Islamic Republic of Rape

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. Oh my God, thats so very tragic and sad..
    my heart and prayers go out to You and your beloveds-tonight I will light a candle for You and all who are suffering /suffered in your beautiful land.
    God bless-
    from the Emerald Isle
  2. Vee Member

    The more i read this thread the more a piece of me dies inside.
  3. is that supposed to be this? Mahr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. is it true that the Basij operate out of Mosques?
    what is their chain of command
    are they accountable to the law?

    any info on this much appreci8td
  5. What they do is a mockery of religion. There is no religion in this. They probably do it only to make the fanatically radical, and crazy, members of their own ranks, in the pasdran and basiji, feel like they have somehow obeyed the laws of Islam. But no one but those insane few think this has anything to do with Islam.

    When you rape and torture and kill, your mind becomes twisted, and to justify why you do what you do, to ease the quilt and feelings you have for doing it, you fall back on fanaticism and blind devotion, with all thinking and common sense stripped from it. Thinking too muc means remembering what you are and what you do, and the point here is to avoid thinking. These here fall back on Islam, and a blind, unthinking devotion to rituals and laws with no thought at all about the intention or real meaning of these laws, to distract themselves from what they really are.

    This is not about Islam or religion. It is about monsters. Other monsters, in other places, use other means to excuse to themselves what they are and what they do. Here, they use a mockery of Islam to do this. But the Islam they follow, it is not Islam. It is just a twisted, hollow shell and a parody of Islam.
  6. They are accountable to the revolutionary guard, which is accountable to the ayatollah. They can do whatever he allows them to do.
  7. Wow. My deepest condolences to you and your family.

    It's one thing that people can be as brainwashed and as ignorant as these basij "children". But it's a whole different universe where these brainwashed and ignorant "children" are actually part of a fanatical regime that runs a country.
  8. Voters Union Member

    While the article and all you say may well be very true (I don't doubt that at all), I still think that the article is using historical events from 20-30 years ago to fuel the current fire and this is why I thought it was partly propaganda.

    People change, obviously, and the man from the article seemed changed enough to come clean with this dark part of his own personal history.

    Circumstances also change, and I think the events from 20-30 years back can only be used as background to and not as evidence of what is happening now.
  9. i do not care if he walks on water now.. obviously he commited a crime and should be brought to trial for that crime if the gov ever falls..

    possibly consideration should be given for his testimony, honestly though i did not get the feeling he was sorry for his actions at that time other than he has decided his actions haunt him.. hell he admitted he was not sorry for his actions other than the marriage to the girls to be murdered..

    i feel not one bit sorry for these punks... i say prosecute them if ever given the chance!

    the closer the Govt gets to falling the more these thugs will be jumping ship to save their cowardly asses..
  10. Hechicera Member


    Actually, I agree with everything in post #45, just felt quoting the whole might be annoying.
  11. In the Islamic law it is illegal to execute a virgin girl. That is true, HOWEVER no where in the Islamic law does it say a virgin girl should be raped before being executed. The law that says it is illegal to execute a girl if she is a virgin is there to protect the girl.

    These bastards are rapists and criminals, pure and simple. This has nothing to do with Islam, it is all on this criminal regime. The hatred should be directed at the bastards running Iran, not Islam.

    And I am not religious, in fact I'm an atheist. Please direct your hatred accordingly.
  12. Thank you everyone. Mehr is the same as Mehrieh. Well, it was a tabu in our family. These young kids in the street must definitely be younger than me. Because you can't imagine the fear and hate I was feeling at the time it happened. It was something like nightmare to me. These young people in the street must be from another generation. They do not remember What I have seen. Brave, active, bright people, of my relative, became depressed, useless, shadows of humans, after what happened to them, in first years after revolution.
  13. Vee Member

    I don't think anyones blaming Islam here. What we are commenting on is the way these abominations of humanity are using religion as some sort of sick twisted excuse or reasoning to justify their actions per say.

    Its pure evil like these that should truly feel the wrath of which ever God or higher power people believe in.
  14. Yes and you are right to do so.

    I would like to add that in my opinion their sullying of Islam's name with such repugnant actions makes them enemies of Islam, pure and simple.
  15. There is NO law in Islam or in Iran that it is illegal to execute a virgin (boy or girl).

    It is illegal to prosecute or punish (that includes execution) someone before they are baligh (puberty).

    As usual people cant seem to separate fact from rumours.
  16. Vee Member


    Do you have any legal links we could look at?
  17. I don't agree with Richard Cranium. I mean, not really. Because if Iranians would try to convict all who committed crimes during the revolution or during the Iran-iraq war it would open the wounds and it would tear the society apart. I would try to convict the people who gave commands but I would try not to hunt all basiji/pasdaran/others - only the worst of them.

    @ #55

    I don't what what the Iranian law is, but I do now that during the revolution and during the Iran-Iraq war young women often were raped before execution, if they were virgins.. I really think that it was psychological, that it somehow excused perpetrators of crimes from responsibility. Not all of them were monsters and they had to live with themselves afterwards. It was sick but then a lot of things committed during revolutions and during the wars are sick.
  18. The virgin thing is so absurd that it is impossible to prove it. I would suggest those making that claim prove it themselves. But here is one discussion on execution of juveniles (under International definition) in Iran: Emad Baghi :: English

    You could also look up Article 49 of Islamic Penal Code of Iran
  19. its ultimately up to the people.. and even myself i have no idea how they would do it.. but geez this stuff they did pisses me off.. laws are different there obviously
  20. As I had mentioned earlier, I don't doubt that prisoner rape happens. I know about it from my experiences in Iran. I saw it as a lawyer in France, and now as a lawyer in the US.

