Islamic Republic of Rape

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. ...and you will still be a retard posting offtopic horse shit that no one gives a crap about.

  2. Making clear that the source of the interview is an Israeli newspaper that wants every bad for Iran is NOT offtopic.
  3. Your stupid reasoning wont change even if it were an American, eh?

    Once again, gtfo newfag

  4. This by itself a bullshit proof of incident truthfulness.

    Knowing that the source is an Israeli newspaper increases its bullishness.

    "gtfo newfag" Did you swallow a parrot?
  5. a desert Member

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  6. And your writing is proof of your incident retardation.

    Refer to above.

    Did you borrow brain cells from your neighbor's goat?
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  8. a desert Member

    Don't need to, mine are good enough for reality.

    Please go spread your sludge somewhere else!

  9. This should help you for your Alzheimer.
    Alzheimer's Association | Home

    Don't worry, you still have a chance, because you can still type.

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  11. We musn't feed the trolls, but I have to admit I'm enjoying seeing how agitated the regime's apologists (and/or agents) are at the subject matter of this thread.

    Apparently we're on the right track...
  12. The key is to get rid of the persistent ones like the moron in this thread. He's been spamming these boards with the same crap for weeks. You can tell it's the same idiot by his retard-trying-to-sound-sophisticated writing style.

  13. Calling every response that does not agree with you a troll is a troll by itself. This place is becoming one-sided more and more. For every post that calls in question the integrity of the source, you heavily insult its poster.

    It will end-up you discussing happenings with yourselves. And start living in a virtual world that contains no one but you.
  14. This is true stuff...

    This kind of treatment is common place in the safe houses and Evin prison and any Iranian can tell you the same story and much more. This is the twisted mind of Islam and how it corrupts the weak minded. Just remember that he said girls are responsible at the age of 9, so think about those young girls that he raped, and I wouldn't doubt it if he has raped several boys and men too...

  15. Is there any IRANIAN Muslim of the opposition in this forum that wants to respond to these lies about Islam? Please answer and educate the above poster.
  16. Perhaps Iranian Muslims of the hard-line faction should respond to this. For thirty years they have committed heinous crimes in the name of Islam. Defiling the good name of the religion of over a billion on this planet. Can we blame someone for getting confused and making this association? Or is it the criminals and liars who hide behind the religion that are to blame?
  17. What you are claiming has no ground but the western news channels that you listen to. The target Iran just because Iran is supporting resistance organizations and against the American dominance in the region.

    When you say 30 years, you target the Islamic Republic of Iran. Your accusations might be more acceptable if you say 10 years or at max 20 years. I say might!
  18. Some of the worst crimes were committed in the first years of the Islamic Republic. 1988 also comes to mind as a particularly atrocious year. The mass killings of political prisoners committed that year were harshly condemned by "Marja-Taqlid" Grand Ayatollah Montazeri (Khomeini's heir-apparent until he showed his support for human rights...).

    Looks like you need to catch up on some history:

    Human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A lot of citations there from many human rights organizations and media sources. But, of course, they are all lying stooges of the imperialist powers.
  19. Excuses

    i totaly agree to you!

    but i want to put in one more point into this discussion.

    these kind of rapes happen everyday, in iran, in every other muslim country, in many muslim familys everywhere!

    because in many muslim family´s it is a "normal" thing that women are forced into marry a man they may dont know, dont want etc.!

    if they try to defend theyr right´s and themself they will be killed in so called "honor-killing´s"!

    and one more time the islam is used for an excuse!

    sorry for my bad english!

  20. I can't tell you if the executions were deserved or not but they were executed upon a decree from Ayatollah Khomeini, I don't think he would do such thing if they didn't deserve it. They were mostly from banned MKO, a group that staged terrorist acts in Iran.

    But let us say that it was awful and cruel. Why just targeting Iran? Iran might look the cleanest of many other countries in the world like US and Israel who did war crimes and treated prisoners awfully and killed huge number of civilians everywhere they invaded.
  21. You have to apologize for your ignorance before you do for your English.

    just in your head. really, find the nearest grave and bury yourself in it.


    learn about Islam.
  22. Disregard that, I can't find my shovel, it seems to have gone where the sun don't shine.

    Mom? MOM!
  23. You can tell the iranian government supporters are getting more and more antsy with each major event by the Iranian people.

    Marg bar Ahmadinejad!

  24. so what do you do to the dead, you through them in garbage?

    Anyway, I gave you 2 choices, think about the other one, and if you can't, just STFU about accusing Islam.

  25. What do you do to innocent women, shoot them like Neda?

    Whoever kills in the name of Allah is killing in the name of Shaitan!
  26. If you want to curse imperialistic USA, Israel, Britain, and the West, please go to a different forum. The same concerns people who do not like China, Russia or People Republic of Korea. These kind of people also should go elsewhere to show their disgust.
    This is forum about Iran and we target Iran ...hmm... aim at, I mean, talk about Iran. ;-)
  27. lulz. dont forget the gorram lulz.
  28. Please try to remain civilized & objective. It is not in the scope of this thread to provide a ground for trolling & a global war of religions.

    Let's just settle with the fact that neither Islam, nor any other major religion is guilty in inciting people to inhuman deeds. Islam, by itself teaches people many important points about insight, wisdom & tolerance. Otherwise it would not be the world's second largest religion.

    It is not the religious tenets that incite hatred, violence & tortures, rather fanatic people that twist & bend words of their belief in order to serve an excuse. Just as in the case of Iran, religious fanatism can truely turn human beings into ignorant fools and brutal fiends. But for that, one does not have to be muslim. Just look around, and you will find parallel examples in many other religious systems. Just to remain in America, the examples set by small minorities of cristian fanatics is also far from desirable. Fortunately (in normal case) fanatics just remain an isolated minority, and aren't allowed to seize power, as they did in Iran 30 years ago (though I doubt the country would have been better off with communists).
  29. please stop this reckless accusations. I am tired of them. I really don't know who killed her, but I don't preclude that it might be a third party, especially that she wasn't even in the protests.

