iwuehf thinks the mods are anti semetic and has his own thread to discuss it

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by iwuehf, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    You're all over the place man. Discussion is one thing, but you came here with the express purpose of doxing a mod. You want to debate the issues, do it, but you are not furthering your cause by shouting "the mods are mean here!!! OMG everyone should think the way I do because the mods here are bad!!!!" Get a grip and make your case without bringing the drama.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    No, you can't.
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  3. I have tried to discuss things many a time, and it goes nowhere.
    There is no real debating when someone is regularly calling you insults based on willful ignorance.
  4. Anonymous Member

    What you don't find here are serious arguments and incitements against people on the basis of being a "fag" or "nigga" or whatever. Those are mostly ironic. But apart from an equivalent "kike" reference, there are distinct, ideological, vicious incitements against jews.
  5. Anonymous Member

    But perhaps they discredit themseves as well as any response could.
  6. A.O.T.F Member

    You're a Moron - Fuck Off!
  7. Anonymous Member

    He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.
  8. Correct. Thank you.

    For an educated person, they do.
    It seems though that many parrot these same sentiments without question and just follow along with the herd, such that an outsider might think that this is how anons view the world, because it is tolerated.
  9. Anonymous Member

    But the same would apply to a newcomer arriving and the use of the word faggot perpetuating homophobia. For Homosexuals who have been victims of vilent homophobic crime I am sure the use of the word faggot is vicious to them also. Also sme for those who have suffered at the hands of racists touting the word Nigger in rel life, no less confronting and threatening as used here.
  10. Anonymous Member

    If there were incitements to fagophobic or niggaphobic crime here, that would be the relevant equivalent, imho.
  11. Anonymous Member

    You can not surely be suggesting that the pain of jews is more visceral than the pain of homosexuals and people of dark skin? It is all the same wherever you go in this world there will always be haters, I believe less so here as true anti-Semites, homophobes and racists get their asses handed to them by the membership at large.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I didn't see such a suggestion. But I have seen plenty more arguments against jews, admittedly with some ass handing.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Proportionally speaking at least the percentage of the general population who express violent antisemitic ideas is astonishingly high. Inside the confines of this world their is a far lower representation of these types of people. They do Baaaaw loud and long but they are few in number. The problem lies in not starting at shadows. Ignorant repetitive stereotypes and meme regurgitation do not represent incitement to violent crime. The mods here are at pains to counter all suggestions of illegal activity up to and including hate crime suggestion. If any have been missed then ffs report the dodgy posts and get on with the good works that are carried out on this site.
  14. That's fair.
    I can see how that would be dehumanizing.

    The usage of those two slurs above, they are offensive. The use of the word fag is an outmoded remnant from old chan culture, and it was ironically usedor slung around in such a way that whatever negative connotations that are associated with that slur, that those could also apply to straight people, or anyone for that matter just the same. In fact, a lot of times it was used as a term of endearment as well within the old context of the chans.

    What I don't see/read in this forum is people ranting about a vast conspiracy and their blaming all the worlds problems promoting more ignorance and then taking action based off of that belief.
    And, for that I am glad. There is enough ignorance in the world, and no need to add to it.
  15. The Internet Member

    We defend the psychs who are mostly Jews. That should put your mind at ease.
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  16. Well said. Thanks.
  17. Just noting for lurkers that this thread has been edited, again, with posts removed or moved to the thunderdome if not deleted.

    Also, this post. He originally replied to this comment #2 in the thread by Semite
  18. A.O.T.F Member

    Yes I made a mistake. And I apologize to the person concerned. I have no excuses.

    My edited post

    You're a Moron - Fuck Off!
  19. You are apologizing to an anti-semite.
  20. A.O.T.F Member

    No, I'm apologizing for having put him/her in the frame, when my initial intention was to highlight the

    Of which i find to be a gross generalization, insulting, totally groundless & without merit.
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  21. Lurk moar, newfag.
  22. Anonymous Member

    We found nothing. The person you are seeking isn't here. You posted information that was wrong and laughably so. It went to the dome with the other garbage. The poster you are slandering is not the same as the person whose dox you posted. Not even remotely or you'd know that they aren't even an American. So, take your fail off this forum.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Trolling has the potential to be fun, but this is just really really sad. Ffs the very moderator you are calling anti-Semitic is actually a jew. You do realise that right?
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  24. HOC Member

    Rof is a well known anon from Minnestoa(who's dox you have also gotten wrong btw), I'm Irish. Don't worry though OP, I'm sure your next guess of my exact location will have a distance of less than 6027 kilometers.

