navy records should have his height.
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    How tall was Ron?

    Anyone know?
    I can't find any good stats on the interbutts
    and oddly I can't seem to find any full-body shots of him atm either.


    >: 1930, after apparently boring of life at George Washington University.
    >: He gave his age as 21 (he was 19) and for some reason gave his
    >: profession as "photographer" (he was a student). His physical
    >: description was "height 5'10½", weight 165lb, eyes grey, hair red,
    >: complexion ruddy". He was promoted to Top Sergeant after only six
    >: weeks. Scientology has, naturally, taken this as evidence of his
    >: extraordinary military ability. However, the explanation is simple: his
    >: unit, the 20th USMC Reserve, was attached to GWU and had only recently


    1946: 5'11" @ 187
    1947: 5'11" @ 190-196

    Guy on the left doesn't look 5'11" 190lb, imo.


    Its unlikely that Hub had been involved with OTO before 1941 (when he hooked up with the Navy)
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    brb puttinontheritz.
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    Left to right: Wilfrid Talbot Smith, Regina Kahl, and Jack Parsons

    Willy's the guy who ran off with Parson's friend with benefits, Helen Northrup (sister of soon to be Hubbie's friend, Sara). Regina's story had a bad ending. Parsons, Crowley, Hubbard, not just parlor game magick, these guys were seriously sick and demented.

    Wilfrid Talbot Smith (Ramaka)
    Regina Kahl, circa 1933 Agape Lodge
    Regina Kahl

    (1891-1945) participated in the first public performance of theGnostic Mass in 1933 at Agape Lodge
    Wilfid T Smith, Regina Kahl, and Luther Caroll, 1939
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    For what it's worth, I don't think it's Hubbard in the picture, but his involvement with
    Parsons, albeit briefly, is a matter of record. Perhaps most important is his participation
    in the Babalon Working with Parsons (see below).

    A good place to start would be the accounts in Atack's Blue Sky and Miller's Bare-Faced
    Messiah. More recent biographies on Parsons also deal with this episode: there is Sex and
    Rockets: the Occult World of Jack Parsons and Strange Angel: the Otherworldly Life of
    Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons by George Pendle, which I found particularly useful.

    Serendipitously, my latest piece at Infinite Complacency covers, among other things, Parsons, Hubbard and the Babalon Working.

    Another great resource on this episode is Carole Letkeman's website devoted to the
    Babalon Working, which Parsons performed with Hubbard.

    Jonny Jacobsen

    Cremated: see Miller and Atack.
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    No, this is correct, Left to right: Wilfrid T(albot) Smith, Regina Kahl, Jack Parsons
    Check some of the links above. The picture showing Wilfrid Smith, Regina Kahl, and Luther Carroll is from the Warburg Institute, and was published in the book "Sacred Angel", but this double confirms it.

    Willy ol' boy messed with Parson's gal (helen). In fact, Hubbard replaced Willly as "X". Willy also had nick of "Ramaka". Parson sort of banished (disconnection!) Willy to the old Hollywood/L.A. lodge for a Magical Retirement (not making it up). Willy was High Priest then, Regina was High Priestess, and Luther was "Deacon".
    Remember, all this was before iphones, ipads, youtube, oh, internetz, cable tv, (even color tv). Oh, Regina died during this "retirement", not sure how.

    Here's pix, hope this link works, from book, "Sacred Angel",+regina+kahl,+luther+carroll&source=bl&ots=-_Us-TmaSG&sig=fHkgDRHG1qdfPh85uq_t1mMV-Uo&hl=en&ei=AsCxTZL9Dc2itgev38iMDA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3&sqi=2&ved=0CDAQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q&f=false
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    Wilfrid T Smith, a/k/a "X", a/k/a "Frater Ramaka", aka/ Fra 132, a/k/a/
    Frather Velle Omnia Velle Nihil


    Regina Kahl


    Wilfrid T Smith, Regina Kahl, Luther Carroll, 1939 Agape Lodge
    (drawing taken from original picture, Warburg Institute, published in book "Strange Angel"
    see link to original pix above)

