Islamic Republic of Rape

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    This forum has NOTHING to do with Israel nor Palestine so next person here mentions it out of context or not relating to the OP gets a ban for a while. This is not talk about Israel forums nor is this lets talk about Palestine.

    Thank You.
  2. from here: Women Islam & Equality

  3. That's a publication of the NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran) a front organization of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (a cult-like terrorist organization based out of Iraq and reviled in Iran). They are known for their deceitfulness and great PR.

    That said, there are accounts of rape in Iranian prisons from legitimate sources. If someone has the time, they could compile a list of references.
  4. As if they are worse than the Islamic regime...

    Don't forget that they are fighting for secularism. At least communists usually have a semblance of respect for humanity - the revolutions in Eastern Europe happened in a few days with nowhere near the number of deaths and tortures commited so far in Iran.

    IMO the Iranian people need all the allies they can get against the barbaric regime.
  5. You don't know about these guys. They are not just communists. They are nutjobs. They are a terror-cult. Nobody needs support from these guys. Their support would be a curse (and already has been risking Iranian lives as they're insinuating themselves in the situation).


    Chapter Four of Terrornomics: Terrornomics - Google Books

    This Human Rights Watch report: No Exit | Human Rights Watch

    Yes, before the revolution and in the first few years after the revolution they were a "legitimate" Islamo-marxist terrorist group.. (for those who consider terrorism legitimate). Since then they have morphed into a bizarre (dude.. yes.. bizarre.. ideological divorces, sending of children off to be raised and indoctrinated by others, imprisoning and torturing their own members) terror-cult with absolutely no popular support in Iran (not even among the reformists, not even among the secularists, not even among the socialists, not even among anyone.)

    I hope I haven't oversold the point. A little research will show you that I'm not exaggerating..
  6. JohnDoe Moderator

    Spouse would agree with you! Spouse who is no fan of the regime in any form shape or fashion says "The regime are a thousand times better than the Mujahaden, if I only have a choice between them and the regime I will take the regime any day."

    Now that's saying something!
  7. iran regime : worst human rights abuser in the world

  8. Dro Member

    Another interesting factiod about the MKO: The actually fought on the Iraqi side of the Iran-Iraq war, under the theory that the more Iranian soldiers they killed, they easier it would be for them to get to power. Given that virtually every Iranian lost family members in that war, this may be the no 1 reason why literally nobody in Iran supports them.
  9. "
    that is not quite as bizare as you think, that is what happened in Russia and China during their revolution, too. Just think of Mao or Stalin.
    I have heard that MKO fought on the Iraqi side during the war but I think they just thought that anybody is better than IRI. So many of them were killed, so many tortured by the Islamic government in Iran that I can (somewhat) understand their decision..
    I also do not think that no-one supports MKO inside Iran. Not so long ago, they had detailed information about nuclear development inside Iran. And because everyone thought of them "oh, that terrorist people" at the beginning, nobody believed their info. But it was true, wasn't it?
  10. The MKO is a dictatorship in waiting. The things they have done, and the thing they have become, would make them just like the current regime if they were to ever come into power. The restrict their people and treat them the same way the regime treats Iranians at home. No difference. If they really want to help in Iran, first they need to change the way they are themselves. Let their own members leave their compounds. Treat them like human beings. Practice freedom at home, because as they are now they do not know what freedom is. They have forgotten. How can you try to set up something you do not know and are completely unfamiliar with?

    True, they have good reason for ending up they way they are. Their members have gone through a lot, but that is no excuse for killing other Iranians and killing Kurds in the name of a country that wanted to impose its own dictatorship over Iran - and by this I mean Iraq. They fought blindly for one monster because of their blind hatred for another. They remembered the hate, but not why the hate.

    MKO, however, does not lie when they talk about the things they talk about. Whether it is too hard for you to hear or not, don't shoot the messenger. The message is the truth.

