It's TIME for Iranians to get ORGANIZED

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. In nearly every video the horrors is disgusting and shocking...what you are going through...but you have to go through it for freedom, it is the price you must pay...we cannot pay it for you...

    HOWEVER, that being said young Iranians are among the best and brightest, I know, I have plenty of Iranian get organized.


    Create volunteers among those cells who will be like "medics" and learn friend first aid techniques, find local doctors and nurses willing to provide treatment in a safe area, CARRY first aid supplies and stay out of the action until called in to provide aid, get in and get out with the victim as fast as possible.

    Have the computer geeks seek out and utilize any and all computer tech to not only protect your anonymity but fight back in getting the news out...

    Right now you are all too must organize this is open war against your persons and freedom...

    Learn some self defense moves, apply the PROTECT YOURSELF information found on this forum...look around you, this has been done before, effectively..(hell we still can't catch Bin Laden)...the Mujaheddin of Afghanistan are very effective at using local terrain and just about everything else to evade their government (I am advocating tactics not violence).

    ORGANIZE more people acting in concert together means more risk of infiltration but it also means more people getting more things done.

    Expect the government to kill you in any way they can..NOW get mad, and start..organizing to hinder their efforts in any way you can. All the Basiji in the city? take your battle away from them. Develop code words and meanings DO NOT WRITE THEM DOWN or communicate them electronically. If you have those among you who speak a totally different language USE THEM.

    We cannot step in and save you...I wish we could but we cannot. This is your battle..if you give up now you will never have what it is you long for...FREEDOM...

    STAND UP, STAND TOGETHER..ORGANIZE! There are old men among your numbers who have knowledge you can use, even if they can no longer stand up...USE THEM!

    SMALL local cells..NO NAMES, organize!
  2. I have been working in concert with people in my local ANON cell for OVER A YEAR now and I have no idea of anyone's real life name, work, NOTHING...I cannot give away information I do not know.

    Use specific people in each cell to act as media people with cameras, whatever you can use to capture what is going on...have them give their "news" to the computer geeks to get out to the world. Too many people trying to capture the same things means no one is tending to the wounded, no one is watching out for the bad guys...

  3. Mindsun Member

    organize your heart

    I mean no offence here. I wish you all well in your goals to gain some freedom. The answer is not many groups. If you have many groups, you would have to be in several locations in a single moment. So the answer is to have a group that suits you personality, and if no exists it is then a group of one. You. Then when you have a group with a true mission you can have communication between groups. And that is power in the world, groups work togeather. Mutual benefit. So you can do a small part to make a difference. It is difficult to see the progress sometimes, and we do not want to have no progress. If you can listen to the members of a group you can understand how the group is connected to other people in other groups. Be true to yourself, represent the highest ideal. In life or death

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