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    Wilfrid T Smith, a/k/a "X", a/k/a "Frater Ramaka", aka/ Fra 132, a/k/a/
    Frather Velle Omnia Velle Nihil


    Regina Kahl


    Wilfrid T Smith, Regina Kahl, Luther Carroll, 1939 Agape Lodge
    (drawing taken from original picture, Warburg Institute, published in book "Strange Angel"
    see link to original pix above)


    Another pix of Willy, allowing his gal pal to hold up his shaft (again, life before cable tv, internetz, iphones and tablets)

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    The weak and easily led have always been around, and the PT Barnum of religion, L. Ron Hubbard, saw it and capitalized on it.
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    Jeez. Parsons, man... a chemistry genius, definitely into some whacked out shit, but I can't help but feel like he may have been the "geeky satanist" who, although he was smart and had a job and therefore resources, others in his little troupe were far more personable, perhaps kind of picking on or slightly laughing at Parsons' scientifically-minded seriousness about the subject or something. I only say this because I'm really tired and that dude in the photo ran off with his chick (well, passed-around chick but an important one) Helen Northrup. Then Hubbub replaced that guy and ran off with Helen's sister,Betty, who wasvery much Parsons' chick.

    And she and Hubbub totally scammed Parsons, took his money and sailed the east coast on a yacht while Parsons got all pissed.

    It's totally a satanic version of the rich geeky kid thinking he is in charge and has friends or followers, when he really has the "cool" kids just using him, finding his weaknesses, and then fucking him over while the geek stomps his feet in the sandbox on the playground and whines.

    Faggotry. Satanic faggotry, I mean.
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    I think the more important question in that picture is if that is Walt Disney on the right. I could make better case of that than saying the guy on the left in this small, pixelated picture is Hubbard. And if Hubbard is proven to be in this picture, do you think this would cause some sort of reaction from Scientologists? Really?
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    I can see the ressemblance:

    Disney was also into occult stuff. Wouldn't surprise me
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    It's true.

    There's even a similar head shape and brow shape.

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    The "Solar Lodge" can be seen as having "willed" itself into existence,
    by means of a theft by leader Georgina Brayton of Crowley articles from
    the mountain home of the widow of the former head of the US lodge
    (Karl Germer) in the mid 1960's.

    Brayton utilized these materials for initiations conducted at a boarding
    house located on Menlo Avenue in Los Angeles (near USC) and her
    followers operated a Richfield gas station in what is South-Central
    Los Angeles from about 1967-1969. This exposed white members to
    concepts of apocalyptic racial conflict, just 2 years after the "Watts Riots"
    burnt down nearby commercial districts.

    The Solar Lodge diversified to operations in the desert communities
    of Blythe (where authorities had stocked an underground gypsum mine
    with massive stocks of phenobarbitol, intended for 10,000 or more
    Los Angeles residents who would flee there via Interstate 10 in case of
    a nuclear attack) and at a crossroads in Vidal (filmed by famed Italian
    Director Michelangelo Antonioni in 1968 for his film "Zabriskie Point").

    Blythe area locals didn't like activities of Solar Lodge members,
    including their "head shop" bookstore and donning of white robes
    when they shopped at local supermarkets in 1968. After local youth
    activities reflected Solar Lodge influence (the senior play at the
    local hotel in 1969 concerned the "death of the ego"), authorities
    responded to parent's complaints with drug raids and harassment
    by the local paramilitary group. Ultimately this led to prosecutions
    and imprisonment of members charged in the "Boy in the Box"
    incident of Summer 1969. Another member was found dead
    near the desert compound in September 1969, due to claimed LSD
    ingestion combined with exposure to 110-degree heat.

    As news publicity of these events paralleled the arrests of the
    Manson family members for the Tate/LaBianca murders,
    it was observed that the Manson family shared some of the
    attitudes and practices of the Solar Lodge, such as impending
    racial conflict as "helter skelter" and the need to establish a
    refuge in the California desert. While it was conceded that
    Manson himself never belonged to the Solar Lodge, author
    Ed Sanders speculated in "The Family" that he may have been
    influenced at one of their "profane" parties held in Los Angeles
    circa 1967-1968 as an outgrowth of his overall interest in
    occult topics such as his prison studies of Scientology.