    No posts have been deleted, just a few attempts at doxing were archived. :)
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  25. moarxenu Member

    And we LOVE Paulette Cooper, a Holocaust survivor terrorized for 15 years by the scifags!

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  26. Hellooooooooo Kikey!

    BTW, this is not HOC, nor the rapist slob you think it is. It's... me! :)
  27. HINT: I am not a Moderator in this forum. Granted, even if I were, I'd say I wasn't, but... *trollface*

    Why don't you name yourself, since you're such a proud defender of the Khazars, er, Jews?

    Let me fix this for you: anyone who posts on this forum is potential troll bait. You just happened to say too many biased things, so I am slinging the dookie right back atcha.

    Palestinians are people, too, and deserve to have their collective title capitalized, just like Jews, Kikes, Yids, Hymies, Israeli Babykiillers, and so on. Palestinians are not 'cockroaches', nor a thorn in the side of colonist Khazars. It's their fucking land you Yids stole.

    Good. I hope to make your time here as unpleasant as possible, and also have lotsa LULZ while doing it. You are a fun chew toy to me.

    You could link, but you won't.

    I agree that "Israel" is offensive to all decent people. Khazars are wanton and lascivious murderers of women and children. I won't post the truly gory pictures documenting this, but I will ask you in what languages the legend on this T-shirt appear, and what it says:

    And a good day to you, sayan.
    Ovadia Yosef
    This message by Ovadia Yosef has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. Not sure whom you mean, but I consider AD-HOM the highest form of flattery for my argument.

    It means you were left with nothing of real value to say :)
  30. Anonymous Member

    Well you've certainly proved tyeepth wrong, there. What the hell was he/she on about?
  31. Anonymous Member

    Claimed that one of the mods is an anti semite. Evidently OP didn't know that said mod is a Jew.
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  32. A.O.T.F Member

    You can tell a man from what he has to say.
    Peace will only come when one lays down one's arms, and opens one's mind
  33. Anonymous Member

    Nope. It just means that you are a ranting racist. Nothing you said deserves any comment other than mockery.
  34. Anonymous Member

    You are confusing anti-Israeli with anti- semetic. There's anti- semetic shit here too, but a lot of what u are complaining about is anti-Israeli. Unless you think Israel=Judaism. Then there are many US synagogues that would enlighten you. That argument leaves many Americans cold since we believe in open debate and screaming 'nazi!'kinda ends the conversation. Israel pushes this idea and it is eventual fail.
  35. Anonymous Member

    It's clear from your name-calling on which side of this equation you are standing.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Are there many US synagogues, where one could go to be enlightened as to the merit of these views? As to how they specifically differ from old-school Nazi racial invalidation and incitements would be interesting.

    Significantly, I haven't noticed the complainant making any specific complaints or assertions at all about the meritorious or unmeritorious conduct of the state of Israel. But those allegations are introduced by other people to characterize lame old racial vilification as meritorious and righteous.
  37. Yeah, but only a fool would lay down one's arms if one is being shot at.
    Your idealism is cute, though.

  38. LOL

    You obviously make no distinction between having utter contempt for what someone does, versus who they are. You've been brainwashed into thinking that any criticism regarding what Zionists do = anti-Semitism. Your professors are to blame, but you yourself are rather pathetic. Maybe there's a good job for you in government.

    It's not about race, it's about deeds.

    Move on, failtroll :)
  39. Wrong. Xenu Barb, u mad?
  40. 1. I'm right, and you know it, failtroll.
    2. Not XenuBarb, nor "Xenu Barb".
    3. Not mad, see #1 above.
    4. Hello, sayan.

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