Jan Eastgate head of CCHR ARRESTED

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by TinyDancer, May 30, 2011.

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    And that's why Scientology is currently recruiting hard in Eastern Europe, in Hungary and Russia.
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    The Plot Thickens.....
  4. ^^ Recruiting in Eastern Europe, Hungary and Russia is going to be a recipe for disaster. They are not going to find the tolerance there they need to survive.
  5. Intelligence Member

    They had enough grief with the Russian Government; they better not piss off the Russian Mafia.

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  6. Anonymous Member

    "So the Sea Org is engineered to be predatory on children, particularly children of people who know nothing about Scientology.

    This explains why most of the Sea Org people in Sydney are foreign (usually Taiwanese), and why they have a propaganda machine in Taiwan to make the Sea org look exotic and affluent and nothing like the 80 hour week for no money that it actually is."

    Jan Eastgate was engineered to be predatory. All Scientologists are engineered to be criminals to some degree. Scientology has so few members and fewer staff. As far as slave labor, you can be sure it's not just Sydney/Taiwan. Clearwater Anons have eyewitness reports as well as Flag showing pictures themselves of mostly third world country "recruits". In PAC (Western USA, Los Angeles), you see the same. Freewinds is recruiting from South America all the time.

    The few active Scientologists must be wealthy, don't you think, to afford anything? Well, you'd be right. So how many left? 5,000, 10,000, 15,000? Are John Travolta and Tom Cruise, and Nancy Cartwright still spilling millions of $$ Each Year? How many Billions does DM need to keep himself inured in the luxury he has been accustomed to? John, Tom,Nancy, what will happen to you if you are ordered to give more than you can this year, hmmmmmnn?

    Jan Eastgate knows she is Just As famous as Tom Cruise and probably thinks she is More Worthy.
    Isn't that right, Jan? Well, you are, in fact, more worthy.
  7. Anonymous Member

    yeah but its not about recruiting to survive there - in that homeland. its abouti recruiting to send fresh meat laborers out of the country and far away from the native intolerance before anybody realizes whats happening to the loved ones who disappear.
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  8. Xenu Is Lord Member

    That is because we have not pooned them yet.
  9. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I beat you to the correction, thanks for the additional links. You are correct she can face additional charges as in the case of the judge I listed. It looks as if this charge has been used in the past as an opener to bigger things.
  10. Anonymous Member

    and speaking of hat dances, how can we forget the Nation of Islam or the Mexican, Brazilian and best of all Columbian spiffy new happy participants in the scientology global plan of taking over the human minds and bodies of the residents of planet Earth.

    Woa, that's a mouthful, ain't it?! Is it just me, or is that most people on this planet from most countries know about the mafia-like crimes of Scientology except in the U.S., specificially, the U.S. Attorney General's office and the IRS Commissioner's office. Or is that just me?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    You're probably thinking of the Shakers. They're chiefly notable for their exquisite needlepoint and their 100% b& on sex.

    The Quakers (aka Society of Friends) are expanding about as much as any traditional protestant Christian group are (which is to say "not much") but neither are they shrinking by any huge measure. The Quakers are chiefly notable for advocating nonviolent resistance against perceived social ills, and giving us the Best US President Evar.
  12. Xenu Is Lord Member

    If you mean by best a murdering, lying war criminal I would agree.
  13. Zhongjianren Member

    This is very perceptive. On a deeper level, the answer may be in Scientology "statistics. I'm an ex-Scientologist. I can tell you that Scientology "statistics" are focused very much on the short term. (Friday by 2 pm.). Very simplistic. (Fifth grade level. Lines on graph paper. No math. No standard deviation, regression, etc.) Comparisons are to week prior, not to week a year ago, month or quarter year ago.

    All of this leads to very short-term, eat your seed corn thinking.

    They follow the tech. Hubbard had, at best, a 5th grade understanding of statistics. As a result, the COS runs on a 5th grade understanding of statistics.

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  14. Anonymous Member

    Since we're talking CCHR, can we get more spotlight on Human Trafficking as well?
    (Most of the research has already been done, just a matter of highlighting it at a timely moment, and i see it has been mentioned earlier, here as well).
    Also, how was the story regarding the "Church" using a random address in suburban Australia as their formal address for Tax Purposes, as it applied to their status in Britain? Anybody remember that one? It was literally some home where some Greek man lived who claimed to not know WTF that was about, supposedly.
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  15. Couple of facts for you folk to consider:

    Jan Eastgate was head of CCHR for ANZO (Australia, New Zealand and Oceania) or just head of CCHR Sydney at the time of the alledged offence. Her office was a desk IN the DSA office in Sydney org.