    But then, it is pretty obvious, to me anyway, that the ones in here using anything they can, from Israel to MKO, to try and avoid this subject and get people off it, are government psychological agents, sent here to do the same to the internet that they do in person at the protests. Their stink gives them away from thousands of miles away.
  11. Dro Member

    MKO's first mistake was to try to violently overthrough the regime. This gave Khomeini a great excuse to use extreme levels of repression against them (as in 30,000 executions over a few weeks), while at the same time alienating the population. This is why I also hope that the green movement stays nonviolent. We do not want a repeat of the 80's.
  12. Dro

    I think Khomeini would have found excuse regardless. MKO were contenders to power and Islamic regime had to destroy them.
    But you are right, I also hope that green wave will stay mostly peaceful. Anyway, MKO used terrorist methods, I really do not think that present movement would stoop to that.
  13. Ouch that hurts. If anything I (the original objector to the MKO source) have been trying to get people to stay ON this subject given how it's making the government agents and apologists squirm. The brutal rape of detainees is so repugnant that this must continue to be brought to light as a testament against the inhumanity and unislamicness of the government! I just wanted people to collect sources that cannot be objected to...
  14. i appreciate the objection, i didn't know anything about this group, but can we discuss it in another thread please? i don't want this thread to go off-topic!
  15. Now gawking

    Ok, yes. Agreed.
  16. Texas Fossil Member

    The word is getting out, it has even been on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman McCotter gave this talk a day ago.

    Taraneh's Story makes it 2 floor of U.S. House Representatives YouTube - McCotter on Iran's Khamenei: Your Referendum Has Been Held and You Have Failed Your Test

    This must stop and the perps must be punished, but unfortunately that is not likely to happen soon.

    Persia conquered nations and freed many of them afterwards. Now a country with such a history is subjected to this vile stuff.
  17. I feel Taraneh's story is by far the most egregious of any of the martyrs....
  18. Maybe they should go back to calling themselves Persia, when the land and the people were known under Persia they were feared and respected for over a Millennium.
    Then they changed their name in 1935 and everything went downhill, (Some at the time considered the name to be caused by influence from Nazi Germany's "Ayran" Propaganda.)

    After that their Pro-German government gets invaded by both the Soviets and the British in the 1941 Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran, (While at around the same time the British invade and conquer Iraq)
    In the post war time Soviets set up some short term nations in the north that are crushed and later on the US pulls it's coup when it started disliking how the Iranian government was leaning.

    We all know the rest of the story.
  19. Machiavelli Member

    There was this Twitter 6 hours ago:

    CAFalkThinkIran: @AmnestyOnline Disturbing Video of Rape Of A Young Iranian Protester #Iran #IranElection

    The link leads to YouTube saying Video in question was blocked by compliance.
    Simply too graphic?
    Has anyone seen the supposed video?
  20. Holy Sh*t

    According to this piece, they claim to have compiled a list of 1,400 women most of whom have been raped by this fanatic regime...


    Rape under a fundamentalist regime

    Rape under a fundamentalist regime

    The Islamist movement''s "justice" and "liberation" excludes women, who are indeed explicitly discriminated against! A few examples from the Islamic Republic may help.

    In the courts evidence of female witnesses is inadmissible unless accompanied by that of a male witness. Even then, the value of a female witness is half that by the male (Article 33 and 99 of the Law of Retribution: Hodoud and Ghesas, Section 2 of Article 237)

    The diyeh (blood money) for a Muslim woman in cases of manslaughter and murder is half that of a Muslim man. (Article 300, Law of Retribution). If a male Muslim intentionally kills a Muslim women, he is subject to retribution (an eye for an eye) but only if the guardian of the murdered woman pays him half of the diyeh to the murderer to make up the deficiency (Article 6 of Diyat, Article 209 Law of Retribution). The blood money payable to the murderer amounts to 50 camels or 100 cows or the equivalent (Article 3, Diyat).

    A husband can kill his adulterous wife without punishment while a woman is punishable by death for a similar crime.

