I've been camped at Standing Rock for over a month

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Consensus, Oct 26, 2016.

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    where the fuck are you lol
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  3. White Tara Global Moderator

    Actually from what I just heard on irc, this is shaping up to be quite interesting.
  4. White Tara Global Moderator
    More at link.

    Also here:
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    The mercs rolled through Front Line camp today. There's three major camps; Sacred Stone is on the Reservation, and is well winterized. Oceti Sakowin is on Army Corps land (or Treaty Land, depending on who you ask), and hosts the Red Warriors and the Wild Oglala. It's not properly winterized. Front Line (or 'Sacred Ground') actually stands in the way of the pipeline - the other two are symbolic and for support.

    Sabotage is very much still an option.
  6. Consensus Member

    There's a heavy presence of Anon-identifying persons. Guy Fawkes Masks with feathers on 'em. They're hoping you folk help them from the Spider Web.

    There's a prophesy, dating back to Crazy Horse's time. In the time of The Seventh Generation (Read: Millennials), a black snake will threaten the land, bringing with it ruin and destruction. The Seventh Generation, using the old ways and studying the ways of outsiders, will cut the snake into pieces, then cut off its head. The Lakota people will never again be the same.

    There's mention of a Spiderweb that stretches across the land - it's being interpreted as The Internet.

    The Honiwashoni ('Iroquois') tell of three snakes; a black snake that represents industry, a gold snake that represents the banks, and a silver snake that represents the military industrial complex. Today, the silver snake rolled over camp, in service of the black snake and the gold snake.

    They're looking to you.
  7. My advice would be to avoid any blatantly illegal activity.
  8. Respect.

    Brave ( no pun intended....well maybe)
  9. Consensus Member

    I have three scenes to share with you.

    Dorothy's Scene: a family of Lakota, living in Wind Cave, in the Black Hills (back before the White Buffalo Calf Woman gave them the tipi and taught them to follow the Buffalo), is navigating in the dark. They find the path they would normally take has been blocked - a cave-in. They turn and start looking for another path.

    Joe's Scene: a Lakota man, covered head to toe in Buffalo hide, trudges through the plains in winter, snow up to his knees. Two pack dogs carry his things - and in either hand, he holds a buffalo horn full of hot coals. He reaches his destination, dumps the coals into a fire pit, and builds a fire.

    Jacob's Scene: A rider on horseback, bareback, connected by flesh and a hemp-braid rope bridle. He pulls alongside a massive ancient buffalo, charging at 40 miles an hour. He takes the reigns between his teeth, leans out away from the buffalo, and draws his bow, aiming just ahead of the horse's nose. He leans his head back to jerk the reins, cuing the horse to slow, and as the Buffalo takes the lead, he looses his arrow - which penetrates under the buffalo's shoulder blade, piercing his heart, and the buffalo just /drops/.
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    Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwo...g-rock-helped-maangozit-keep-his-braid-165880
    The State of North Dakota is acting as the trustee????
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    Yesterday, this coalition of sheriffs from across the midwest, deputized by the local sheriff and operating under the governor of North Dakota, pushed the Front Line camp back to a bridge, affording them access to the space where they are building this part of the 1000 mile long black snake.

    Tonight, I approached the BIA at their checkpoint, to the south, on Res land. They were friendly, but tight-lipped. I was told their jurisdiction ends with the reservation, and that they do sometimes leave the rez, but only for 'life and death' circumstances.
    I then attempted to parler with the "less lethal" turret, operated by all them deputized sheriffs. I walked, holding sage, across the bridge - around burned out vehicles, over large piles of ash that were they day before massive logs. They got on their bullhorn and told me to turn around. I shouted, asking to parlet with the co. They shouted me down. They told me if I continue talking, they will use less-lethal force on me.
    I turned around and walked away. A man, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, was standing ominously behind me, in the floodlight's glare.
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  13. Consensus Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

