Israel Seriously Considering Attacking Iran Amid Post-Election Unrest

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. If Israel gets nuked, it would be with what, 1-5 nukes. Don't they have 200+ nukes? I think they could pretty much irradiate an entire country the size of Iran with that many nukes, so both countries would be unlivable.

    Not many people would appreciate anyone nuking Jerusalem, either. That would piss off two fifths of the world.
  2. If Ahmadinejad is the problem then why threaten to attack and destroy the momentum of the Iranian opposition? It does not make sense, why send warships to the read sea and send stern warnings of imminent attack while the country is still going through post-election opposition protests. If Israel really wants a non-fanatical regimes in Iran they should not be acting in such a manner. We all know what will happen if Israel attacks, the country will unify behind Khamenei, and the opposition movement will disappear for some years.

    Where did I say the green movement is extremist in any way?? And why would be trying to scare Iranians, I am Iranian myself and I have half of my family in Isfahan. I'm 100% for the Green Revolution and my heart is 100% with the people of Iran.

    Ahmadinejad as crazy as he is will not start a war, he is just waiting for Israel to attack, nothing would make him more popular within or without the country.
  3. They are not threatening to attack Iran. The regime is claiming they are threatening to attack Iran. Using it as a tool, to scare people with. Israel is, however, letting the regime know they are there waiting, in case it gets crazy and sends shit their way.

    Lets hope not. Because like I said, the message is that if he does try to attack Israel to cause a distraction, he won't last long.

    If the green movement succeeds, all is good and fine. If it is crushed, there will be war. I give it 90% probability. Israel isn't going to wait for a pissed off, irritated ayatollah to take his frustration out on them after he finishes killing off his own people.
  4. Simple. Because fucking jackasses like Israeli hard-liners in power right now enjoy political grandstanding by starting arguments fights wars with other fucking jackasses like Khamenei and Ahmedinejad.

    Of course, neither side will actually care about its citizens. They just like the feeling of being in power and causing mass chaos on the world stage.

    Fucking douchebags.

    Petition to make these jackass world political leaders figures duke it out in a steel cage wrestling match?
  5. Srpska Member

    Not war as in full-on war, I don't think, but Israel will probably strike Iran's nuclear facilities.
  6. Israel has a history of cooperating with undemocratic nations in the middle east and elsewhere. In defense, Israeli self-preservation is invoked. Whether that is a valid argument given the circumstances is another debate, but since both Israel's supporters and detractors thus admit that support for undemocratic nations has gone on, sanctimonious statements about Israel and the freedom of people in the Middle East are ridiculously naive and plainly false.

    On another note, consider the new school: New Historians - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The New Historians (Hebrew: ההיסטוריונים החדשים‎, HaHistorionim HaHadashim) are a loosely-defined group of Israeli historians who have challenged traditional Israeli assumptions about Israeli history, including Israel's role in the Palestinian Exodus in 1948 and Arab willingness to discuss peace with Israel. Much of their primary source material comes from declassified Israeli government papers, partially because Arab institutions lack open archives.
    According to Shlaim:
    • The official version said that Britain tried to prevent the establishment of a Jewish state; the New Historians claimed that it tried to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state
    • The official version said that the Palestinians fled their homes of their own free will; the New Historians said that the refugees were chased out or expelled
    • The official version said that the balance of power was in favor of the Arabs; the New Historians said that Israel had the advantage both in manpower and in arms
    • The official version said that the Arabs had a coordinated plan to destroy Israel; the New Historians said that the Arabs were divided
    • The official version said that Arab intransigence prevented peace; the New Historians said that Israel is primarily to blame for the dead end.[1]

    These issues are contentious, no doubt, but dismissing serious criticism of Israel as the propaganda of the Ayatollah is disingenuous when such criticism as this of Israel's founding myths comes from within Israel.

    Israel was an ally of the Shah's government in Iran before the Shah was overthrown. Israel also cooperated with apartheid South Africa. Israel and the United States depend on the repression of democratic ambitions in several states in the Middle East as part of their security calculus, such as Egypt and Jordan.

    In Lebanon, much was made recently that opponents of Hizbullah won the election, supposedly dealing a blow to the forces of sectarianism. Ironically, Hizbullah and its allies actually won the popular vote, but didn't win the election because seats are divided along sectarian lines and the Shi'ite population are proportionally under-represented.

    The Suez Crisis was an interesting example of Israeli foreign policy in the Middle East. Britain, France and Israel attacked Egypt because Egypt was nationalizing the Suez Canal, which is entirely within Egyptian territory. There are many dimensions to this event that are not to be dismissed, such as Cold War strategic considerations, much as similar considerations were involved in the Vietnam War. But that doesn't make the Vietnam War any more palatable, and revisionist tellings of Israeli magnanimity are risible.
  7. Reformers should welcome elimination of nuke program

    The sole source of the regime's power is the nuclear program. For years, there has been no viable economy to speak of apart from the regime's ability to make terroristic threats to gain economic and material support from other countries. Their use as a proxy for post-soviet Russian ambitions in the middle east (and indirect control over Iranian oil) also stems from their potential as a nuclear threat. Eliminating the nuclear program ought to be a primary goal of true reformers; if they had any foresight, they'd welcome an Israeli or American raid.
  8. please stop this nonsense about Israel attacking Iran, this forum is about Iran not about Israel not about US , UK or whatever.......

