Jam Basij and IRG communications

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  1. Brainstorm: one possible way for protesters to get the upper hand would be to jam the radio communications of the Basij, IRG, and whatever other security apparatus is present.

    This could make a HUGE difference in how things go from here on out. Without the ability to coordinate and communicate, their operations would be seriously hindered.

    Jammers would have to be placed in strategic locations (such as rooftops) and then abandoned, as they would be easy for the authorities to locate. You would not want to be transmitting from anyplace that could be traced back to anyone.

    Perhaps people here can research frequencies that are used by Iran's security forces and try to find plans for a home-made jammer that can be easily put together, and report back here. This information must be on the web - just needs to be found and compiled. I know in the US it is trivial to obtain communications frequencies of police and government agencies. I'm sure there are protesters that are technically-saavy enough to obtain and put together the components.

    Another tactic, maybe more risky but also maybe more realistic, is to physically attack and bring down all antennas on and around Basij headquarters. I have seen these antennas in youtube videos. Or cut cables leading to the antennas. Or stick metal pins through the cables to short the conductor to the shielding. Or somehow cut-off power to the buildings.

  2. my gut reaction:

    1) how exactly, do you expect these guys to get radio jammers? like, off amazon?

    2) they would be using hand radios. walkie-talkies.

    3) and even if they didnt use radios, i dont think it takes too much coordination to wander around and beat anyone whom they see. its not like it takes much tactical planning either.
  3. Use stolen radio as a jammer

    Get a radio-transmitter from basiji - from cars or hand-held radios. Do not change channel. Turn volume to maximum - goal is loud static or squeals. Tape down transmit button.

    Could also try connecting speaker wires to microphone wires, placing near AM/FM radio for noise or replacing battery with wall plug (use power adapter for electronics - same volts).

    Throw radio into tree or onto top of building where no one lives - perhaps police station at night.
  4. dropping the towers or vandalizing the towers will not do much but limit the distances , when you take out the bases the radios still have probably 1 to 3 and maybe 5 miles or more radius just between radios..

    so you might take out the base and or repeater ability,but person to person handheld radio will continue with whatever range the radio is capable of.. most a few miles maybe more..
  5. these riot police can not even use tear gas well...

    just rip radios off them, run, broadcast pro democracy slogans or other noise over it...

    people have been taking other things for them this would screw them up more that taking a motercycle or bat
  6. Basji, Rev Guards......murder people or freedom. YOUR CHOICE. Lay down your arms.

    Basji, Rev Guards, if Ahmadjad wins, you continue murdering your people. If Mosavi wins, what happens to you? Lay down your arms. Choose freedom.

    Khamenei, your country could make lots of $$$ with tourism. We love your people. Stop this.
  7. they're using cell phones these days, and they're in groups. I haven't seen basijis to use radio communication these days
  8. Alternatively, just kill ALL radio by making some quick radio stations and filling every single frequency w/ static.

    The Cell Phone thing is ridiculous. The cell companies could disable their phones! WTF! DEATH TO NOKIA!
  9. The real question is what infrastructure they use; if they are using simplex or a repeater based system. The second question would be your intent.

    If your intent is local jamming to disable a team, jam the output of the repeater system locally to the team.

    If your intent is to disable the system and/or take out the repeater, jam the repeaters input at close range and stick around to take down the personnel who attempt to rectify the problem.

    Simplex operation is more difficult to quell. Reliance upon a repeater makes the system much more fragile.

    Trunking, FHSS/DSS frequency hopping and digital modes make things more difficult.
  10. Geraldanthro Member

    listen in

    Any way to get one of their phones or radios?
    You can listen to basij instructions.

  11. even better than listening to their instructions is giving fake ones such as "one of our Basijis is being beat up in xxx street, need help right now".

    Or misinformation. I think that's more likely than effectively trying to scramble their radios.
  12. Tying up their communication

    One thing we might be able to do outside Iran is tie up some of their communications. For example, if we could get a list of phone numbers used by police, basij, etc. we could call continually, at least during protests. Same with fax. We could also blanket their email accounts with email with large attachments. Here is a start: The numbers for the Ministry of Interior police:

    (98) (21) 48931601 (fax)
    (98) (21) 48931490,
    (98) (21) 48931809,
    (98) (21) 48931134,

  13. Jammie and the basiji

    would it not be easier to just pilfer a few police walkies and start sending the wankers on a goose chase as then you will know where they are and don't be there. Start making them waste thier resources
  14. They jammed them with foil strips dropped from bombers during WWII. Use them like confetti, use air cannons to throw them up in the air.
  15. somebody once spammed 5M emails and shut down a website for a week.
  16. reishen Member

    Jamming IRG & Basij

    First of all:

    1. it is crucial to get known what devices they are using, then, even a single, good resolution photo of such transmitter/receiver would give a right direction,
    2. I presume (and only presume!!!) that communication devices could have been imported from South Korea (LG, Samsung, Hyundai) as I've seen Hyundai buses on streets of Tehran - well... at least me-seems,
    3. when it is known, what they are using, research on the Net will reveal details & probably ideas of jamming, hijacking & blocking their network.

    So let's make the communication war :-> against Basijis!

    Just for enlightement of brave Iranian souls... a few remnants of memories, how Polish Fighting Solidarity Organization (Solidarność Walcząca) fought against SB (Służba Bezpieczeństwa, that translates to Security Service, a political, oppressive, communist militia in Poland):
    • they (SB) were listened secretly, taped, reports were sent through satellite Oscar, this activity was never revealed, that such reports were done, everything was shown after about ten years of communist regime falldown,
    • to keep people's souls, there were radio auditions on frequencies - known to people in homes, from former leaflets and wall inscriptions (mainly on VHF - Very High Frequency 68 - 102 MHz, on channels where other state-owned stations were not broadcasting)
    • to avoid deconspiration, all auditions were prerecorded on tape, and transmitted at specified time, while people who stayed behind it, were far way,
    • strong conspiration was used to avoid catch of all in the net, man who prepared tape, didn't know personally youngsters, who were responsible of transporting hardware & making transmisions.

    Now I'm really afraid, that road to Iranian freedom will be very bloody & violent :(

    However old Latin proverb says: „Audentes fortuna iuvat decoratque corona!” that can be translated to English „Fortune favours the brave, decorating them VICTORIOUS” - so BEST OF LUCK to all Iranians protesting against the regime...

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