    That's way beyond messed up. This is surreal and so real. I cried for hours after the buffalo came. With you in spirit, brother.
  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The local county jail was too small for all the protesters who were arrested so they were shipped to other counties and treated badly including some being housed in very basic holding pens overnight. They got numbers written on their arms, and armed men went from teepee to teepee. That's what the US Army did during the Indian wars, then killed the people they pulled from the teepees. This is culturally horrible for the First Nation.
    People were treated badly when they were arrested in Ferguson too but this sounds a lot worse. It's a remote area and a protest by isolated people so it's not compelling to the general press.
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    The Lakota People have seven tribes, and each tribe has a Sacred Council Fire. A tipi, properly erected, has the door facing the sunrise - that's not superstition; it puts northerly winds (the coldest) at your back, so they will draw the smoke out of the top flaps. This affords, safely, fire-in-a-tent (!!!). If the winds come from the south, or the southeast, you put out your fire and close the flaps. If you leave the flaps open and fire burning while warm winds blow, it will push the smoke back in to the tipi, making for discomfort and danger.

    Buffalo will go around tipis, even if they're stampeding.

    Wind won't knock a tipi down; I've seen plenty of walmart tents get shredded and go sailing.

    Oceti Sakowin, where I'm camped, is the 'Seven Sacred Fires' camp. Tipis can be assembled together, into a longhouse. The seven council fires can, when appropriate, bring their seven tipis to one location, assemble a longhouse, and then have all other tipis form a half-moon shape around it - the opening again facing the rising sun. This seems to be an ideal design for weathering cold winters with high winds.

    The last time Oceti Sakowin camp was formed was in 1854. There, all the native signatories to the Ft. Laramie Treaty were assassinated.
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  18. The Internet Member

    I hope a bunch of smart lawyers step up to help the Native Americans with their claim to the land.

    If control of Federal lands is given to the states, corporations will take control of them in short order. Because it is easier for corporations to bribe state legislators than a whole bunch of Federal people.

    I have been seeing some evidence of Native Americans getting suckered into thinking they can be rich if they hand over access to their land to the oil, gas, and mining industries. Divide and conquer tech, I suspect.
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  19. Consensus Member

    The Oglala People have /never/ sold their land.

    The Pine Ridge Reservation, where many Oglala live, is the poorest rez.

    There's another war brewing. A week or so back, a squad of hitmen rolled up at a youth basketball tournament at pine ridge. They shot a young man four times in the head, in broad daylight, in front of a gym full of kids. Then they ran over the kid's head with their vehicle and drove away.

    The next day, the tribal leadership received notice from a Mexican Cartel. This young man owed them money for meth, which was fronted to him. The note said there were ten more people.

    The BIA re-deployed in response to this.
  20. DeathHamster Member

    They've declared a No Fly Zone over the area--which is nothing of the kind: Police will continue to fly helicopters. Media aircraft and private drones are off limits.
    In the videos on the page, the helicopter isn't visible, and I'm inclined to believe that a drone couldn't get close to one because of the down-blast. It looks like they were shooting just to enforce their control of the situation.
  21. The Internet Member

    Why would a drug gang alert tribal leadership that they are gonna shoot some people? Seems more like terrorism than business.

    From my understanding of Breaking Bad, hits are a way to claim turf from rival gangs. Or a way to send a message to people who are stealing from the higher ups. Small time users who don't pay get cut off or recruited to deal their way out of debt.

    Four times in the head from a distance seems unusually skilled.

    I wonder if that Mexican Cartel speaks Russian. Because the KGB are in the oil and gas business these days. And they have been busy over here lately.

    Might be a good idea for the BIA and the tribes to look at who has been trying to hack their systems the past few months.
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  24. The Internet Member

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  26. The Internet Member

    Good summary of the issues below.

    If I were President, I would urge Congress to define an objective "Public Interest Test" to be applied to all corporate entities whether public, private, for-profit or non-profit. Consequences for any pattern of abuse of the public interest would be grounds for placing that company under the control of a body representing the public. Because enough of this corporate takeover of our government.

    Also, an oil pipeline under a large fresh water supply is troubling. Those things leak a lot.

    Also, we have five years to reverse global warming or we will melt the permafrost and get runaway warming.

