Israel hails deadly blast in Iran

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by iraniam, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Of course Palestinians have a right to their own state, I'm not a crazy right wing religious freak. In fact, I hope they get a state soon, they deserve it.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    If I were living near Dimona I would be very worried. Not only are there cases of staff at the Negev nuclear unit being forced to drink uranium, as human guinea pigs, against all known human rights conventions, but also they are very nervous about the safety of the 1960's built facility, and even handed out thousands of pills to people living in the Hebron villages.
    More than 120 of the reactor’s employees have contacted various types of cancer directly linked to radiation but the Israeli government refuses to pay compensation.

    There are also numerous reports of sharp increases in cancers and mutations that the Israeli government has been keeping very quiet.

    Of course, the victims of the radiation problems are only Palestinians, or neighboring Jordanian towns, so they are not as important as Jewish people.

    I think before you accuse Vanunu of being a retard, you might want to listen to what he has to say about the safety, or lack of it, at the Dimona the plant.

    Oh and one more thing - in the 1960s, the French provided a low power reactor, smuggled through French customs disguised as non nuclear equipment.

    Israel adjusted the power output from 26 MW to it's current output of 150 MW. This has led to extreme strains on equipment not designed to tolerate huge loads.

    It could well be that your Promised Land could become contaminated to the point that much of it would be unsafe for habitation for over 10,000 years.
  3. telomere Member

    Hey, guess what?

    If what you say is accurate, that makes him even bigger an hero.
    He sacrificed his life, career, etc over some meaningless trivial spy game he thought he could win....
    when in reality, he was serving the interests of Israel by letting the nuclear cat out of the bag.

    Semi-Literate Taxi Drivers for Peace ftw! <3
  4. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps not, but this is an interesting and an important debate regardless.

    I think his bravery in blowing the whistle is nothing short of incredible. It alerted the world to the illegal and sneaky and evil production of weapons of mass destruction that Israel were building in secret.

    In addition - there is more regarding the nuclear issue that is alarming to almost every US citizen. From this link:
    At least 10 tons of uranium was given to Israel by South Africa under the Apartheid regime.

    But 100 tons of enriched uranium (enough for the production of 6 bombs) was stolen from an American plant (NUMEC) in Pennsylvania between 1962 and 1965.
    The CIA determined that the uranium was transferred to Israel by the plant's general manager, Zalman Shapiro, a Jew with connections to the Mossad and other covert Israeli agencies.

    He never set out to become an intellectual. He is an engineer.

    Just to help you put the safety in perspective, there is more from that link.

    The Dimona reactor is identical to the French reactor Marcoule.
    The French closed down this reactor in 1984 due to its advanced age.
    Reactors of this type are designed to operate 40 years.
    The Dimona reactor has been operational for 45 (since its core became critical), and is considered very old and outdated, a factor which raises the risks of a malfunction and of a nuclear incident.

    With Fukushima and Chernobyl still poisoning millions, and indeed the inadequate waste disposal structures of Russia and the USA, the hypocrisy of Israel screaming "unfair" when Iran wants to openly and honestly join the nuclear club is simply staggering.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Another question is therefore posed - what happens to the waste products from the nuclear reactor?

    Simple. They just bury highly radioactive material where the Palestinians live. Then they destroy all the Palestinian geiger counters and radiation detectors.

    As for the waste products resulting from nuclear enrichment operations in Dimona reactor, Dr. Abu Safiya said that it's buried in areas near the Palestinian Authority controlled territories, as well as Jordanian and Egyptian ones, especially in those areas where the flow of aquifer water and direction of the wind is not in Israel's favor.

    A report by Israel's second TV channel revealed that Dimona reactor's waste products are buried in the areas east of the Al Bureij refugee camp and the town of Deir El Balah.

    Currently, the Palestinian Authority for Environment Quality is trying to get a permission to get water analysis equipment inside Gaza Strip to check these areas, but Israel is refusing.

    "During the current Intifada, Israelis have buried nearly 50,000 tons of industrial chemical waste in Gaza Strip, only 30 meters deep, on an area of 5,000 square meters, as they stole the arable soil and moved it inside Israel and buried industrial waste in its place. This means that there's 150,000 cubic meters of poisonous waste buried in Gaza, which is a catastrophe. Moreover, Israel isn't affected by this waste because it was buried opposite to the flow of aquifer water," Abu Safiya narrated.

    In the West Bank, most of what's buried is in the direction of the eastern hills, because it's not included in the Israeli-controlled lands, unlike the western hills.
    Now, the eastern hills are polluted with chemical waster and pesticides.

    Covering Up for Their Crimes
    In Ramallah and Hebron, the Palestinian Authority had some basic equipment to measure radiation and environmental pollution.
    These equipment didn't only check radiation, but pollution in general, such as soil, water, air and chemical pollution.

    In this subject, Dr. Abu Safiya said that small devices were discovered inside helicopters, which is used to regulate the fan's rotation, as well as providing the pilot with some technical data.

