[Jan 14, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally ()

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Gnostic_dude, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Iran , Tehran Is A Place Which People In It Are Downtrodden By Its Own Government And Also With The World's Powerful Countries , We're Just Like Toys Which Got Played Once After A While By Two Mentioned Systems .
    Most Of People In It Trying To Fit It And Turning To Be Animals And Rest Are Suffering Or Just Moving Out To Other Civilized Countries .
    We Don't Even Have Our Rights In Our Own Country , And Here We're Censored And Paralyzed By Our Own Government And Banned By The Rest Of The World , Can You Feel This Hell Hole ?
    We Have Many Sources Rich Of Human Needs But We're Not Having It Because Our Government Is Chosen By Powerful World's Countries Which Are At The Service Of Them .
    We Die In Silent With Most Painful Tortures , Like You Never Heard Of dr Homa Daraubi , parvaneh forouhar , darioush forouhar , And The Other BraveHeart People Which We Never Heard Of'em And They Already Passed The Way .
    I Been There When My Brother Got Shot In Head In A Crowed , I Been There When My Sister Was Under Heavy Attacks And Begging Them To Stop And I Was There When I Saw A Mother Begging Me To Help His Son To Get Rid Of The Government's Gaurds And I Found Myself WoW I Can't Do Anything And I Asked Myself How Come We Got To This Point ? How To Stop It ? How To Take The Power Away From Those Abusers And Spread It Among People , Every People With The Equal Power And With The Same Effects .
    So I Turned To This Part , Power Of Population And It's Knowledge Circulation Will Make Us Many , Illuminated As Well .
    The Fact Is , We Haven't Got Enough Suppliers , The Only Thing We Have Is Knowledge And Population Which We Need To Enhance It ... We Need To Get Multiplied And Move Fast , We Need To Be Students And The Teachers At The Same Time .
    Power Makes The World Go Around , And Without It There Is Not Any Reason Which We Force Them To Listen To Us So What We Need Is To Bring Them On Their Knees .
    I Kindly Support Any Human Being Which Is Screaming Freedom In A Crowd Or In A Silence .
    I Got Persecuted ... We All Are , Can You Feel It ? Oh We Need To Know Our Rights First After All .
    Freedom For All .

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