    Israel does not attack Iran, and certainly not an Iran which is democratic... which we will see in 2009
  9. The thread is about the effect Israeli strikes would have on Iran as a whole and the Green Movement in particular.

    And yet you couldn't resist commenting yourself on what you admonish others to leave alone.

    If Iran's nuclear program were what motivated Israel to strike it, this motivation would exist with either Ahmadinejad or Moussavi in power. There is popular, democratic support in Iran for a weapons program. The public is willing to forfeit this weapons program for international cooperation, but accepting humiliating conditions that other nations do not have to accept, like no enrichment within Iranian borders, is a non-starter.

    See also the popular Iranian sentiment towards Israel:

    Have you ever even heard speeches by the likes of Moussavi or Rafsanjani? Rafsanjani proposed in one sermon to solve the "Israel problem" with a nuclear bomb.

    The strategic security goals of Israel and Iran are incompatible, whether Iran were democratic or not. War is never an impossibility.
  10. No, not all out war. More of a surgical war, at least on Israel's part. Israel's MO is using precision and surgical strikes, not brute force.

    But the Iranian regime, however, has clearly demonstrated time and time again the brute force approach. So the retaliation for Israel taking out their nuclear strikes would probably be less specific. It would probably involve launching a lot of missiles, forcing Hamas and Hizbolla into offensives, and shutting down the Persian Gulf. Or at least trying to. So the area, especially in and around Iran, would devolve into complete chaos.

    It will all be so much better if the regime just steps aside, lets the prisoners go, stops breaking into people's houses at night, shooting them from rooftops. Letting them speak, and participate. Any other path is disastrous. It is a crime against the world that such a small clique of murderous scum hold so much power over the lives of so many.
  11. it aint gonna happen bro.....

    [ame=]YouTube - Tim Minchin : Angry (feet) - poem[/ame]

    apologies if the BUBBLE is now POPPED !!
  12. I don't get it. What exactly are you trying to say? That politicians have anger issues, because he says he wants to be a politician? That was all I saw in this that was relevant, and it didn't exactly pop any bubbles or put any issues to rest.
  13. No offense, but keep your panties on buddy!! They will eat themselves like revolution in Iranthat is eating its children.
  14. Why on earth would ever -and least of all now- Israel attack Iran?
    That's inane. It would be the third gratest political suicide of our times, after Hitler waging war to USSR and the occupation of the american embassy in Iran.
  15. 1) Die.
    2) You think that you can do whatever you want with your bombs? Allah controls the Cause! Anything can happen, including those who are willing to take on the mission, might die immediately, or become paralyzed.... and other possibilities like bombs explode in home country, friendly fire :D
    3) Iran is not Arab you ignorant for you to say "After Iran it will be the rest of the Arabs!"
    4) Don't let the madness of power beat you!
    5) Die! again.
  16. Chill. That guy obviously isn't an Israeli. He's some fag pretending to be one, for the lulz. You just got trolled.
  17. successful troll is successful.

    interesting how the busiest threads right now are about israel and iran puffing up their chest feathers at each other.
  18. I doubt there are even Israelis in here. Just skinheads, ron paul weirdos and basijis trying to scare people on one side, and sane people on the other who don't like the three other groups. These people are a joke.

    So it is pasadran stooges puffing up their chests, and everyone else rolling their eyes at them.
  19. Stop trolling the word "troll" over and over again. Trolls! u r.
  20. Troll.

  21. troll troll troll

    oh, i wasn't even thinking about israelis trolling around here, just that the topic/news titles that are bumped to the top are all about the two countries squawking at each other about nukes again, which actually isn't news since they've been doing it to each other for quite a while anyway.
  22. the tepid war

    c'mon you guys, the other thread is winning the posts race.
  23. You can really tell when the pasadran aren't out beating people, because during those times any thread about Israel or any of their other usual propaganda topics draws them like flies.

    They need to throw these threads down in the off-topic section, because they aren't about news anymore. Or make a special "basiji hangout" section, for the threads they mass on. Maybe a "freaks section" or "the traitor's lounge". And anyone who wants to argue endlessly can go there and look at the pathetic freaks pretending not to be what they obviously are, and start arguing with them. Maybe call it "Baghdad Bob's Soapbox".
  24. Ray Murphy Member

    Ooops, I just realised that I don't know what Israel did to Iran. Did anyone ever write it down?
  25. These are excellent suggestions.
  26. Nothing, thats why this thread is totally stupid...
  27. isnt that the point of all this.. to turn peoples attention away from the real problems, make them unite and forget about internal affairs

    and this is all your going to see from the west media.. ISRAEL threatens Iran..Iran talks war with ISREAL

    same old bullshit
  28. Shouldn't this be locked too ~SanguineRose~ ? :)
  29. mods pls lock & ban.

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