    Solar Lodge leaders fled prosecution by establishing a refuge
    at a ranch outside Ensenada in the early 1970's. Members
    who were held in prison complained of terrible abuses,
    and others asked that their court appearances be transferred
    to other jurisdictions by claiming that the Riverside County
    justice system was corrupt (a situation apparently little-changed
    even to this day).

    After some sentences were served in 1972, the Braytons
    reformed as "Velle Transcendental" and operated a Las Vegas
    catering service by using members as virtual slaves into the 1990s.

    Other OTO members formally registered as a corporation in
    California and took legal actions to secure the status of their
    leaders and copyrights to Crowley works into the mid-1980's.
    A well known OTO lodge operated for years out of Berkeley.

    Below is a repost of an obscure article, about the "Box in the Box"
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    Los Angeles Free Press September 17, 1971
    Pages 18 and 19
    "The Case of the Boy Chained in the Box"
    (Riverside commune answers critics) by Ed Hoffman

    (Editor's Note: The Free Press has not independently verified any of the facts in the following story.
    We remember reading in the LA Times of the case of the commune which allegedly chained a young boy
    in a shed for 56 days. Like others we were horrified, but, if the following defense of the commune is true,
    there is a need to re-evaluate our first impressions)

    So you think Los Angeles County is a lousy place to live?
    We,, the members of Velle Transcendental Research Association Inc. (a nonprofit, California chartered
    religious organization) beg you to take heed of this warning -- (italics) Riverside County is hell incarnate!

    In 1967 several members of Velle purchased 20 acres of beautiful quiet desert property 40 miles North of Blythe,
    a city in Riverside County. We purchased this land so that we could have a retreat center away from the
    clamor and smog of the city. We felt that the stillness of then desert would be conducive to meditation
    and the study of Man's relationship to his fellow man, the Universe, and God.

    Two years of labor, and thousands of dollars worth of supplies, equipment and materials brought the retreat
    to its first stage of completion. The retreat was comprised of the following: two main buildings (40' x 80'),
    two working wells, ten apartments, for the people who had already moved to the retreat; and corrals for our
    horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and a mule. There was also a bird house for the chickens, turkeys, pheasants,
    squab, geese, ducks, swans, and peacocks as well as two acres of fields, a herb garden, and a swimming pool.

    Not only was the retreat coming along well, but we had established a religious and philosophical bookstore and
    gift shop in Blythe, and a cafe, motel, and gas station in a small town, just North of the retreat called Vidal.

    Had it not been for the constant surveillance of our property by a local minutemen organization called the
    "Blythe Jeep Club," we would have had no indication that the populace resented our presence. It wasn't until
    actual violence broke out that we learned we were known as a "nudist colony," "drug addicts" "hippies" "witches"
    and "Devil worshippers." None of these allegations relate in any manner to the truth. We were and are, simply,
    seekers of Truth.

    In May 1969, just days previous to Velle's exodus from the confines of L.A., two of the children already living at
    the retreat started a fire in an attempt to burn down their apartment. They felt this would enable them to move back
    into the main building where everyone had first lived. They liked to listen to the adults talking instead of
    sleeping as they should.

    The fire, however, reached and intensity far beyond the children's wildest imaginations. Within moments explosions
    occurred and the whole retreat was ablaze. A few short hours later the retreat center was reduced to rubble and

    Saul and Kathy, the children who had set the fire, had been problem children from the onset in that they were both
    products of broken homes and family bickering. Their constant craving for attention made them difficult to handle.
    Therefore, in light of the fact that all the group's attention would have to be directed towards rebuilding the retreat,
    we felt it would be best for all if the children were returned to their parents in Los Angeles.

    However, Kathy's mother, Mrs. Marge Myer, insisted that she could not support Kathy and pleaded with us to care
    for her. Mr. Jim Gibbons, Saul's father, who was a probation counselor in L.A., reasoned that it would be best for Saul to
    remain at the retreat center and assist in the rebuilding project so he could learn from his mistake. Due to Saul's long history
    of unbalanced actions it seemed as though this experience might be what he needed to resolve his problems.