    Jan was used by OSA/DSA to "help" with PR. She was part of briefing staff when Hubbard died. There was a briefing of all Sydney staff that day (at 6pm) and Jan spoke extensively to ALL staff about it. She spoke more than anybody else ( I think the other speaker was an exec - I remember Vicky Dunstan being there with Jan but I don't remember if Vicky spoke) Jan often helped with DSA/OSA stuff and was basically taking orders from OSA on what to do IMO. I'd say she was used to do this in the case of Phoebe and carmen - IMO as I wasn't privy to the actual info at that time.

    Jan was well-known for her work on exposing the horrors of Chelmsford "Hospital" and actually had a lot of sympathetic contacts in the media then. She was an "OL" (opinion leader) for Oz scilons and still is - I believe her latest visit here (which didn't work out so well for her) was to appear at "fund-raisers" and beat the "evil psychs are taking over and you have to help by giving us your money" drum which she's done so well in the past. Cue the closed doors, staff all with IAS invoice books and financial rape of those held captive.

    Jan isn't someone the cult can easily throw under the bus - she's too well known and liked. They'll have to defend her to the last e-meter. And I'd say right now the "special briefings" for Jan's defence are going on with how the psychs have gotten to Phoebe and Carmen Rainer and how good legal defence must be mounted against the psychs and their "stooges" to stop this "perversion of Justice" from occurring - hand over your wallets now.

    Jan would take the fall for the cult if she were asked to. But I somehow doubt the cult will do that. There are plenty of other cover-ups of pedobears in the cult (I detailed some of them in my letter that Nic Xenophon tabled in the Senate and I've since learnt of lots of others) and the relevant police here in Oz are well aware of them. I'm hoping that some of the other victims will now find the courage to come forward and speak up but I totally understand if they remain quiet.

    tl;dr - IMO cult will spend lots scilon money fighting this through the court system until the absolute end.
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  16. Robocat Member

    Thank you, Scoots! Excellent post.
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Do you really think so^^^?

    Maybe,..., just maybe they will cut their losses and settle for a Plea Bargain; especially if the evidence is overwhelming?

    Geezzz, they spent over 7 million fighting their case in Toronto and lost and had to pay the largest
    award ever paid out in Canada history for defamation to the Prosecutor following the 7 million lost case.

    And now they are facing millions more in Pending Canadian Cases.

    How long can they keep throwing money down the crapper on losing cases

    No wonder so many ORGS look like delapidated slum lord housing.

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Thanks, Paul. I don't think she'll be so popular for much longer.
  19. Intelligence Member

    I second this^^^^,..., tx a lot Paul:)

    Don't know what Ausie time is, but it's 2:35am and this ol' Irishman
    is going nighty night. Have a good one Anons:)

  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. TinyDancer Member

    I'd prefer that people improve the WIKI.

    It is a big thread, but Sit Rooms traditionally are for situations where there are SO many threads that it becomes useful to put them together. I don't think we're there yet, unless I've missed a lot of other threads. :D
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  22. TinyDancer Member

    I'll come back to that when I've had a look, Dave.
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  23. jensting Member

    That's just not how it rolls / pretends-to-roll.

    Best Regards

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  24. jensting Member

    Any OSA in Aus have got to wonder it they'd be better off with the police holding their passport (so as to make it impossible for them to attend a "conference" in Hemet)...

    Best regards

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  25. She's a money spinner for DM. No-one else who's been charged with crimes has been. Not to this extent.

    Jan is worth a lot of money as she's the CCHR figurehead and she's the one who "educated" TC remember? She's been used extensively for public (and I dare say private) briefings to get the IAS coffers filled to "handle" the "psych threat." She's an ex psych case who's gotten a Freedum Medal for her work and is known by EVERY scilon as a "Human Rights Champion." We just don't know how much she's used to brief the "celeb" strata to keep them donating but I reckon she is used extensively for "individual briefings" of TC, JT and the rest.

    Without her, the whole "psychs are the ultimate evil" looks a bit thin, even to the most blinkered cultie. Why turn over your hard-earned if your cult is covering up child abuse and the person doing it is a "hero?"

    It's ultimately all about the money. She was part of the crew sent to ambush Marty and JB when JB blew from Hemet. Along with other money-spinners like Micheal Roberts, who seems to make his $s from IAS briefings too. She's a trusty because of her ability to bring in the $s. Bryan Seymour was spot-on when he said that she's part of the inner sanctum. I don't believe DM can afford to waste her, she's just worth too much $s for Him to lose.

    It doesn't matter if the orgs look crap and no-one goes into them. If they look good when DM visits them or announces them at events, that's when the cash-cows see them. If He can get $10 million from Nancy Cartwright in one hit, why spend a lot of time and effort on orgs that, combined, wouldn't bring that in in several years?

