James Randi

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Galkanon, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Galkanon Member

    James Randi

    James "The Amazing" Randi is one of the premiere skeptics around.

    In this week's newsletter he ran a bit on Scientology:

    I contacted the man just to see if he had any views on Chanology -- he said that he's sitting back and watching. Some good information in that SWIFT newsletter, though. I referred him to one of the Chanology sites to get his views, as he's someone whose opinion I value.

    He does give some of the truths behind Co$, and provides a link to Randi's no fan of the Scis.
  2. Cockleblocker Member

  3. hothermubbard Member

    Re: James Randi

    Randi recently announced that he will cancel his $1M challenge. WTF? That's Johnny Carson's $.

    I read Randi's post about $cientology last week, and was not amused. He is afraids. My take on this is, he's too pussy to say or do anything until it's all over, and then he'll try to take credit for it. I for one will deny that.

    I love James Randi and I love JREF. If it's Uri Geller he goes balls to the wall. If it's $CIEN0 with OSA and FAIR GAME he pussies up. LAME.
  4. Cockleblocker Member

    Re: James Randi

    The 1 Million Bucks just sits there lingering in a bank when it could be used to advertise and educate. The Challenge only drew out the crazies, not the corrupt. It was time to disband the thing and use the money for the true purpose of the JREF which is to educate people.

    Randi has spent a lot of his own money defending himself against lawsuits from Geller and others. It's no wonder that he felt that he couldn't afford to take on $cientology in its heyday.
  5. hothermubbard Member

    Re: James Randi

    I don't blame Randi for wussing out to $cien0lgy in its heyday, but I do blame him for wussing out N0W. He is well qualified to explain its links to stage magic and flimflam. But chooses to say nothing. Except a little ad hominem against LRH, which is weak.

    As for the prize money. Once JREF liquidates the $1M, the largest remaining fund I know is in CHINA. ~$100,000 to prove supernatural powers. America, and the entire Western world, will have abdicated.
  6. anonGF Member

    Re: James Randi

    Randi is just a downright legend.

    I can appreciate that after all these decades he is removing the prize, it has become abundantly clear that none of the pros are willing to get busted anymore and effectively it is a waste of time and resources.

    Pity that he is not taking on the $cis directly but I would not put it past him. Wait and see.

    Edit: actually, that article linked above seems pretty decent. link and all. Seems like he's done his bit, frankly. I can appreciate him targeting things like Homeopathy instead and devoting not all that much time to this: unlike $cientology homeopathy actually is believed in by multiple millions of people, and they frequently get an even cushier number than the $cis: Hell our government here in Britain helped them build one of their quack hospitals!

    So frankly I think that he has done at least enough here. He could do more, and I'd like him to, but you can't really fault him.

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