Jail Break - A second goal for the 15th

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Peter Wiggen, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Peter Wiggen Member

    Jail Break - A second goal for the 15th

    As a result of our actions, Co$ members have been leaving en mass. Those that are not leaving are suffering from even harsher treatment then normal. Alot of them are probably considering a very tempting idea...


    I say we give them the chance. On march 15th, we welcome any member who walks out the doors, and help them disappear. Leaving the Co$ has always had its challenges. If we effectively organize a walkout of its members all on the same day, people who have been too afraid to do it might take the chance.

    Try contacting local churches any other non Co$ organizations and seeing if they would be willing to help these people.

    Some have suggested that inviting pastors to preach is inviting trouble. this would give churches of other religions something constructive to do that isn't a direct attack. Additionally, its alot harder to accuse of of religous bigotry if we have a priest a rabbi and a mosq leader standing together for a cause. Lets see them throw around the term religous bigot after THAT.

    These would be super effective against their work camp areas, where if one or two made a run for it, it might have a breaking the damn effect where more come out behind them.

    Sometimes people already have a reason, they just need a date to do it.

    I'm not sure what we as anon could do to help these people once they get out, but any good ideas may get added to this post.
  2. Anno Nymous Member

    Re: Jail Break - A second goal for the 15th

    Unless its raptor jesus' church.
  3. Re: Jail Break - A second goal for the 15th

    That is a good idea having some sort of back up. Churches, the red cross, and other private organizations that have a history of aiding people and helping them get back on their feet. Even the Salvation Army GIVES without asking for anything in return. I think it is not a bad idea to a least have a few people in the community to help people to safety..WITHOUT attempting to JESUSFY them or something...just human kindness, love, and support!

    THIS FELLOW GOT OUT, YOU CAN TOO (can I vote for this to be the official "getting out" video? I can see some anon doing something EPIC with it (althought it's pretty funny..) ... oor-p1.php
  4. number 6 Member

    Re: Jail Break - A second goal for the 15th

    I don't think anyone will publicly walk out of the church on the 15th. One, because the mask wearing protesters might scare them a bit and two, they will be scared of their local Org leaders. Maybe a flyer with the contact info of ex-Scientologists will do. Give it to them and tell them to call or email.
  5. Peter Wiggen Member

    Re: Jail Break - A second goal for the 15th

    Thats the whole point of inviting local non-anon religous centers. They will look like a safe haven.

    And while no, we dont support one religion over another, I thought we all agreed that the Cult of $cientology didn't count.
  6. lthrrnsrpt Member

    Re: Jail Break - A second goal for the 15th

    You know Co$ has all these weird videos floating around YouTube (at least, the UK version, haven't searched on US), they are interviews with Scios entitled "I love Scientology- my first three days" and what not. What if we had some exscios do the same, those who don't care about coming out, aka, Tory, Arnie, anyone else who feels comfortable. We could call it "I love Freedom from Scientology, the first three days." and have them recount their first days out to show that it is, in fact, possible to be out and happy and overcome the challenges, etc. I have no video skills, so this is for better anons than I. What do you think?
  7. Re: Jail Break - A second goal for the 15th

    Has their actually been any verifiable reports that they are leaving on mass?
    If their has apologies and can someone send me the link
  8. Peter Wiggen Member

    Re: Jail Break - A second goal for the 15th

    Theres Stories floating around all the time about people making it out. They have become more public recently.

    Additionally, its been stated that its getting alot more harsh in the lower ranks

    The point would be to send out an invitation to their members. Today is the Day. Their are a hundred of us Willing to cheer for you if you walk out that door. They dont have the power to stop you now, and if they try today, they wont make it through us.

    There are many small groups already dedicated to helping them escape. I suggested churches as many of them have existing support structures that could handle something like this in a short period.

    Nothing would be more beautiful then to see a hundred of them make a run for it at the same time.
  9. AnonValkyrie Member

    Re: Jail Break - A second goal for the 15th

    I like this idea. give people someplace to go to get shielded from Fair Game and to put themselves back together with as much support as they can get... including spiritual

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