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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Disambiguation, May 8, 2019.

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    It is almost impossible to explain Jacob Wohl, in fact you can’t.

    His escapades are many but here’s the latest.
    Jacob Wohl, conservative activist Twitter user ( description of conservative activist is his own) has had another press conference with Jack Burkman ( who had his fly unzipped for an earlier presser) but no one could hear them because this is garbage truck day for Jack.

    Newest Wohl news:
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    Here is Jacob’s newest investment scheme

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    Jacob went to Minnesota to investigate if Ilhan Omar married her brother. It is dangerous in Minnesota because Muslims so he wore a Kevlar vest. He threatened himself anonymously on Twitter and took the threats to the police.
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    Not completely mad then?
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    Republican Hoaxster Jacob Wohl Accused of Helping Orchestrate a Fake FBI Raid This Morning

    The FBI says it didn’t stage a raid at GOP conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman’s home this morning, contrary to Burkman’s claims ”
    According to a statement provided to the Washington Postby the FBI’s Washington Field Office, the FBI “was not present at the specified location for law enforcement activity.” Furthermore, the Daily Beast reports that it was contacted by an individual who claims he was hired through Craigslist to play an FBI agent in what he was told was a television pilot. The actor says he exchanged emails about the project with a Jacob Klein, whom he says he now believes was actually Wohl.”
    Images and video of the raid—which Burkman claimed was an intimidation tactic to keep him from dishing up dirt about Defense Secretary Jim Mattis—were tweeted by an account belonging to a Bev Donahue. Based on the first two letters of the email associated with the account and the last two numbers of the phone number associated with it, the Daily Beast thinks Wohl is behind that too.
    Based in Irvine and raised in Riverside, Wohl is currently facing a felony charge for the unlicensed sale of a security. In that incident, he’s accused of losing a disabled Arizona man’s $75,000 “investment.” The man subsequently killed himself.”
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    Below, a rollicking tour through all of Jacob Wohl’s spectacular résumé of failed smear attempts, including this most recent twist: ”
    “ influencerJacob Wohl is simply unparalleled in the field of failed smear attempts. He’s best known for staging slapdash, surreal press conferences, ostensibly to unveil proof of some outlandish claim against a prominent Trump opponent, which never materializes. Along with his partner-in-crime Jack Burkman — literally, the pair islikely under investigationby the FBI — the MAGA-loving freelance “intelligence” operative has tried and failed to take down Robert Mueller, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren and more in the last year alone. So far, the duo have only managed to expose themselves as two men with the know-how and subtlety of two children in a trench-coat trying to buy a dirty magazine.
    For their most recent stunt, the pair reportedly hired a woman to say that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, had attempted to assault her in a hotel in 2014. This scheme fell apart, in a typically Wohlian fashion, after the woman in question reached out to a journalist to say Wohl and Burkman had paid her to make the claim, and that it was untrue.”
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    Just skimmed through the previous posts up to this one and this guy sounds like he's a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.

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