[Jan 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Washington DC)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by AnonSnapple, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. AnonSnapple Member

    Dupont Circle 12PM - 5-7PM There is another group protesting at the FBI HQ for censorship and against the war that will go to the white house, could meetup with them if their big.

    Go to the Fountain!

    Bring masks, banners, flyers, cake, music, speakers, microphone, happiness, and tons of friends!!!



    Handout flyers:
  2. 3rdMan Member

  3. AnonSnapple Member

    On the 15th it will be world wide protest, we got to make it!
  4. This is general freedom of information stuff, not just CoS related, right? 'Cuz the org isn't quite there. There's a con that has sucked up most of us this weekend, so let us know the specifics on our board! :3 If you have any registration issues on AnonDC, let me know.
  5. AnonSnapple Member

    I registered, waiting for a confirmation. This can be CoS related too. This is a protest against corruption and for freedom of speech. This includes Scientology, Wikileaks, Freedom of Speech, etc.
  6. deadalus Member

    I'll be there!
  7. deadalus Member

    To everyone I just got a strange message from a Ian Shapira claiming to be a Washington Post writer. This individual wanted to skype or call to get info on the events of the 15. Being a little new I figured I would post this because it did not jive with me. If its completely legit and Mr. Ian is offended I apologize in advance as my intentions are not to be rude or offensive but merely precautionary. Thank you.
  8. 3rdMan Member

    Its very legit. I had a skype interview with Ian recently. I made sure to email Ian about the protests on the 15th and 23rd, and what they are about. So you guys might be interviewed by a guy with the Washington Post! :D

    Sorry to say this but I will not be attending this event due to other engagements. But its good to see there are at least 3 Anons who are attending. Good luck guys!
  9. deadalus Member

    Well I'm glad to see that! Being new to Anon I was a bit nervous about receiving that request. I will be bringing some anti COS flyers anything anyone else will be bringing or suggestions?
  10. 3rdMan Member

    Yeah that and anything related to Freedom of Information rally. Flyers against ACTA or anything that seeks to destroy internet freedoms. Be ready to talk about how governments like Germany and Australia are engaging in internet censorship and the reasons for why its a bad idea.

    Other things can be criticized. Australia's own internet regulation systems are so inefficient and badly implemented that it slows their internet and is far too expensive to construct and maintain, for example.

    Here is one you might bring with you:
  11. deadalus Member

    Awesome thanks 3rdMan, also lets not forget the Great Firewall of China, I understand that it being a communist country and all censorship goes hand and hand but its still a shame either way.
  12. deadalus Member

    Also the FCC and the fact that they actually proposed a net neutrality proposal but it looks like its going to back down and the ISP giants will get their way anyhow. That is some real crap, how dare Comcast throttle my connection because it disagrees with my packets!
  13. AnonSnapple Member

    I got the same message and I gave him some details for a interview :).
  14. AnonSnapple Member

    I was thinking, we can always meetup at dupont and together walk/travel to the churh of $$$.
  15. AnonSnapple Member

    Ladies and gentleman three others will come with me making it a total of 6 and 9 even the three others that said maybe come ^.^
  16. AnonSnapple Member

    A bunch of Wikileaks supporters will join us to, getting bigger!
  17. 3rdMan Member

  18. AnonSnapple Member

    Oh noez, you cant wear any masks in DC? Also do you know if they are strict on that?
  19. 3rdMan Member

    No it isn't that. it only applies to residential areas. Dupont is certainly not residential as long as you stick to the commercial sectors.
  20. AnonSnapple Member

    Did some research the Dupont area is really chill with protests and most other areas to so we likely wont have any problems. Also there is another protest going on at the FBI HQ regarding the same subject about censorship so we can always say we belong to them. They seem a bit more legit as they say they got speakers.
  21. M's Member

    Just a quick question from a new member. Where exactly in Dupont are we meeting? Would it be in the best interest to get there an hour or so early?
  22. AnonSnapple Member

    The fountain, good question. Umm ill be there around 12 +/- 10 mins. U can chill at the Starbucks if you want but coming a our early is unnecessary.
  23. 3rdMan Member

    Also, make sure someone brings a video camera.
  24. AnonSnapple Member

    Will do! All bring cameras :).
  25. M's Member

    Lol wow, I should have looked at the first post more carefully. But thank you anyway!
  26. AnonSnapple Member

    No probs spread the message and bring banners, flyers, etc.
  27. deadalus Member

    I'll only be bringing one more but hey the more the merrier! Also I'm from PA so seeing how this isn't my neighbor hood I didn't know the regs. Hopefully as long as we keep it cool I don't think we should get hassled to much.
  28. deadalus Member

    Anyone from the DC area have any suggestions on Parking? I'm not a DC resident so I wanted to make sure I got close and wont get towed/ ticketed
  29. 3rdMan Member

    Well if you can't find side street. I suggest googling for parking garages (if so, make sure to have 20 bucks to cover it)
  30. Jackson Member

  31. Jackson Member

  32. Anon #1010 Member

    Hey guys, I heard somewhere that we would be marching... is this happening, or are we just staying in Dupont Circle? I might not be able to make it for noon, so I just wanted to check.
  33. AnonSnapple Member

    Umm there are several public parking garages around in DC. Actually a lot: p...&resnum=1&ved=0CE8QtQMwAA&fp=c72bee5a4a93f9a3

    Honestly we are not sure depends on how many turn out and what the mood is. There are other rallies going on related to this at the FBI HQ and they are marching to the White House later that day so we could meetup or something. I do think that we wil stay at least 1-2 hours at Dupont if we decide to go on the march.
  34. Madz Member

  35. Xedge Santa Member

    yah he messaged me too, kinda weird. Did a quick search and he seems pretty legit.
  36. AnonSnapple Member

  37. M's Member

    Finished writing out my sign, bringing a friend and picking up my masks in the morning. The only thing I lack is a camera.
  38. AnonSnapple Member

    i still need to make mine going to bed now. I might come a bit later maybe 1PM but hopefully 12. Some crap got in the way that I got to take care of. Some of my friends are coming later btw 2-3 heh. Ill bring my iphone for cam.
  39. 3rdMan Member

  40. M's Member

    Still can't get on to the Anon dc website but I can at least say here that I thought it was fairly successful. I think we had about 10 or 11 people there and encountered a variety of opinions. I had a good time. Was nice to somewhat meet most of you, even if you were masked. ^.^

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