I've started a simple scientology activism site

Discussion in 'Projects' started by xenu101, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. xenu101 Member

    I've started a simple scientology activism site

    I've started a simple, accessible site that I think will serve well as a "starting point" for the general public. The problem with many anti-scientology sites is that they're just too big, ugly, wordy and generally scary for the average Joe, especially in our ADD culture. This site is just a few videos and links to a few other sites, including this one.

    I was careful not to use any church material and make it very clear that I just aim to give people the full story and allow them to form their own, informed decision. I don't think attacking the church is the right idea, or at least the right way to hit the public with first off. I believe that people are a lot more likely to take action if they decide for themselves about Scientology rather than have it shoved down their throat.

    If you've got any suggestions, I'd love to hear them, and it would be good if someone could clarify for certain that there's nothing on the site that Scientology could threaten legal action against me for. As far as I know, I've covered all the bases, none of the images or videos are owned by the church, and I'm not hosting any Scientology documentation (and the videos are embedded YouTube, I'm not hosting them). Dreamhost has said that they won't take the site down unless the church has a valid case, so I want to be absolutely sure there's no loophole they could catch me on.

    Finally, here's the link:

    If it doesn't work, the DNS might not have completely propagated yet, it's pretty new.

    Thanks, and good luck on the 10th! I'll be seeing you Toronto anon there!
  2. tamphex Member

    Hey thats awesome, slick & simple. Will add it to the links we have the site. If theres anything we can do to help, just give the word.
  3. Atomosk Member

    It looks fantastic. Minor quip of mine is that you should place the South Park video further down. Not everyone finds it as socially relevant as we do. The Unfunny Truth would be my recommendation for the top spot.
  4. xenu101 Member

    Sounds good, thanks for the support. I'm curious if you've gotten any contact from Scientologists, especially in terms of legal threats. That's my primary concern right now. They're not going to scare me into taking anything down, in fact I'd love nothing more than for them to try to harass me, I'd find it hilarious, but if they can find a legitimate legal case against something on the site I would be more worried. I don't have the time, money or inclination to stand up to them in that respect. None of the images are owned by the church, I know that, and as far as I know embedding YouTube videos still keeps the blame on YouTube rather than myself, and none of the videos are Scientology copyrighted anyways.

    I put that at the top for a couple reasons. First, it's a mainstream, friendly video. I don't want to hit people with something scary right off the bat, I'd rather ease them into it so to speak. Secondly, I firmly believe that people should know what their beliefs are, I find it incredibly shady that they choose to hide their true beliefs, seemingly because they don't think anyone would believe them unless they were already brainwashed (at least, that's the only rational explanation I can think of). What other religion doesn't let you see their religious texts until you've paid enough and been a member long enough? I'll think about clarifying that in the description.

    What I might consider is moving the quotes video up to the number 2 spot, it's a bit less scary and easier to digest. The documentaries I think are important (probably the most important) but they're just too long to use as a "headline" in my opinion.

    Also, if anyone else can suggest any good videos or links, I'll consider them. For videos, I don't want anything that seems too amateur, is too long, or is particularly redundant, I want to keep the number of videos as low as possible. Keep in mind this is more of a crash course on Scientology (hence the 101) than a full detailed site. I'll leave that to sites like
  5. Daywatch Member

    very nice welcome to the cat herd
  6. Nice page, just one smal thing, the color on the front page makes the text a bit hard to read, and it "clashes" whit the rest of the front page design.

    I also agree that you should move the South Park video down on the list.
    the first thing I did when I visited the page was to click on the "watch" link and then on the first video, I beleeve that this pathern Is the normal user-pathern for that site. and if I didn't know anything about CoS before I visited that page I vould be like "Sooo... they belive in space aliens, so what?" and then closed the page. you say you dont wanna hit them in the face with something scary right away, but that is what you should do, to keep theyr interest.

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