    It was soon apparent, however, that Kathy and Saul should be separated. Consequently Kathy lived at our motel in
    Vidal with Patty Mosher, and Saul lived at the retreat under the supervision of Steve Quilley.

    Two months later the new building was nearly completed and life was for the most part, back to normal. Until Friday
    afternoon, July 25, when Steve discovered Saul trying to set fire to the kitchen of the new building. Steve was shocked
    beyond belief. He called Saul's father, Jim, and related the incident. It threw Jim into a state of anxiety and despair,
    for Saul had seemed to be progressing.

    Jim told Steve to lock Saul up until the next day when he could get out to the desert and take Saul back to L.A.
    Steve was perplexed since there was no place to lock Saul up. Posing this question to Jim, Jim answered
    "Do anything you have to do to keep him and everyone out of danger. Tie him, or chain him, if you have to."
    Consequently, Saul spent that night chained in a storage shed.

    The next morning Julie Oster stopped by the retreat to see if Steve needed any supplies, since she was on
    her way to Los Angeles. Upon discovering Saul's circumstances, she became quite upset and demanded
    that Saul be released. When Steve said he couldn't do that, she went to Blythe in search of Saul's mother.
    Not finding her, she went to the group's bookstore and related the situation to Marge Myer, directing
    her to get in touch with Saul's mother.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Unbeknownst to the group, Marge was vindictive towards the group. She felt indignation towards the
    group for "stealing" her brother (she was a devout member) from her, and resented the group's rules of
    celibacy. Instead of finding Beverly, Saul's mother, Marge contacted the police. The police gave her all
    the assistance she needed by sending her Larry Creech -- a police informer, who was later accompanied
    by Michael Childs, and undercover agent.

    Posing as hippies, these two apparations of pestilence entered the retreat under the pretext of wanting to
    borrow a car jack, and to look at the horses Marge said were for sale. En route to the corral Creech made a
    sharp diversion and walked 30 feet off the path to the corral. He went directly to the storage shed.
    He later testified that he had "instinctively" been drawn to the shed.

    The two "visitors" left and within minutes returned to the retreat with the police, and all Hell broke loose.
    Everyone in sight was arrested. The confusion was so great that Steve Quilley escaped (A sterling
    example of the incompetence of Riverside's police force. Remember, this is a desert, no trees, just
    flat land).

    Within hours we were dubbed "wicked monsters," "animals," and "religious maniacs." Needless to say,
    we became the center of attention, a position, I'm sure, that was coveted by all the local masochists.
    We were crowned with laurels of hatred and malice. Vengeance was theirs and they knew how to take it.

    Creech and his cohort Childs tried to start a riot at our cafe in Vidal that evening. The phone became a
    vent for the public's hostility. The police kept harassing others. Finally our old friends the
    "Blythe Jeep Club" arrived with their welcome wagon and started shooting at people, both at the cafe
    and at the retreat.

    The only avenue left for us was flight. We took it. The people who had been arrested stayed behind
    in an attempt to hold things together until the dust had settled and we could return to clean up the whole

    The police knew that if we were allowed to return we could prove that the people on trial were innocent.
    Therefore the tornado kept churning and the last two years has seen them do all in their power to deter our return.

    Mr. Gary Scherotter, a Chief D.A. for the desert area, saw in us a chance to reach the pinnacles
    of fame and exploited the incident to the utmost of his capabilities. Unfortunately for us,
    Mr. Scherotter is very capable in that respect. Under his direction, the Riverside Grand Jury indicted
    19 people, and issued 23 John Doe warrants. The indictments turned 6 of the persons who had
    fled for their lives into "hunted fugitives."

    Another feather in Mr. Scherotter's cap is Al Reos. Within days, after the original arrest, Al, driven by
    paranoid delusions and nerve-crushing fear, made a deal with the authorities. According to the terms
    of his agreement, Al was to accept the bail raised by the group, return to the group to spy on his
    fellow defendants, and then, at the crucial moment, become a witness for the prosecution and perjure himself.