    Before the law, women are not a compete person their testimony is only half that of a man. These absurd efforts to place arbitrary and discriminatory values on women has serious repercussions on how women are thought of and treated by society.

    Extramarital sex is prohibited under Islamic law. To this extent Islam recognises rape as a crime. However rape taking place within the home and prisons is not considered rape and is therefore legal. It is this situation which I wish to address.

    Upkeep for submission

    The Koran (Nesa, 34:34) ascribes to men dominance over, but also responsibility for the women under their care. Women have to be given nafagheh (upkeep money), but in return must submit to their husband's will. If a woman disobeys her husband's will, he is instructed to separate their bed and to talk with his wife. If she continues to thwart his desires, he should hit her. The moment she stops disobeying, the punishment and sanctions for misbehaviour should stop. The Koran thus tells a man to respect his wife's rights, while also instructing him to abuse her.

    Moreover women are sex objects. A man is permitted four "ordinary" wives and as many "temporary wives" (concubines) as he wishes. A Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim (Article 1059 of the Civil Law) but a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim . Together these laws create a permissive environment for legal rape.

    n I came across Simin in 1979. She was 19 years old and had been pursuing her divorce case through courts for the last four years. One day on returning from school her father told Simin point blank she had to marry a certain man. Simin, being only 15, had no intention of marrying. She was also in love with another man. Simin refused and her father firmly insisted. She ran away three times, hiding with relatives, yet her father found her and forced her to marry. Simin kept running away from her "husband". She could not stand living and sleeping with him and he hit her and raped her.

    When I met her she was exhausted and despirited. Her family tried to help her get a divorce but the law did not permit it. The man followed her on the street and beat her. During the anarchy of the revolutionary days we formed a group to help Simin and in this way she was able to regain her freedom.

    A man divorces his wife on any pretext (Article 1133, Civil Law). Women, on the other hand, can obtain divorce only under extreme circumstances: if the man is mentally ill, or impotent (Articles 1121 and 1122). Given that women cannot chose their partners and that once married it is near impossible to get divorced, this is clearly legal rape.

    The age of marriage has been reduced for women from 18 to 9. All the harsh punishments prescribed under Islamic law are applicable to a 9-year old girl, whereas a 14 year old boy is still regarded underage and will not be subjected to such punishment until he is 15 (Paragraph 2, Article 1210, Civil Law). Furthermore, with the permission of the guardian (father or grandfather) and provided it is in the "best interest" of the ward, a girl can be married to a man even when she has not reached the age of consent, or indeed even when she is a baby girl (Article 1041 of Civil Law). This is legal child rape.

    Religious rape

    According to Islamic lay the killing of a virgin woman is prohibited. This reflects the objectification of women. In prison, if a virgin woman is to be executed, she is first "married" (raped) by one of the guards before execution. Afterwards the guard goes to the woman's family and declares that she is their son-in-law. It is totally distinct from the process of obtaining confession or to humiliate the prisoner. The prison guards are simply obeying Islamic law.

    Nadereh was educated in France and had been in touch with opposition groups against the Shah. On the eve of the revolution she returned to Iran to take part in the anti-dictatorial movement against the Shah. For Naderh, like other Iranian intellectuals, it was vital to be present in this decisive historic struggle. During the revolution she worked for a socialist organisation.

    She was arrested three years after the revolution. Although others with her alleged crime normally received a few years imprisonment, she was executed after a few month in prison. That was our first shock.

    We discovered the reason later. In prison her interrogator took a fancy to her. She had more than once complained of her interrogator's advances towads her. When her case went to court, which consisted of one mullah as judge and no jury, the interrogator accused Nadereh of attempting to escape during her interrogation. The mullah accepted this obviously false charge and sentenced her to death. Both the mullah as the interrogator knew full well that this also gave the interrogator permission to rape Nadereh. The interrogator got what he wanted and fulfilled his religious duty in the bargain. Thousands of young women were executed in Iranian prisons (1), most of them were raped under Islamic law.

