[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Third Saturdays)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by n0pants, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. TheTimeIsNow Member

    Anyone down to get together in OC , LA area ( cali) . I have 2 with me for sure, and am now mobile :) so i can go reasonable distance. I cant find anything on one in this area, any ideas ?? I have never started a rally but am more then willing to, just need some locations in oc, la area. Come anons lets make it ok to tell the truth again!
  2. AnonOfTheHerb Member

    New to the site, but not new to the concept, going to start a group in Jacksonville Fl if anyone is interested, not this month most likely next, if things workout we'll be up at Blanding Blvd by the OP Mall. I already have a small group who say they'll come, anyone who shows up, will be greatly appreciated
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  3. blackdepth Member

    Any protesters in Denmark?
  4. gezus Member

    I see my ass missed 2/19. Before I make a shit drive to DC, there ARE protesters in DC, correct?
  5. Sneaky Snake Member

    Hey all, a new ChiAnon poster here. I'm up for anything going on in the Chicago area- especially FOI events. See y'all in March, then?
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  6. Linoleum Member

    i'm from Denmark... But far to few people in Denmark know about Anonymous... I'm the only one in my town that have heard of us...
  7. blackdepth Member

    Well, what town? We could probably gather some people from here and there in Denmark - it's sad almost no danes know about Anonymous.
  8. 9376 Member

    itt: people think anonymous is supersecret club; don't understand free traffic report sites
  9. Linoleum Member

    i'm from Roskilde... it's pretty far away from aarhus ): - we could make some flyers or stickers and put them up around in our towns :D it might not work out... but at least we tried right? :D
  10. Anonytarded Member

    I'm in the DC area. And I know there are a few others in the area that'll be there. You wont be alone.
  11. blackdepth Member

    Yeah, we could probably do that - you have anything i can contact you on? Would be cool if we could get something up and get the danes eyes to open for the world of Anonymous.
  12. unyun Member

  13. todor Member

    the network dissolves the boundaries and you can organize it yourself, plant the seed!!! ;)
    print some posters for those who don't have access to the net...
    and keep it up!!!
    this is what I found recently in my inbox:

    Those who throw dust at the sun, the dust falls in their own eyes
  14. CCJAuser2011 Member

    Nashville, TN. In front of the federal Courthouse for 3/19? Or Perhaps we can combine the CoS Rally with this one, seeing as how its on the same day?
  15. Angry Fawkes Member

    I am a lone Anon in Orange County and I too am willing to start a rally. Even if it's just the 4 of us, that's definitely better than nothing at all.
  16. gezus Member

    :3 Hurrah! If new job permits, I'll bring whomever I can!
  17. TheTimeIsNow Member

    I am more than down to do this, we just need a spot. I will print fliers sometime this week.
  18. Jdiddy Member

    new chitown anon here, but FoI has been my life. I'll make it to any raids in Chicago. The anon vs cult one last saturday was a blast, so whats up for FoI this month?

    Wouldn't know where to start in starting an event, so I'm just going to wander around downtown handing out pamphlets!
  19. katazoom Member

    New to Anon and Willing to get the word out for Jacksonville, Florida. Just need to know if I should start here or gather with others down south?...
  20. katazoom Member

    Glad To know some one is right down the street from me. Just let me know and ill be down there for sure
  21. GuitarJett Member

    No Scientolgy where I live, but plenty of things to protest. Minot, ND anyone?
  22. Limbo Member

    Anyone in the Black Hills area of South Dakota? Let me know!
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  23. GuitarJett Member

    How far away from Minot?
  24. Limbo Member

    From where I live like 7 hours.
  25. Matohik Member

    Anyone in Georgia? New Anon here.
  26. desuma Member

    yall should put more events in texas
  27. desuma Member

    and goto the scientonogy website get their emails and keep makeing fake accounts and send it to their emails
  28. desuma Member

    make the accounts for this
  29. i missed this months rally but im more than willing to start a rally in the vegas area next month. there is importan info out there that we can deliver to thousands of people all over the world in one day of raiding. if anyone in the vegas area is intrested or if any anon from other states know theyre ging to be here on or around 5/21 lemme know to see if i can set something up!
  30. Im from bama... Any anons from there? I'd like to start one sometime.
  31. metalanon666 Member

    im in orange lets get our stuff together GO TEAM >_>
  32. TheTimeIsNow Member

    Someone posted a freedom of info rally in LA for the 28th but when i got to click on it, it says error, no permission? hmm
  33. AnonBanhammer Member

    I'm from Denmark aswell, in copenhagen and also willing to participate and/or coordinate a rally, i will also spread flyers and posters around the city.
  34. L1Qu1D Member

    new yorkers, anyone?
  35. desuma Member

    start some up in texas
  36. desuma Member

    1. yall should start some in texas
  37. CanadiAnon Member

    what about toronto?
  38. Ala Peto Member

    In O.C // L.A . . .I'm down. . . what's going down there? Like what's gonna be held. . . food? . . . speeches? . . .Music? . . . Creativity would capture more people for sure. . .
  39. AnonLoaf Member

    Anyone in Thomasville, NC? Some friends and I really want to do something in our area, but I doubt three people will make a huge impact. Any participation would be awesome.

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