    As someone wiser in these things than me said - "follow the money."
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  26. JohnnyRUClear Member

    They might.
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  27. TinyDancer Member

    No. NSW still has common law offences. However, this is a statutory offence anyway. (One of the several meanings of "common law" is "judge-made law", as opposed to statutory law.)
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  28. TinyDancer Member

    No. She could not. I suspect that the police had already signalled to her lawyer their intent to extradite her if necessary.
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  29. TinyDancer Member

    The correct court in New South Wales is the District Court. I haven't checked, but the usual scenario is that the first appearance is in an inferior court (a Local Court or Magistrates Court or similar). If a person pleads guilty at the first opportunity and before the matter is referred up to the superior court, they may be sentenced in the inferior court (if the offence is not too serious), and may gain substantial reduction in sentence (the maximum sentence is usually reduced by half). Again without having researched NSW laws, I suspect this one is too serious for sentence to take place in the inferior court. If she pleads guilty at first opportunity, she would be entitled to a significant discount on sentence for saving the justice system and the victim the cost and pain of a trial. But the range of the sentence open to the judge would start with the maximum at 14 years, before any other sentencing factors are taken into account.
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  30. xseaorguk Member

    How about if the victim is offered a huge out of court settlement?
    Would it then be dropped?
  31. thefatman Member

    This is a criminal trial, by the Crown against Eastgate, as such, the way this can happen is for the victim can do is refuse to testify.
  32. TinyDancer Member

    The charge of perverting the course of justice is a very serious one. The others listed are alternative options that were open to the police, but they chose pcj. She won't be charged with two offences for the very same action. In certain categories of offences, the law allows a person charged with one offence, eg. murder, to be convicted of a different offence, eg. manslaughter. As far as I know, perverting the course of justice does not have alternatives in that sense.

    Somebody asked me about plea deals in Australia. In all the circumstances, I would expect that before charges were laid, the police MAY have briefed the office of the state Director of Public Prosecutions. This is likely given the real likelihood that they may have faced extradition proceedings. Even if they had not done so (and police are not obliged by law to consult the prosecutors before laying charges), in our system the authorities do not lay charges that are more serious than are warranted by the circumstances (in the hope that the person will plead to a lesser charge). They choose the charge that is the best fit and best reflects the seriousness of the conduct.

    If Eastgate gets a plea deal for this one, it is more likely to be an agreement as to the approach that the DPP will take on sentence. Sometimes, the prosecution agree that they will make a recommendation to the court as to the range of sentences that are appropriate, that they will make NO recommendation to the court, or that the submissions on sentence will or will not include certain material.

    Obviously, we'll know more once we see the actual charge(s).
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  33. TinyDancer Member

    See the 2008 Audited financial accounts of COSRECI. Expect more soon.
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  34. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Do not want to offence anyone, but this site is not French press. No sign here AFAIK.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Actually I hope they do. Scientology thinks it's an all powerful mafia.

    If Miscarriage washed up on some beach on Colombia riddled with Russian bullets I would laugh.

    Just to clarify, I would take great pleasure in learning of his demise, and would protest the funeral and possibly piss on his grave.
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  36. thefatman Member

    Beats that NYC super cool pube guy anyday.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Oh I'd lob a jar of pubefilled Vaseline on his tombstone in honor of Agent Pubeit too.

    For the lulz.
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  38. Sponge Member

    Also, from various pieces of google fu, it seems....
    in NSW, if the sentence for Perverting the Course of Justice is more than two years then a custodial sentence is mandatory. If it is two years or less then options of a suspended sentence and bonds become available to the sentencing judge. There is also the strange "Section 10" where one is found guilty but one does'nt get an actual conviction.
    Judges can't apply a sentencing length based on their opinion that they think the guilty only deserves a suspended sentence. The length decision comes first and above all else and then they decide whether to suspend it or apply some other form of bond, if applicable. I think I have that right.

    But, I'm not a lawyer so waddoiknow?. I just enjoy putting the shits up Jan Eastgate and DM.
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  39. thefatman Member

    It's made the front page of Digg. Take that Eastgate you self-serving obnoxious prick.
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  40. Sponge Member

    Sounds like it's similar to the UK where cases appear before a local magistrates court and if the plea is not guilty then it goes to local Crown Court before a proper judge and jury. If guilty in front of magistrates (I'm winging it here) if it is very serious then, like in NSW, I don't think they can sentence (Magistates are only vetted laypersons here) and so it goes to a proper sentencing judge, where all the considerations and baaww is taken into account.

    Serious charge is serious. So serious that it can result in a sentence that is longer than for the original crime on which the justice was perverted.

    I bet Jan Eastgate could shit through the eye of a no.12 needle right now.
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