    These devices, if exposed to a person or played with by children, might lead to death or blood and gene mutations, as it contains radioactive materials.

    The Minister added that "after these devices wore out, the Israelis dump them in the Palestinian controlled lands, and we found three of these devices in Ramallah, one of which was in President Yasser Arafat's office 'Al Moqata'a'."
    Such devices were also found during the Israeli invasion of Ramallah City on March 29, 2002, after the Authority received warnings of suspicious radioactive materials.
    When specialists from the Authority of Environment Quality reached the area and checked these parts, they found out that it contained glowing radioactive materials.
    The instruments those specialists had indicated that radiation levels exceeded the maximum limit.

    When the manufacturing company was contacted concerning that, the company replied that these parts were sold to the Israeli Air Force, and that it's used in helicopters of the type CH53.

    As soon as the Israeli occupying forces invaded Ramallah, the radiation checking equipment were destroyed, including those equipment used to check the radioactive parts.
    Additionally, IOF blew up the environment laboratory in Hebron and Ramallah, and destroyed all the equipment by throwing them from the fifth floor.

    Lately, a cargo of Israeli waste was uncovered in the city of Hebron, which was composed of 80 barrels, in addition to 120 others in the town of Al Ezareya, Jerusalem district.
    Furthermore, IOF moved in a cargo of 2,500 tons of radioactive base coarse, and the radiation was further confirmed when it was checked.
    The shipment was coming from Italy, and when the Israeli Ministry of Environment discovered that the radiation level of the base coarse was four times higher than that internationally allowed, the shipment was illegitimately diverted to Gaza City.
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  6. telomere Member

    agree with that,

    also this (very much!)

    this too.

    He may have been competent and smart and employable as a nuclear plant technician once,
    but 18 years in prison does take a lot out of you. I don't any particular faith in what he says today,
    but what he said 20 years ago- that still counts.

    I'm glad Israel has not had to use its nukes, I hope the current regime in Iran never gets a chance to build and use its own.
    I hope that when Iran (eventually) develops this ability, they will be on friendly terms with all their neighbors.

    Someday, I expect everyone everywhere will have nukes,
    but I remain hopeful that the Islamic Republic of Iran doesn't last that long.
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    This is incorrect.

    They announced nuke capability in 1973.

    On the afternoon of 6 October 1973, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel in a coordinated surprise attack, beginning the Yom Kippur War.
    Israeli front lines crumbled. By early afternoon on 7 October, no effective forces were in the southern Golan Heights and Syrian forces had reached the edge of the plateau, overlooking the Jordan River. This crisis brought Israel to its second nuclear alert.
    Prime Minister Golda Meir and her “kitchen cabinet” made the decision on the night of 8 October. The Israelis assembled 13 twenty-kiloton atomic bombs.
    The number and in fact the entire story was later leaked by the Israelis as a great psychological warfare tool.
    Although most probably plutonium devices, one source reports they were enriched uranium bombs.
  9. SOJOA Member

    Im not backing the Jews either. My point is if you dish it out and not take it then fuck you.

    Frankly I could care less about the Middle East as a whole but if your gonna have a pissing contest on both sides why is this news?
  10. SOJOA Member

    Agreed. Plus then all eyes on them and since they are then a nation, ALL the other nations of the world will be observing.

    Honestly I dont think they know really what they are asking for but I feel they deserve it as well.
  11. Anonymous Member

    At the moment the Palestinian state will consist of the most radioactive refugee camp on the planet - the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank.

    I wonder if by granting status to Palestine will it be able to lever compensation for all the nuclear waste Israel has dumped upon it?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Please document this. I'm not challenging, just VERY interested, Thanks!
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  13. Anonymous Member

    The reverse vectors boggle. I can only laugh, though it's about the least funny thing there is.

  14. Anonymous Member

    They want their country returned to them... all any indigenous people who have been colonized by a foreign power want.

    Zionism causes blindness, apparently.

    This sounds exactly like the 1% = "What do the 99% want? BAWWWWWWWWW!"
  15. SOJOA Member

    First off the Jews came from that region and then LEGALLY bought alot of the land during WW2 before and after it. Then they built it up and then the Muslims went oh shit! WTF we didnt expect this......then it turned into a pissing contest.

    Again dont dish it out if you cant take it. Also, this hardcore religious approach you seem to have it was the problem is there in the first place.
  16. SOJOA Member

    Also again, If they want an acknowledged country of their own I agree with them but think about it. Once they are a recognized country by the UN....bombings....assassination plots.....war against Isreal........more whining and crying for land....guess whats gonna happen. The UN as a whole is gonna go huh....we cant have that happen can we.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    Dimona’s Buried Nuclear Waste Spreads Cancer and Sterility in Southern Hebron and Negev

    Israeli Nuclear Waste 'Leads to Palestinian Cancer'

    Palestine- An Israeli dumping ground for radioactive/toxic waste

    Burying Nuclear Waste in the Palestinian Territories

    Nuclear threat to the Golan!!!


