Jan Eastgate head of CCHR ARRESTED

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by TinyDancer, May 30, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Jan didn't get the Freedom Medal of Valor for fucking DM in the ass.
  2. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Don't forget that there are other witnesses too. The girl that the daughter confided in that stated the whole investigation, the social workers who did the interviews and felt that Mother and Daughter were coached and one Scientology member who says she say Jan coaching them. Last but not least the father turned him self in and it looks like he might have made statements that could hurt Jan too.
  3. Xenu Is Lord Member

    She did that for free.
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  4. Xenu Is Lord Member

    In that case I hope someone alerts the US Authorities. :)
  5. moarxenu Member

    This thread is so massive and there are so many important and juicy aspects to this scandal could we have, um, a SITUATION ROOM?
  6. Anonymous Member

    carmel underwood quotes from Lateline interview are ITT.
  7. Anonymous Member


    Gabriel Scott Williams?
    Donald Anthony Strawn?
    Wally Hanks?

    Does that apply to extreme fundamentalists that blow themselves and innocent victims because the "believe" they're righteous in their actions according to their 'religion' ?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Should read:

    Does that apply to extreme fundamentalists that blow themselves up and innocent victims because the "believe" they're righteous in their actions according to their 'religion' ?
  9. Anonymous Member

    That's why you don't leave. you have to stay to shake this country!
  10. Fify
  11. Anonymous Member

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    Er... thanks?
  13. Intelligence Member

    Tiny Dancer:
    Is there a link to Australia Case Precedents for this kind of charge/conviction?

  14. Sponge Member

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  15. grebe Member

    LOL Pedobears' Commission on Human Rights.

    <3 Sponge
  16. Mark Cabian Member

    I didn't say she did. I think you're confusing her with Tom Cruise.

    PS - if you want to form a comedy team, PM me.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Even better!!!!
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  18. Mark Cabian Member

    And Carmel has a good relationship with Nick, so there's another plus.
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  19. Intelligence Member

    I guess Hubbard, DM, amd Eastgate must have thought they were successful criminals?

    OSA: "Your Scientology Crimes are being exposed more each day; and the expose will multiply.....
    ..... bad Public Relations are common every week now; perhaps an overthrow of DM is imminent...?"

    Hubbard must be rolling over in his "Political Come Back" Xenu cave, right about now.

    Bravo Australia! :):):)

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  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. Intelligence Member

    What a sickening cult/sect; I hope Eastgate gets the max!

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  22. Anonymous Member

    it needs more children

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  23. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the clarification. :)
  24. Anonymous Member

    and sea ogre uniforms... bears should have black pants / white shirts
  25. Herro Member

    I don't know about you, but I'd rather people be arrested based on evidence of crimes, not based upon what you think they may or may not have done. Stupid justice system.
  26. Anonymous Member

    As someone who has dual citizenship, one facet of it is that if you are in one of the countries where you are a citizen you basically cannot appeal to the other country if you have legal issues. If you are a dual Oz / US national you are treated as an American in the US and an Australian in Oz.
  27. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Some info on the charge. She could get 14 years.

    Perverting the course of justice, in English, Canadian (see article 139 of Canadian Criminal Code), and Irish law, is a criminal offence in which someone prevents justice from being served on himself or on another party. It is a common law offencecarrying a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.
    Perverting the course of justice can be any of three acts:
    • Fabricating or disposing of evidence
    • Intimidating or threatening a witness or juror
    • Intimidating or threatening a judge
    Also criminal are (1) conspiring with another to pervert the course of justice and (2) intending to pervert the course of justice.
    Statutory versions of the offence exist in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. See, for example, Section 319 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW),[1] where the maximum penalty is 14 years' imprisonment.

    Here is a story about a judge that got nailed on this very charge. It looks like it was the first in a long line of charges and that what one does once this charge comes down can make a big difference for future charges.