    Shukuh Jalalie

    1. A list of 1,400 has been collected and published by Iranian Political Prisoners Action Committee. Some were pregnant, many were under 17.
  21. Thanks for this. Someone who's got some time could do a great service by tracking down that publication and making it available online (with publisher permission)!!
  22. Worldcat lists two entries from this author (Iranian Political Prisoners Action Committee):

    Iran : human rights abuse. []
    Iran : human rights abuse []

    They are probably the same publication.

    See if they're available at a library near you.
  23. It is a crime to stay silent as a leader

    If all these hideous things happen, mainly because of young basij who get carried away and this is against islam and against the constitution and against any law and against proper behaviour for muslims, non-muslims and all people, then I ask you:

    W H Y I S I T S T I L L H A P P E N I N G ? ? ?

    and why are there no leaders to speak against it? Why are all these renowned ayatollahs and grand-ayatollahs and all the others silent? Why don't they show the courage and stand up against this misues of their religion?

    In my very opinion relegion is something to avoid thinking and belief is your true inner self. Relegion can and will be misused as it is a power, belief can never be touched by someone else except yourself, so your belief is sacred.

    So either all these religous leaders are commiting the same cime by allowing this hate to happen (and sometimes even fueling it), or they are cowards and should never be called a source of emulation!
  24. Some do: Ayatollah Watch – Tehran Bureau

    It's a disgrace that more don't.
  25. Tarek Fatah: Confronting Tehran's vicious misogyny

    Tarek Fatah, National Post
    Published: Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    When the Prague Spring failed in 1968, few people believed that the seeds of dissent that had been crushed under the weight of Soviet tanks would blossom 20 years later to bring about the demise of the U. S. S. R. itself. A similar summer of discontent and rebellion has blossomed in Tehran in 2009, and I would venture to say that, this time around, it will not take two decades for the ossified state structure to come crashing down.

    The reason: This time, it is the mothers and daughters of Iran who have rebelled against the Islamic Republic of Iran and have come out in the streets to lead the men.

    For 30 years, an entire nation has been subjected to imprisonment, torture, murder and -- unnoticed by the world -- the institutional rape of its daughters, all in the name of Islam. No other dictatorial society, not even the Saudis, have used rape as a tool of subjugation as the Iranian ruling ayatollahs have. Perversely, it has been dressed up as an act of piety and religiosity.

    This truth is beginning to come out in the open. A serving member of the Iranian vigilante Basiji militia reportedly has told Sabina Amidi, a freelance reporter for the Jerusalem Post, about his enforced participation in the rape of young Iranian girls prior to their execution. The Basiji enforcer disclosed that the practice was justified by his superiors under the dubious proposition that, under sharia law, "it is illegal to execute a young woman, regardless of her crime, if she is a virgin."

    To circumvent this, Amidi's source reports, the mullahs would arrange a forced wedding of the young girls to prison guards on the night before the execution. "The young girl is forced to have sexual intercourse with a prison guard -- essentially raped by her 'husband.' "

    The report has not been verified. But those of us who long have followed the harrowing tales coming out of Iran find it entirely credible. Indeed, there are many precedents, as described below. But we also know that this story will be labelled as one more attempt by the "Zionists" to portray Iran in a bad light. This one-size-fits-all accusation has silenced numerous critics of the Iranian regime.

    In the early days of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the rape-execution of young Iranian democracy activists was rampant. Let me introduce to you, for instance, Soraya Abolfathi, who was only 20-years old when she was picked up by Iranian Revolutionary Guards for participating in a demonstration against Ayatollah Khomeni on August 19, 1981. She was taken to Tabriz prison where, during her 34-day detention, she was tortured repeatedly to pressure her to give up her friends. She refused. On Sept. 28, 1981, she was executed by a firing squad. However, it is believed the night before her death, she was forcibly wed to a mullah in a "pleasure marriage," the ensuing act of rape serving to ensure she did not die a virgin.

    Virgins, the mullahs believe, are guaranteed a place in paradise, and raping young girls ensures they go to hell.