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  27. Anonymous Member

    That I shall. Apologies and I'm back to remove my post, anyway. Mind removing my link from yours? I'm here for a reason. Now I'm far gone.Hasta
  28. Our Revolution

    Tell Hillary Clinton to Oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline for Fracked Oil

    The Dakota Access pipeline would carry some of the dirtiest oil on the planet across four states, putting at risk farms, native land, critical water sources, and our flight against climate change. This week, police arrested more than 100 Native activists and destroyed their encampment in the path of the pipeline.

    Hillary Clinton said only that both sides need to come together to find a solution. That's not good enough. The pipeline must be canceled, and the next president has the power to do it.

    Our letter to Hillary Clinton:
    The Dakota Access pipeline would threaten farms, poison the water sources for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, and contribute to climate change. It cannot be built if we are serious about protecting the planet.

    The next president has the power to stop the Dakota Access pipeline. Secretary Clinton, you must stand firm and stop this pipeline, just as President Obama finally canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline. Add your name to this page to sign our letter. We'll make sure it's delivered to Secretary Clinton's campaign.
  29. The Internet Member

  30. DeathHamster Member
    After Harper, I don't know if Trudeau would get involved in US pipeline affairs.
  31. DeathHamster Member

  32. Consensus Member

    The Buffalo face an oncoming storm.
    Three hundred parts per million.
    The Merc camp will *not* Parler.
    The Oglala women put holes in Custers ears, so that he might listen in the next life.
    A riot is the language of the unheard.

    I think corporate america has underestimated the resolve of these people.
  33. Consensus Member

    If anybody cares, I have a paypal account - - and any money that comes in gets used to help the Wounded Knee Kitchen on Wild Oglala Lane
  34. The Internet Member

    Yo, Consensus:

    Remind people that the bad guys have a plan: get protesters to riot, destroy property, threaten violence, and hopefully start punching. Ideally on camera. Because when that happens they win.

    Protesters have the moral high ground. That is their most dangerous weapon. Do not drop that weapon for even a moment.

    The bad guys will sniff out drama and butthurt amongst you. They will throw gas on the fire. They will promote paranoia. Remember what you want and your right to it: due process. Nobody can use land you have a claim to without proper, lawful procedures.

    America is watching you guys feeling worried about the way oil companies spend a fuck ton of money to sabotage people who oppose them. They spread disinfo. They dead agent. They infiltrate and enturbulate. They have been acting like Scientologists, basically. Document that stuff and those guys will have to retreat.
  35. DeathHamster Member

    It wasn't a very cunning plan if they sent in a pasty white guy to infiltrate a bunch of people who've camped for a month.
  36. The Internet Member

    Yeah that guy was lame. But this pipeline project is worth billions. The protest group has to be under a microscope. Expect entrapment tricks.

    Added: That last Young Turks clip led me to believe DAPL had to stay 20 miles from the water. But now Cenk is saying that rule was more of a "suggestion." Like suggestions mean anything, gah.

    Cenk goes on to speculate that Obama isn't going to do shit because he doesn't care. Seems to me if Obama doesn't do something within the next couple of weeks that pipeline is going under the river. No environmental impact report. No plan for how they will handle the inevitable spill.

    What is going on with the EPA? Have they been neutered?
  37. The Internet Member

    I'm glad TYT are putting some time into this issue because the mainstream media aren't paying attention.

    The Bundy guys were on the Koch Libertarian gravy train, which is all about undermining the Federal government so large corporations can do whatever the hell they want. That is why those fuckers got so much undeserved respect.

    If we let DAPL roll over citizens worried about their water supply, with state and local cops serving as the corporation's personal army, that will set a precedent that will affect everyone in the US.

    Time to email your congress critters about this.

    Also Mr. Obama, I am dissapoint.
  38. Consensus Member

    Honestly, one of the best things y'all could do for me would be to Growth Hack the next National Day of Solidarity (get crowds, even small crowds, in a hundred different cities), then cut together a video akin to Pelvidar's brilliant 'Road to February x' (whatever day that was) video.
  39. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    What's the date?

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