[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Third Saturdays)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by n0pants, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. n0pants Member

    Let's save our energy for debating the relative (de)merits of 4chan and SA. Organize your Freedom of Information protest for the third Saturday of the month, this month and every month. 1/15, 2/19, 3/19, 4/16, 5/21, and so on.

    If folks know when the event is, they can leave space in their busy social calendars. Or look forward to it all month as they sit at home. Either way.

    Third Saturdays. Because Thinking Hurts Your Brain.
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  2. 1/15

    We need a raid in Chicago Land Area. Sadly enough, I'm not reliale enough to make one.
    Any fags wanna organize one it's up to them.

    Chicago area Anon activity has died down ( A LOT ) and need's to get back on it's feet.
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  3. n0pants Member

    Wish I was still there to help... I miss Chicago.
  4. OtherDalfite Member

    Sound's like an excellent idea. Added the fact that most people are off on Caturdays. (Saturdays)
  5. dragonrebel Member

    i am wondering if anything will be organised in the area of belgium/the netherlands.
    cant find anything...
    if anybody found something, please tell me (or if anybody is interested in doing anything).
  6. maceo parker Member

    Let's go! Chi-town needs to come up! Some one let me know where's the rally.
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  7. I am newly Anonymous, but my frustration level has been over 9000!!! for a while now.
    I am in North Chicago area and am free on the 15th and every 3rd Saturday for the next few months.
    Even if there are only a few of us there this Saturday, the journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
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  8. sue Administrator

    Stop wondering, start doing. If you can't find one, start one, and people will be there.
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  9. OtherDalfite Member

    I'm pretty sure I would be the only one at the protest. I live in a very small town with a population of under 5,000 people. I mean, I am pretty sure no one in my town knows what Anonymous is and stands for. Any good ideas?

    Edit: Never mind, I'll just hold a sign by the most popular street that says "Honk if you like freedom of information."
  10. Anton Onszers Member

    I'm thinking of organizing something in Brussels. No demonstration probably, unless we get at least some 20+ people, but if anybody would like to join "forgetting" leaked cables in metros and pubs, that might be a good fun day :)
  11. dragonrebel Member

    i would not mind showing up. do note that ill only be able to come after 5 o clock (it will be at least 7 o clock before i get to Brussels)
  12. OtherDalfite Member

    Well said.
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  13. TheAntiHero Member

    I can't be there now due to exams, but I will be somewhere after the exams.

    I've been just spreading the word of Anonymous for far too long, it's time for action now
  14. Anton Onszers Member

    I will start early in the morning, when the metro is still empty.

    If the weather is OK, I'll also plant some leaks around the park benches in Cinquetenaire and Woluwe parks - possibly some others... feel free to join me, or pick any other location.
  15. cmckinney380 Member

    I do not see many in my area, but we will get one going. Downriver Detroit, MI
  16. 9376 Member

    Chicago here, 3rd saturdays will happen here even if it's just me.
  17. Borja VI Member

  18. chooy Member

    Anyone on for the orange county area ?
  19. Aireos Member

    Anything going down in CT? anywhere from Milford to New Haven? I just assume no one will protest here because everyone sucks or is old.
  20. Toughposeidon Member

    Im a new Anoymous but i sure as hell will be at any Chicago protests, so sick of these scientology bastards
  21. TheTimeIsNow Member

    We need more support in Los Angelas and orange county area, I will be at next months for sure!( or if one pops up before then) We need to keep the internet ours, so we can continue to have open boards like this and not be accused of being terrorist for speaking our minds!
  22. 9376 Member

    Check out Millennium Park on the SECOND saturday of the month for that.
  23. Nightman Member

    I'm in the Orange County area! LA is always like a sea of traffic =P
  24. Mr.Rager Member

    I wish i can attend but these are so far from where i live. More rallies need to be held in Canada. Ive only been to one and would love to attend more
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  25. anonwannbe Member

    dear anon community
    i come with the utmost respect for the anon community. all i seek is a few meager min. of your time. there exists an online forum called i seek some help for i am NOT good with protest. there is a man who hides behind the name thrill. he is slandering he names of good hard working people. here is his url all i request is a name, however what you do will be what you wish. thank you.

    p.s. actually, troll the whole sayre forum all you can

    thank you
  26. Imhere Member

    Phoenix needs to get in on this..
  27. Dallas, too
    Im not sure where an appropriate venue for a freedom of information rally would be here, though...
  28. girlcat Member

    How do you get the word out?
  29. Well, using a Bull Horn will get you noticed, and heard, while standing on your city's most trafficed street.
  30. anonymy Member

    How about Victoria, BC, Canada?
  31. oloju Member

    Washington D.C. area. Bringing a friend on the 19th. If no one else is around, we'll probably aim for a random crowd-gather.
    Anyone else in this area?
  32. asmo310 Member

    il n'y a aucun parti d'opposition en algerie
  33. Just to make sure the spots on the map are places where the protests are, right? Also, does anyone know any Denver protests?
  34. Is there anyone from Vermont here? I'm gonna try to plan a protest on Church Street in Burlington. Meet up at Church St., walk onto town square.
  35. welder Member

    +1 for Dallas. Last time it was downtown Commerce St. but Uptown might be a good location because more people to see the signs.
  36. independent Member

    im up for a dallas rally. Getting anyone to commit will be our biggest challenge.
  37. Theres some pretty reliable people that we protested with last time. They protest CoS about every month...But again--that was my first one. It depends where it is in Dallas, because not all of us have transportation. Location is a big factor
  38. independent Member

    cool. I'll keep my ears open.
  39. i will im new im acctualy an ex scientologist staff member i left the cult less than 2 months ago and am ready to speak out about the abuses witnessed and and experienced so im in just let me know when and where
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  40. independent Member

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