    The systemic nature of Iran's use of rape as an instrument of punishment is repugnant. Yet amazingly, the Iranian regime has supporters here in Canada--even within the same left-wing and feminist groups that can be relied on to stand up for women's rights whenever they are endangered in the West.

    They should know better. It is not just Iranian women who have been raped and killed at the hands of Iran's murderous regime. One of our own endured this indignity, yet few are willing to speak out.

    I am talking about Zahra Kazemi a Canadian photojournalist who was arrested, tortured, raped and then murdered by the mullahs, yet is forgotten conveniently by all those who say it is their business to speak against rape as an instrument of war.

    Within the Muslim community, there was an absolute denial of what happened to Kazemi. On a TV show, for instance, a vice-president of the Canadian Arab Federation seemed to apologize for the Iranian regime, strenuously denying that she was raped. This despite the fact that Shahram Azam, a former military staff physician stated that he had examined Kazemi's body and observed that Kazemi showed obvious signs of brutal rape and torture, including a skull fracture, broken nose, crushed toe, missing fingernails, and broken fingers.

    It seems the women of Iran have had it with the mullahs. It is time for all Canadians to come out and stand with their sisters, for history will judge them harshly if the freedom they seek for themselves, they deny to the daughters of Iran.
  26. <<<<<<<<<<and why are there no leaders to speak against it? Why are all these renowned ayatollahs and grand-ayatollahs and all the others silent? Why don't they show the courage and stand up against this misues of their religion?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Collusion is an agreement, usually secretive, which occurs between two or more persons to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically involving fraud or gaining an unfair advantage. It is an agreement among firms to divide the market, set prices, or limit production. [1] It can involve "wage fixing, kickbacks, or misrepresenting the independence of the relationship between the colluding parties."[2] All acts effected by collusion are considered void.

    Denial is a defense mechanism , in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.

    dishonesty through omission

    Evasion is an earlier stage in the shift away from reality, while self deception is a more advanced stage. The dishonest person begins by refusing to accept what he knows to be true and continues by convincing himself that what was negated by the facts he evaded was possible. Then the person has to keep evading the facts that negate his faked reality in order to perpetuate his fantasy... Self deception depends completely on evasion.

    en·abler Listen to the pronunciation of enabler
    \i-ˈnā-blər, -bəl-ər\

    : one that enables another to achieve an end ; especially : one who enables another to persist in self-destructive behavior (as substance abuse) by providing excuses or by making it possible to avoid the consequences of such behavior

    The Associated Press: Claims of savage rape emerge from Iran's prisons

    Claims of savage rape emerge from Iran's prisons

    By ALI AKBAR DAREINI (AP) – 20 hours ago

    TEHRAN, Iran — An Iranian opposition leader said Sunday that detained protesters are alleging male and female prisoners were savagely raped by their jailers to the point of physical and mental damage.

    Mahdi Karroubi, one of two defeated pro-reform candidates in the disputed June 12 presidential election, said he has received the reports of rapes from former military commanders and other senior officials and he called for an investigation.

    "A number of detainees have stated that some female detainees were so severely raped that their genitals were damaged. Others savagely raped young boys so that they suffer from depression and serious physical and mental damage," Karroubi said in a letter posted on his Web site.

    He said such crimes, if proven true, would "disgrace" Iran's Islamic ruling system. He did not name any officials who made the rape claims.

    Senior police and judiciary officials acknowledged over the weekend that opposition detainees have been abused in prison and called for those responsible to be punished, apparently in an effort to calm public outrage over the mistreatment and death of prisoners.

    Both the opposition and some vocal critics within the government's conservative support base have railed against mistreatment and deaths of prisoners, presenting another obstacle to silencing postelection unrest. The opposition claims the election was rigged in favor of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and that pro-reform challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi was the true winner.

    Iran has confirmed at least 30 people have died in the country's worst unrest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, though human rights activists say the toll is likely far higher. The country's chief prosecutor said about 200 protesters and opposition figures are still detained.