    The following website provides comprehensive satellite mapping links and technical details of the Dimona reactor


    And back to the story about uranium put into juice and given to employees of the plant.

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  19. Anonymous Member

    Don't forget the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

    And while we are talking about nuclear waste and threats to US citizens from Israel - check this out - the waste that they aren't burying in Palestinian territories they are sending to the USA.

    Yep, that's right. Jewish lobby groups might want to keep this quiet. I do not.
  20. Anonymous Member

    I realize this is a thread derail - but I believe it is a matter of vital importance to people everywhere.

    Israel lies. They are the state equivalent of scientologists. They will say or do ANYTHING to get their own way.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Thanks to all three of Us. Glad to know there are some sane people here.
  22. Anonymous Member

    OMG, how did you come to this conclusion? Dimona is a Jewish town + a bunch of Hebrew Israelites are living there.
  23. Anonymous Member

    But they are burying the radioactive waste in the Gaza strip.

    Bozuri, you know full well the Arab beaches are littered with builders waste and scrap metal whilst the Jewish beaches are nice & clean.

    It's just a nastier manifestation of the general inhuman treatment meted out to the Arabs, by those who more often than not are the illegal Jewish occupiers.

    This takes it to another level. Let's have some radiation detecting equipment in Gaza. Why do the Israeli authorities not allow this?
  24. Anonymous Member

    The difference being that Iran is a crazy regime based on sharia law that stones women to death for cheating on their husbands, that hangs suspected gays in public squares, that doesn't allow people to have dogs as pets, that makes women wear black chardors when it's 35 degrees celcius outside, that is'a regime that held the distasetful "best holocaust cartoon competition". On top of that you can't say that Iran has it's programme out in the open - the only open part is the one where they say they want nuclear energy, while numerous intelligence reports have shown that they do have nuclear weapon aspirations. Not to mention, that some of their facilities were not declared. Qom is a good example of that.
  25. Anonymous Member

    I honestly don't have any information about that and can't make any intelligent comments about it. Obviously I don't think that Israel is doing everything by the book, it's quite possible that you might be right. However, I doubt Israel can burry anything in Gaza nowadays, since Israel doesn't have a presense inside the Gaza strip itself. It is possible that they've done something of the sort in the part. Je ne sais pas.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Oh blah! Why don't you go and live in free Syria or Iran. I bet they are nothing like Scientologists.
  27. Anonymous Member

    I met a Moroccan taxi driver. He said heads of state in Israel, Iran and Syria talk a big game, but really buddy up and form a hidden coalition to protect their grip on regional power. Assad is an oldschool dictator, Ali Khamenei the same and according to wikileaks; the Knesset is overrun with organized crime syndicates. Together, they keep shit locked down with guns, fear and violence.

    "When you see Mossad in Syrian streets, you´ll know what it means now."

    No dox, as there probably are none, so GettingTFO
  28. Anonymous Member

    Who are you to judge?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Ad hom is the order of the day.

    Watch the claws.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Nice way to deflect from

    Address that, if you can.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Fixed it for you.

    If Israel can have nukes, so can Iran. And it's Iran that feels more threatened by Israel right now, seeing how it's really just one giant landing strip for the US military the size of Long Island.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Moroccans live peacefully with the Jewish in their homeland. But they are not so stupid. Look at Essaouria.
    Slowly at first, Jewish traders came and bought a few houses, then within two decades had squeezed out the natives and formed their own ghetto.

    Also, whenever you hear of serious human rights issues in Israel, where the settlers have again been killing children or helicopter gunships have been shelling families in the West Bank or Gaza - it is guaranteed there will be some unscheduled documentaries about the Holocaust on TV that night. All part of the plan.
    Even Vanunu, growing tired of waiting for the Sunday Times to corroborate his story, decided to see Robert Maxwell who at the time owned the Mirror newspaper group in London, not knowing that Maxwell was on the phone to Jerusalem within minutes of the meeting ending.

    The Jewish state of Israel was founded on terrorism. Never forget that.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Bozuri I am not here to upset you or insult you.

    Bjt your dismissal of Mordechai Vanunu reminds me of the Scientology dismissal of Rathbun or Beghe.

    Apostate, madman, criminal.

    Anything to deflect the truth of the evil within.
  34. Anonymous Member

    It really ought to be called "Chez Rothschild", for that is what it truly is.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Zionism is a CULT, with roots far darker and deeper than Scientology.

    Good luck deprogramming such a one.
  36. Anonymous Member

    How many nuclear warheads does Israel have?
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    Approximately 250.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Also - it is the USA and Israel who speak openly of pre-emptive strikes.

    Mossad operations - many of them utter failures - saw most of the leaders of the Islamic world targeted for assassination.

    Saddam Hussein being a notable example. They had more ridiculous failed attempts on his life than the USA did with Fidel Castro.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Not all Israeli Jews are Zionists. I do not believe Bozuri is a Zionist at all.

    Nor do I want the posts I have made twisted into some sort of anti-Bozuri mission, because that is certainly not my intention.
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