iwuehf thinks the mods are anti semetic and has his own thread to discuss it

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by iwuehf, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Mods at WWP are very anti-semitic.
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  2. Hmm.

    [The old "anti-Semite" canard, which is supposed to suggest that the poster is irrationally biased against Khazars, I mean Jews.]

    Don't know if anyone has explained it to you, but Arabs are a Semitic people, probably more closely related to the Hebrews of yore than those who vehemently claim to be.

    Also, lurk moar.
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  3. I have lurked enough to know that what i say is true.
    (probably longer than you)

    The moderators of WWP are very anti-semitic.
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  4. OK, whatever you say, genius.

    Don't let the virtual door hit ya on the way out, failtroll.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Thread spamming is a no no here at WWP. You are welcome to voice your opinion, but keep it to one thread. You'll find all of you "mods are anti Semites" posts in the Thunderdome. Have a nice day and remember, if you can't find it here it'll be in the dome!
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  6. It's true.
    The moderators of WWP are very anti-semitic.
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  7. Fuck the Semites.

    There. Now a non-Mod is "very anti-Semitic". Happy now?
  8. Anti-semitism is okay here, but pointing that out that many moderators of WWP are anti-semitic is not okay. hmm.
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  9. Yes, you can hate Arabs and Jews all you want here.

    BTW, SO WHAT if the Mods are what you say they are? No one gives a fuck but you.
  10. People were begging me to come back.
    Maybe because its because i am one of the more intelligent and creative contributors.

    I chose not to because of the aforementioned reason, amongst others.
    No longer a "member".
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  11. Dox or STFU.

    Maybe it's because we eat failtrolls for breakfast in the Dome and have been short since Herro left.

    So you confess to being a Zionist racist pig.
  12. These comments just prove my point.

    There is a lot of Anti-semitism and ignorance all over this forum.
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  13. Some of us are genuinely interested in your plight. Please tell us more about yourself, and ignore the trolls.
  14. Anonymous Member

    What part of that post did you not comprehend? I said your posts were moved for thread spamming, not content. You are free to think the mods are anti Semites or whatever the hell you like. You just cannot post the same thing over and over in different threads.
    I see no evidence to support that claim.

    Perhaps you are in your little part of the world. It does not speak well of your friends.
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  15. Dear Mods,

    Please DOME this thread so I can post goatse and naked pics of Gay Vito.

  16. If after five years, this sort of ignorance is still a strong tendency, that goes unchallenged, there is not much else to say on my part. Perhaps it is time for some self-reflection on the part of those for whom this acceptable, along with a thoughtful apology.
  17. I thought it was an informative observation to raise for both awareness as well as discussion.
  18. Anonymous Member

    It is against forum rules. Confine your awareness raising same post spam to one thread.
  19. Won't be checking that out. Not interested.
    But, I am positive that if one looks at the domed thread, one will see a lot more ignorant anti-semitism that is even more full of vitriol and ignorance. More hate and more proof of aforementioned observation.
  20. Anonymous Member

    You have your own thread now.

    You have thread spammed and posted multiple derails. Please feel free to post whatever you like in the thread created for you. Any further derails and thread spamming will be removed.

    Have a nice day.
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  21. Well, this is a subject that your members and mods should discuss.
    And, "new members" (most of which are probably socks.) should be made aware of.

    Notice that the posts that use the words "zionist pig" and "Khazar" were not touched.
    Those types of remarks are made any time anything remotely related to the word "Jewish" comes up anywhere in your forum.

    Apparently that is fine with your forum rules.
  22. Anonymous Member

    eliminate the jew, we don't want them
  23. "Khazar" is a forbidden term in your lexicon?

    Are you unaware of the relationship of the Khazar people to modern "Israeli" racist Zionist pigs?

    Palestinian Arabs have a closer genetic relationship to the Biblical Jews than you do.

    Also: a rabbi sucked your cock.
  24. Welcome to WWP, where you get to hear from idiots people who have the equivalent of an 8th grade education.
  25. They teach about Khazars in the 8th grade? :)
  26. Look who is here.


    Global Moderator

    Profile Page
  27. Anonymous Member

    Isn't he adorable?
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  28. No, not really.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Snoopy's a jew dude.
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  30. Snoopy is a cartoon.

    The mod is an asshole.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Everything is better with bacon.
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  32. If I knew how much of a lulzcow a butthurt Jewy-Jew could be, I'd have joined the KKK years ago.
  33. Anonymous Member

    This thread is rapidly entering Francis E. Dek territory.
  34. That's HOC / rof. :D
    Sorta makes ones eyes and ears bleed.
    There it is.
  35. Anonymous Member

    who is on first.
  36. Third Reich?
  37. Not even $cientology could help that kook.
  38. Jesus was a Jew AND the Messiah.

    So there :)
  39. "I'm a sad old man on the internet trolling people to make myself feel better"

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