[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (copenhagen)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anonyfruit, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Anonyfruit Member

    Hope i set the rally point correctly..

    Yarr faggotteers, it be time ta party hard once more!

    So get ready for a 10 man party outside the sci-fag HQ, you will be served cake.

    Expect cake.
  2. Nemesis6 Member

    I will be there.
  3. Hornet Member

    Only 2 hours?

    Are we not gonna be there at 1200?
  4. Anonyfruit Member

    It shalleth be changed to 12 :p I misclicked *nod*
  5. Turnkey Member

    Jeg kommer også forbi, men smutter igen kl 14 skal over og hjælpe piratpartiet med noget flyer uddeling osv.

    Troede at 15. Jan var Wikileaks protest dag?
  6. Anonyfruit Member

    Shhh turn, shhhh ;O
  7. Turnkey Member

  8. Anonyfruit Member

    Im down for dat... btw, theres V for Vendetta in teh telly tonite ;O T'is a sign! Og hey, lad os mødes ved sci-fag HQ, party hard til kl. 2 hvor jeg da mener at PiratPartiet møder op, og så ellers joine dem? Even tho that would mean no music D:
  9. ECorell Member

    Alright, since we're teaming up with the pirates, we won't need signs, hence, I won't bring any. We just meet outside the nest, and then we see what happens from there, alright?
  10. Nemesis6 Member

    That's me above. For some reason I logged in as another user. The thing is, I can't carry around the damn signs unless I find some kind of solution. I might, but it's a long shot.
  11. Nemesis6 Member

    By the way, guys, this is important: Read Wikipedia's article here -

    If we are to truly assist the pirates in their just cause, we must be armed with knowledge; able to defend our beliefs and not get caught off-guard. So I'm staying up a little while longer and going through as much as I can.

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