    In August 2006, Einfeld contested a A$77 speeding ticket by claiming he had lent his car to an old friend, Professor Teresa Brennan, at the time it was caught by a speed camera. He gave evidence under oath in the Local Court and he also signed a statutory declaration to that effect. However, it was later revealed that Professor Brennan had been killed in a road accident in the United States in February 2003, and that Einfeld was aware of it. This was the basis for Einfeld's conviction for knowingly making a false statement under oath.[11] [12]
    When challenged by a journalist concerning the death of Professor Brennan, Einfeld claimed that he had lent his car on that day to a different Teresa Brennan, whom he claimed also lived in the USA, and who had also died. In August 2006, Einfeld produced a detailed 20-page statement describing the fictitious second Teresa Brennan and his supposed dealings with her. This was the basis for his conviction for attempting to pervert the course of justice.[12]
    Angela Liati, a woman unknown to Einfeld, came forward and claimed that she had met and driven in Einfeld's car with "Theahresa Brennan" on the day in question. Liati was subsequently charged with perverting the course of justice. She claimed that she was only endeavouring to make contact with Einfeld through her admission. Liati was found guilty on 12 February 2009 and was subsequently sentenced to 200 hours' community service.[13]
    In September 2006, Einfeld gave the NSW Police leave to search his Woollahra home as part of their investigation of his evidence in the speeding case. They removed part of his home computer for forensic examination.[14] On 29 March 2007, Einfeld was arrested by the NSW police. He was charged with 13 offences, including perjury, perverting the course of justice and making and using false statutory declarations.[15] Einfeld's committal hearing was held in December 2007. The prosecution suggested the reason he lied under oath was that, had he lost the demerit points for the speeding offence, he would have been close to losing his licence. However, Einfeld denied he was aware his points were so low. One charge (hindering an investigation) was dropped; Einfeld was committed to stand trial on charges of perjury, perverting the course of justice and traffic offences.[16][17][18][19][20] In October 2008 the Court of Criminal Appeal dismissed another five of the charges against Einfeld.[21]
    On 31 October 2008, Einfeld pleaded guilty to perjury and to perverting the course of justice just before his trial was to commence. It was also revealed that he had been battling prostate cancer for several months.[22]
    Since his speeding fine case came to the attention of the Australian media, Einfeld has been the subject of ongoing media reports alleging various other improprieties, including padding his curriculum vitae,[23] purchasing doctorates from US diploma mills,[24] and plagiarism.[11]
    On 5 November 2008, the President of the New South Wales Bar Association applied to the Court of Appeal to withdraw Einfeld's commission as Queen's Counsel, on the basis that his conduct has brought shame upon the legal profession as well as on himself.[25] On 26 November 2008 Einfeld's commission as a Queen's Counsel was revoked.[26]
    On 20 March 2009, Einfeld was sentenced to three years in prison for knowingly making a false statement under oath and for attempting to pervert the course of justice, with a non-parole period of two years. Supreme Court Justice Bruce James found Einfeld had committed "deliberate, premeditated perjury" that was "part of planned criminal activity".[27] [28] However, Einfeld denies being dishonest, saying: "I don't think I'm the slightest bit dishonest. I just made a mistake."[29]
    He served two years and was released on parole on 19 March 2011.[30]
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  28. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  29. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Got this from an Australian law website.
    According to VIC Law for the charge of Perverting the course of justice,
    This is a common law offence which means that it does not come under particular legislation. The law surrounding it is from case law rather than legislation by parliament.
    If you look at what must be proved that is basically what the law is in relation to this charge.
    There is then a lot of case law that explains this law in greater detail.
    According to VIC Law for the charge of Perverting the course of justice,
    25 years

    What the Police must prove according to VIC Law for Perverting the course of justice
    1. The accused intended to do an act.
    2. The act was intended to pervert the course of justice
    3. The act did have a tendency to produce that result.
    Possible Defences under VIC Law - Perverting the course of justice
    Factual dispute

    I just read other areas of Australia where the law differs slightly but these are the basic points in all cases.
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  30. Intelligence Member

    Thanks for this^^^^^.....
  31. Anonymous Member

    So, in theory, she could jump bail, and fly to LA, without risking extradition?
  32. Anonymous Member

    They make strap-on's for midgets?
  33. Anonymous Member

    I believe it was the STEP FATHER.
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  34. Intelligence Member

    For this ^^^^^ offence, it is heard in Australia COUNTY COURT. If it is similar to Canadian Court System,
    County Court in Canada and is for Indictable Offences. Summary Offences are heard in Provincial Court.

    The difference is a maximum of 6 months on Summary and Hard Time from County Court; usually in a
    Federal Penitentary when the sentence is 2 years, plus one day. Under two years is Provincial Jail.

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  35. Intelligence Member

    You mean Davis and Jan have the same weiner breath?

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  36. Anonymous Member

    And then Herro said:
    Way to break down that group think. Perhaps the poster meant just exactly what you said: It's time for America's LEO's to actively investigate the numerous allegations so we can get some convictions based on evidence.

    You Ozzies are making our American legal system look foolish for not investigating Scientology. Way to go. Etc.

    Reading minds again Herro?
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  37. MSAnon505 Member

    Tough to do without a passport.
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  38. Intelligence Member

    And how about molesting and sexually abusing the "Handicap"! This makes me sick
    to my stomache.

    And these^^^^^are cases that I have statements and evidence dox on and I have filed numerous
    formal complaints to police and other government authorities.

    How many other cases are there???

    I hope this Eastgate case helps Canada Police grow some balls. Perhaps we need our Senator to
    push. We're trying.

    This Eastgate Case will certainly have an affect on many investigators and pending cases.

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  39. Anonymous Member

    Scientology Omission of Human Rights (including children)

    Tikk's legal inserts are so helpful and educational. Laws are complex, differ from area to area, and sometimes they make sense and sometimes, not so much.

    But when a child is harmed, and cries out for help, and is not only not helped, but told they deserved that harm, won't get protection for possible further harm, might lose their mommy and daddy and family and friends, their home, their food, their toys and their world if they ever ever speak of it again ... or that their mommy might be harmed if they ever speak of it again ...

    then someone who did that should spend the rest of their life in jail wouldn't you think?
    this isn't about what laws say in different countries, it's about what seems right. but hell, in prison, criminals have their own opinion about someone who would be vile enough to further traumatize a little child while in the middle of a trauma. who would do that?

    Well, Jan Eastgate would do that. I don't want to hear that she was a cute kid in grade school.
    Even criminals in prison don't tolerate someone so evil that would traumatize a child right after being traumatized. It was what was done to this child After she was molested by her stepfather that was beyond evil, beyond human. Does't matter what law in what country, you will be hunted and found.

    This was done by an inhumane evil monster. Human beings, from no matter what country, will see it and judge it for exactly what it was. I hope like hell the rest of the monsters of Scientology who still slither around this planet gloating that they got by with it will take note: Your days are numbered, despite what you used to think.
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