    But that is a completely different thing than saying it is positively sanctioned by law or authorities.

    The marriage thing is also absurd. "Consent is presumed" is a specific provision in Islamic law and Iranian law and custom that at a wedding ceremony both sides are asked if they agree to the marriage. They are asked three times. If they remain silent (and particularly for women), it is perceived as consent. (It is based on cultural presumptions of shyness and things like that). But either party says "no" then the wedding cannot proceed.

    Im sure, as everywhere, people have misused it for personal ends. There were a lot of rumours about everything and things happening during the war (and I presume immediately after revolution), but a lot of things just did not make sense or seem possible. Rumours can take on lives of their own, and I have seen that in all the countries and cultures I have lived in.
  21. Article 49 of the Islamic Sharia's Penal Code is the authority relied upon by the judiciary in ordering execution.
    Article 49 has referred to a child as a person who has not reached the maturity as defined under Sharia law. However no where in the Islamic Sharia Penal Code or other existing laws has there been a reference to the AGE of the penal responsibility of a child and the lawmakers have only referenced to Sharia Hadd (death sentence) without stating the age.
    In Civil Code sections which pertain to judicial matters, as opposed to the Penal Code, the lawmakers in Subtitle 1 of Article 1210 have determined that the age of maturity for a boy is 15 years and for a girl 9 years. This article has relied on the age of puberty as the basis for civil maturity and has required proof by an expert for the elimination of rights in personal and civil matters..........respectful members of the Iranian judiciary consider the penal ages of responsibility as 9 and 15 (lunar years).
  22. Machiavelli Member

    I don't think it matters, what the rules ARE.
    The important thing is, what the the thugs believe the rules to be.
    Especially if they are young and gullible.

    The Iranian constitution prohibits torture, but I think there is no question about torture happening.

    Likewise rape may be prohibited, but if the local thugs believe it to be "legal" and they are immune to possible prosecution anyway, the rules themselves are just words on paper.

    The difference in France and the USA is the existence of independent supervision. Bad things might happen there as well, but there is a risk of detection.
  23. JohnDoe Moderator

    Exactly you've got it right.

    Obviously there are those in the regime who don't know what their own constitution says!
  24. Whizzbizz Member

    Do you think they even care? Isn't power their only goal? Money and power give them a substitute for what they're desperately missing: love and compassion in their own hearts.
  25. Vee Member

    Very well put.
  26. JohnDoe Moderator

    Of course they don't care! (I was being sarcastic when I said they didn't know:eek:)

    Money & power are two beasts that when unleashed are never satisfied - ever! :(
  27. According to my Iranian friend the reason for the rape of a woman prior to execution is that if she dies as a virgin she will go to heaven.
    The temporary marriage and rape of women prior to execution is a common thing in this country to prevent a guilty woman from reaching heaven despite her crimes.
    Another common philosophy is if they execute a guilty person he will go to hell where he belongs and if he was innocent they did him a favor by sending him to enjoy the pleasures of heaven.

    This is the thinking of a religious government, not necessarily just the current regime.
  28. I'd rather go to hell and burn with the girls than enjoy heaven with those bastards.
  29. a desert Member

    This stayed on my mind all weekend. I don't think I've heard anything make my skin crawl quite as badly as this before.

    I can't imagine a punishment worthy for these sorts of crimes. (I tend to be anti-death penalty, but it's not for bleeding heart, compassionate reasons- closer to an eye for an eye.) But there are things that make me think I could watch a person bleed out and die without pity, and this is one of them.
  30. That is fine. But they should not perpetrate lies saying that this is "law".

  31. What a bullshit Interview from a bullshit Israeli newspaper. Some people here have either lost their minds or happy to feed the Israeli-American-Western Conspiracy.
  32. ^^Get lost retard. Take your stupidity and racism somewhere else.
  33. ^I heartily agree

    GTFO newfag
  34. The "Lawful" Bastards' Logic.

    Their formula works like this:

    >Classic medieval law: To protect the innocents, one cannot be declared guilty until he confesses his crimes.

    >Problem: You want him executed.

    >Solution: After a deliberate amount of torture with the "right tools" he will confess anything you wanted.

    >Bonus: You may get your hand on his earthly possessions if you make him confess the "right" crimes.

    And this:

    >Islamic law: To protect the youth, especially younger women, it was forbidden to slay anyone still a virgin.

    >Problem: You want to see her dead.

    >Solution: First you force her to "marry" you, then you can execute her as you wanted.

    >Bonus: You may let your dirty insticts loose upon her. She won't remain in this world long enough to complain anyway.

    It really doesn't matter what the laws are. Henchmen of a totalitarian regime will find the way to carry out the commands of their masters no matter the number of dirty tricks needed.
  35. This isn't actually true.There's quite a few animals that carry out really nasty rapes, dolphins being an obvious, directly comparable example.

  36. Yeah, And did you change anything to the facts? The Racists are the followers of Benjamin Netanyahu famous speech.

    Israel is a racist terrorist state that WILL end.
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