    Karroubi sent the letter to powerful cleric and former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who has backed reformists in the election dispute. In it, he asks Rafsanjani to bring the matter to the attention of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    He also called on Rafsanjani to direct one of the clerical bodies he leads to form a committee to investigate the claims. Rafsanjani heads the Assembly of Experts, an elected body of 86 clerics whose official role is to oversee the supreme leader's performance.

    Karroubi said he did not send the letter to Ahmadinejad because he considers his presidency illegitimate.

    The mistreatment of detainees arrested in the crackdown on protesters has extended far beyond the reformist camp. Influential figures in Iran's clerical hierarchy have also condemned the abuses and the three deaths known to have taken place at the Kahrizak prison, which is at the center of the abuse claims.

    Iran's prosecutor general called Sunday for those responsible for mistreatment to be punished and said protesters weren't even meant to be taken to Kahrizak prison, located on the southern outskirts of the capital, Tehran.

    The country's police chief Gen. Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam on Sunday also acknowledged protesters were beaten by their jailers at the same facility but maintained that the deaths in the prison were caused by a virus, not abuse.

    The head of the prison has since been arrested along with three guards there and the prison has been closed.

    About 100 of the detained opposition figures and protesters are on trial for charges including trying to overthrow the government. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called it a "show trial" in a weekend interview and said the U.S. supports the opposition.

    Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.
  28. Nedjarsan Member

    I think the regime is quite happy, that the discussion shifts to "misstreatment"
    of prisoners, away from rigging the election, killing peoples in the streets etc., etc.

    It will be soo easy for them to disperse these alligations on un-loyal wardens.
    They will have a big showtime to convict them to show the ppls:

    See, we go after each criminal.
  29. Machiavelli Member

    The crimes are too extreme to go by without impact.

    People have to see (IRIB) and people will remember.

    Even if Rafsanjani and Larijani will control a conservative government with Rezaie as President (to be extreme), this was happened will not be forgotten.

    In future there will be checks and balances and even more checks and balances.

    "People who claim to be devout muslims can be utterly evil."

    This is a deep insight. And it's slowly, slowly manifesting even among conservatives.
    From there on, nothing will be the same any more.
  30. Hechicera Member

    Yes, sadly, people who are utterly evil will claim to be anything that is convenient for cover or justification. History is littered with examples. :(
  31. am i the only one weirded out by the words "rape" and "probe" within the same line in tweets and headlines?
  32. Twister Member

    I'm literally nauseous

    While it cannot compare to what is being done to these girls and women... I was drugged and raped when I was 18.

    Over 2 decades later... reading those words brought back all the same emotions as if it were yesterday. I have goose-flesh, chills and am literally nauseated. It is the most demeaning, humiliating act. Bless all their souls to whom this is happening.

    To those perpetrating such barbarism: May you reap what you sow... in hell.
  33. I agree completely.
  34. SamSh Member

    I read the original article a while back.

    Makes my blood boil. What's even worse is things like this have been happening in Iran for the last 30 years and just now it's getting out...
  35. the jerks respond

    Hardliners Enraged by Revelation of “Rape” -

  36. a full English translation of this would be greatly appreciated.

    summary posted by a youtube poster:

    She is explaining how she was raped by a prosecutor from The Revolutionary Guard when she was 18. She was tortured in front of her daughter's eyes. When they could not get any information out of her one of the prosecutors raped her while she was in handcuffs and tied to a radiator in the prison corridor. She recalls how she was shocked and tried to commit suicide twice after that. She says any physical pain may be forgotten but to this day remembering this particular incident is painful.
  37. so. much. RAGE.

    Iran roiled by prison abuse claims - Los Angeles Times

  38. Those who go to such lengths to deny that this shit took place are almost certainly the same pigs that were promoting this barbaric behavior. All signs point to the revolutionary guard and their commanders, who take orders from Mojtaba, who takes orders from Khamenei himself.

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