    In order to convince his interrogators that he could be of material assistance to the prosecution, Al concocted
    a fanciful story to please them. The story maintained that Saul had been chained in the storage shed
    for 56 days!

    Further evidence of the prosecution's lust for convictions comes to light when one realizes that
    Al's bizarre account was accepted whole-cloth, even in light of the arresting officer's observations
    as to the boy's condition. The following is a quote taken directly from Dep. Davidson's police report:
    "The mental alertness of the boy was exceptionally sharp. The boy appeared healthy and surprisingly

    It wasn't until 3 days after the police found Saul that they saw fit to give him a medical examination.
    The results of that examination are as follows:
    A. No signs of dehydration
    B. No signs of malnutrition
    C. No medical treatment required in any respect
    The doctor stated that the boy was "quite bright and oriented, alert" "He appeared like a healthy kid"
    "I don't think his condition would correspond with one who had been kept in a box that length of time."

    Yet, inexplicably, Al's incredible account was seized upon and warrants were issued against
    the persons he had named, as convictions became a political necessity for D.A. Scherotter's
  34. Anonymous Member

    While Sgt. Henry Hayes and Chief Investigator for the D.A.'s office, Jim Hunt, were chasing
    defense witnesses all over the country, keeping them from appearing in Indio and testifying on
    behalf of those persons who had been arrested, the trial began. The race to victory was on and
    the starting gun was aimed at one of our attorneys. He had his windshield shot out by unknown
    snipers while driving home from a court appearance. Every motion the defense proposed was flatly
    denied, including severance and change of venue.

    The "Railroad" reached its zenith of operation when, 10 days after the onset of the trial,
    Al Reos, to the surprise of all but the District Attorney's office, declared himself a witness for
    the prosecution. Al related his 18th century tale of witches and hobgoblins, complete with accounts
    of magical ritual tortures. The group, according to Al, had tortured Saul for 56 days under the direction
    and influence of its "leader."

    Al Reos' false testimony won the case for the prosecution. The defense attorneys were caught
    completely off guard. In an attempt to deal with the surprising turn of events, they hurriedly improvised
    a strategy by which Al's false testimony was not refuted, and blame was placed on innocent people
    who had fled in fear of their lives.

    Another, more than interesting, aspect of the trial was the manner in which the prosecution prepared
    its witnesses. Saul Gibbons has related an incident that occurred prior to his appearance in court.
    Sgt. Henry Hayes approached the boy with a soft guttural tone in his voice, holding in his hand a
    small metal ball which was dangling from the end of a chain. Saul reports that Sgt. Hayes asked him to
    concentrate on the glistening ball as it swung to and fro.

    Saul can't remember any more of the incident. However, once on the stand, he sunk into a state
    of stupefication. He was barely audible in the hushed court room. The prosecution asked him to
    identify his mother, Beverly Gibbons (Bev was a defendant). After a long pause and with much
    difficulty Saul stated that the woman before him was Jim Hungerford's mother! (Jim was a defendant

    Even with all the underhandedness of the prosecution staff there was not enough false evidence to convict
    all ten of the persons who stood trial. Therefore, to strike a balance between the TRUTH and the cries
    for blood by the public, the jury passed the following judgment: 4 felony convictions, 3 misdemeanor
    convictions, and 3 acquittals.

    Although their bail was still valid, the persons who received felony convictions -- Patty Mosher, Beverly
    Gibbons, Jeff Flynn, and Spud Reynolds -- were held in jail prior to the sentencing. The manuever proved
    to be a boon to Riverside's ruthless vindictiveness. While in jail these persons became victims of brutal
    beatings and inhuman torture. The girls were forced to eat feces, commit bestial sex acts, and pray to their
    tormentors for their lives. This four hour ordeal was done with the tacit cooperation of the matrons and
    jail authorities. Although the girls were covered with cuts and bruises (Beverly's face was swollen to
    twice its normal size), they were refused medical attention. Spud was more fortunate. He spent a week
    in the jail's infirmary recovering from the wounds he received during his welcoming party.