    No not whoever, this is not accurate. There are cases which is rightful and others which are not. Now don't say that I am legislating killing protesters or the like, please don't. I am just telling you that your phrase is not accurate or incomplete.
  30. Excuses #2

    i did´nt acuse islam!

    you should better read one more time befor you post stupid things!

    but i am acusing ppl who "use islam for an excuse"!

    and i acusing all ppl who use any religion for excusing rape, murder, war etc....!

    so tip your nose and start to think, blockhead!

    Honor killing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  31. Because parts of the collective hivemind of anonymous came to the conclusion that the internet of Iranians was being suppressed and thought of the potential lulz to be had. And so they split or began to multitask on this and the war on Scientology. You do know that we're already fighting another war too, right?

    If you do not understand the concept of lulz, you do not understand anonymous. You are not the first nor will you be the last to ask, "why not Israel?" or "why not Honduras?" or "why not China?" but the main reason is: we are not your personal army. This is the answer you will encounter time and time again, although probably in more blunt terms. You won't be able to sway the hivemind since the inertia has already swung towards Iran. Yes, you may interest a few moralfags here and there, but few will be able to provide the critical support. The ones running proxies and raiding - you will definitely not be able to convince them to help you out.

    If you want to bawwww about those other countries, then go and find other people who think like you and do something about it. Gather your own support instead of pleading here, since the majority of the collective gathered here are busy with Iran.

    After all, you are already a part of anonymous whether you like it or not. We don't know your name. We don't know who you are, where you live, what gender you are or what goat you like to shag.

    Of course, if you get killed/an hero/namefagged then hell that's your own damn fault. ;) None are so cruel as all of us.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.

    tl;dr basically NYPA and quoted poster was bawwwing

  32. So did communism. In fact the saying that " Hell is paved with good intentions" ...probably concerns the intentions of founders of these religions.
  33. For love of whatever you, dear reader, consider holy.

    Stop the hate talk...we have a purpose here, and I think many of you have forgotten that.

    Ignore the haters, don't give them any fuel, and they will burn out and die.

    Don't hate on a religion because some twisted people have abused it's doctrines.

    Stay on target Anons, Irainians...

    We are here to give a nation the freedom to speak as they wish, just remember with that right comes resposibility.

    Be back later, girdab admins talking shit again...back to business
  34. What they are doing in this thread is a perfect example of the execution of what they have planned here:

    One point of the plan says:

    "8) They want 2 play with people's emotions & take away their confidence. Which is half of the work to stop the riots. They use Mental &emotional [psychological] ways 2 stop rioters,through media/whatever,would do 1/2 work 2 stop riots "


    "16) They want 2 use psychological & mental tricks on people to CALM & CONTROL the protesters "


    "19) PSYCHOLOGICAL GAME: play with protesters mind, be calm & friendly with protesters "

    Remember, that recording of them going over their plans is ten years old. Since then they have adapted it and applied it to the internet, too. Just like they plant spies and plainclothes people among protests, in hospitials and in the media, so too do they put people on the internet. Their entire job is to do the same things described in the points above. If they cannot control a discussion, they try to make the argument devolve into ae endless parade of name calling and insulting. This takes people's attention away from what the discussion was really was in the first place, and stops further discussion.

    We have basiji/pasdran here among us, friends, trying to stop discussion about this subject.
  35. there was a poster earlier in this thread who said a relative was taken away and the basiji/pasdaran gave her parents a cake and a little money for the mehrieh (did i spell that right?) after the execution. (edit: found the post)

    besides the one in the OP, are there any other sources with similar accounts of this happening?
  36. Thank you.

    To the fool who is too dumb to use Google: You are on the WRONG forum! If you want to talk about Palestine and Israel, find a site that deals with Palestine and Israel.

  37. You're a faggot. I hope you realize that. Oh, that and pointing out lol hipocrisy of the anons doing this, 'NYPA' bullshit when anon got tricked into PA faggotry so many times.

    Then again seeing the other 'Anonymous' faggots who fell hook, line and sinker for moralfaggotry...I shouldn't be surprised @ the cancer
  38. Hesperornis Member

    This news is disgusting, but I am not surprised that it has transpired. Let me say from the start that this is NOT a unique thing to Islam - although Islam allows it. These women are captives of war and are thus "in the right hand" (current property) of their captors (the guards). Anything "in your right hand" (men) is halal for you.

    Yep it sucks but that's most likely how it's being justified, and all under the guise of Islam.

    LOL I'll have what you're smoking. I've spent 3 years studying Islam and its texts and this not what I have found ^

    Appeal to popularity (logical fallacy). Ignorance of the masses does not mean something they claim to follow is right.

    I agree absolutely.

    Website of an Iranian apostate from Islam (sorry it's banned in Iran). You may think we non-Iranians don't know much about Islam (but you'd be mistaken) so perhaps you will listen to Ali Sina.

    Thank you and I did not mean to offend anyone - just offering my 0.02c

    PS: The age of 'adulthood' for females is set at 9 years because Muhammad (uswa hasana) consummated his marriage with his 2nd wife Aisha when she was 9 (he was 54).

    PPS: Muhammad killed Saffiya's tribe (including her family) and married her and then consummated his marriage with her that same night.
  39. Hesperornis Member

    Yes, the Mahr. Called in English the "dowry"/"dower".

    If that story did happen then it is unfortunate proof that these people thought they were being "good Muslims" when doing such despicable things.
  40. ..................never mind

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