[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Portugal, Lisbon,)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anonimatuga, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Anonimatuga Member

  2. patata Member

    sincerely on your side.
    no we are not alone.
    best regards from france.
  3. Deviant1 Member

    I'll be there.
    Please provide pics and vids
  4. natsu Member

    hi, i would like to go out on the street, but i live in austria in a small country.
    nobody is interessted in wikileaks, they're deaf dumb and blind!!!
    what can i do?
    please help!!
  5. Anonimatuga Member

    Hello. We are getting closer to the date and we still have only 4 here on whyweprotest.
    These are low numbers me fellow anon’s.

    How you can help?
    Spread the word, translate documents/pics/videos, share links of the facebook page and this event’s page.

    If you know some one who wants to help, bring them to this forum and get them to contact me or any other Portuguese Anon.

    Any other questions feel free to contact me on
  6. Nicolau Member

    Hi everyone, is this event in facebook? It would help publicize it.
  7. Anonimatuga Member

  8. I'll be there! If you have any printable posters (preferably in Portuguese) it would be awesome. :)
  9. Anonimatuga Member

    Este é o dia em que nós, a geração da internet, se lembrara com o mesmo orgulho que os nossos pais e avós se lembram do 25 de Abril.
    Mas desta vez, nós somos a vanguarda da luta, pois mais ninguém se levantara para proteger o que é nosso por direito, A NOSSA LIBERDADE!

    Nós somos anónimos!
    Nós não perdoamos!
    ...Nós não esquecemos!
    Aguardem-nos, Hoje no chiado, Lisboa

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