    Two days later the Riverside probation officers took advantage of the girls state of emotional and physical
    shock by grilling them, individually, for hours. The probation officers used techniques known as
    "the white light" and "the third degree."

    The alleged six fugitives have made repeated attempts to return to justice. Each attempt at redress has been
    answered by repeated and compounded threats. The D.A.'s office has increased the bail from the
    ridiculous amount of $5,000.00 to the outrageous amount of $25,000.00.

    Last month we filed a petition for a change of venue in absentia with the Indio Superior Court. The petition
    was filed in absentia for Richard and Georgina Brayton by their attorney, Mr. Richard A. Walton. The Judge
    agreed that it would be highly dangerous for the Braytons to make a personal appearance and therefore
    heard the motion in their absence.

    Logically, it would follow that if the defendants' very lives would be endangered by appearing in court, it would
    also be impossible for them to receive a fair trial. However, the Judge made a monumental decision and refused to
    move the location of the trial to a less odious location. And so, we were allowed the privilege of enjoying
    Riverside's bigoted injustice.

    In preparation for another change of venue motion, the members of Velle have just recently conducted a
    public opinion poll in Riverside. The result: 65% of the persons polled feel the "fugitives" are guilty; 75% are
    convinced that Saul was physically injured. Incredible as it may be, even the examining Doctor's wife thinks
    the boy was injured.

    During our two year sojourn through this waste land of abhorrence and prejudice we have, surprisingly enough,
    ferreted out a few individuals that stand above the herd. One such person is Mr. Vance Weber, and investigator-
    reporter for KPLM-TV, a Palm Springs substation of ABC.

    We have presented Mr. Weber with extensive documentation and evidence which proves our innocence. He is the first
    person to have viewed this material with a dispassionate eye, the result being that he can see we speak the truth.
    Therefore, starting Monday August 23 (1971), he began airing the true story on his television show.
    The television shows, in conjunction with a newspaper we have just published entitled the Midnight Press,
    will reveal to the public how they have been emotionally duped into believing and supporting a power-hungry
    political animal.

    On August 27, Jim Gibbons (Saul's father) turned himself over to the D.A.'s office with thousands of
    people watching on television. This will deter the authorities from any attempts they might make to
    deal with Jim as they have his predecessors.

    It may be difficult to believe that all you have just read is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing
    but the truth. However, it is the truth.

    We need your support! Riverside County must be made aware that its day of reckoning has come.
    That little corner of the world must be made aware that the whole state is watching is and doesn't
    like what it sees.

    Help your fellow man and write: Mr. Vance Weber c/o KPLM TV, Drawer 4200, Palm Springs, Cal.
    92262. State your views in order that men like D.A. Scherotter and their actions may be brought
    to justice and that all further similar actions by these men or men like them will be utterly and
    completely stopped so the Basic American concepts of justice and liberty will prevail.

    If you desire further information on this matter feel free to write to: Velle Transcendental
    Research Association Inc., 1241 West 30th Street, Los angeles, California 90007. This could happen
    to you! You could be the next passenger on the Railroad called bigotry and hatred!
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    Okay, was able to grab pix from book.

    “Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons”
    By George Pendle (Page 180, pix of Smith, Kahl, and Carroll, Warburg Institute)
    The Gerald Yorke Collection, Warburg Institute.
    “The Babylon Working”
    “Mitchell had access to documents relating to the Hubbard-Parsons relationship, including a record of a set of rituals called “The Babalon Working,” which is in the Gerald Yorke collection in the Warburg Institute Library. Yorke was Crowley’s disciple and typist, ended up with Crowley’s personal papers, and donated them to the library.”

    So, whatever happened to unsealing “Babylon Working” at Warburg Institute?
  36. Nick_Nolte Member

    But how does any of this prove/disprove thats Walt Disney?
  37. Anonymous Member

    Here's another clue for you all. The Walrus was Paul.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Of course, they would be excited because it would be proof of his undercover work to stop them!
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    The guy on the left is Crowley.
  40. Anonymous Member

    I doubt it. To be in a picture with Jack Parsons, Crowley would be considerably older.

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