Jan Eastgate head of CCHR ARRESTED

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by TinyDancer, May 30, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    My Dog does, but I'm pretty sure she is just malingering so she can get narcotics.
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  2. xenubarb Member

    So that makes acupuncture real? Well I'm convinced.
  3. xenubarb Member

    And there, my misinformed friend, you are wrong. I've had more than one dog in my life, and had more than one dog pretend to have a hurt foot so I'd carry him or her. They shuffle along, hopping on three legs and whining. So I'd play along and pick them up for a while until I got tired of toting, and put them down. They could never remember which foot was supposed to be hurt, so they just pick one to limp on and hope I wasn't paying attention.

    So don't tell me dogs don't lie about pain.
  4. Anonymous Member

    LOL, dogs definitely lie about pain. They're like toddlers craving attention from the pack leader, funny as hell. It usually means they've done something and they feel guilty, they're playing sympathy before you find out about their true wickedness. And you can back that up by the way they act after you figured out their lies, they can't even look at you.

    Dogs are smart as hell, they mostly just pretend to be dumb to get free cake and hugs from us dumb two-legged dawgs.
  5. subgenius Member

    Dogs definitely lie.
    They don't really like their owners.
    They just have them trained to feed them and pick up their poop.

    All animals are the same.
    I wouldn't trust one of them.

    Animals think they're pretty smart
    Shit on the ground
    See in the dark
    They're laughing at us.
    ---David Byrne
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  6. Anonymous Member

    And acupuncture works too, especially on animals, so does homeopathic treatment. I'm not talking dogs now I'm talking racehorses.

    You can talk science and logic all you want, but some of the alternative remedies have been passed down hundreds of years, especially in dogs and horses.

    I trust the owners and trainers of the animals and their opinions.
    Life is full of crazy surprises. Just because Scientology is some crazy batshit UFO cult there's no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  7. subgenius Member

    you gotta be shittin' me
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  8. vaLLarrr Member

    You ever read the sleeve notes for Stop Making Sense?

    He was right all along.
  9. vaLLarrr Member

    Why? I have seen with my own eyes horses get up on their own two feet after all hope was lost, after a few aromatherapy session and some acupuncture.

    Horses are big beasts, they don't get up unless they are well.

    I think opinions are a part of the whole, and I will never form my own from the often slanted conclusions of scientists.

    You have to leave room for a little bit of woo in your life. Nothing can be adequately explained with equations.
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  10. LocalSP Member

    Maybe the animals got up and acted better because they didn't want something shoved up their asses again or stuck with needles anymore.
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  11. subgenius Member

    He also blogged about bicycling around Detroit.
    But first:
    (Nothing But) Flowers

    Here we stand
    Like an Adam and an Eve
    The Garden of Eden
    Two fools in love
    So beautiful and strong
    The birds in the trees
    Are smiling upon them
    From the age of the dinosaurs
    Cars have run on gasoline
    Where, where have they gone?
    Now, it's nothing but flowers

    There was a factory
    Now there are mountains and rivers
    you got it, you got it

    We caught a rattlesnake
    Now we got something for dinner
    we got it, we got it

    There was a shopping mall
    Now it's all covered with flowers
    you've got it, you've got it

    If this is paradise
    I wish I had a lawnmower
    you've got it, you've got it

    Years ago
    I was an angry young man
    I'd pretend
    That I was a billboard
    Standing tall
    By the side of the road
    I fell in love
    With a beautiful highway
    This used to be real estate
    Now it's only fields and trees
    Where, where is the town
    Now, it's nothing but flowers
    The highways and cars
    Were sacrificed for agriculture
    I thought that we'd start over
    But I guess I was wrong

    Once there were parking lots
    Now it's a peaceful oasis
    you got it, you got it

    This was a Pizza Hut
    Now it's all covered with daisies
    you got it, you got it

    I miss the honky tonks,
    Dairy Queens, and 7-Elevens
    you got it, you got it

    And as things fell apart
    Nobody paid much attention
    you got it, you got it

    I dream of cherry pies,
    Candy bars, and chocolate chip cookies
    you got it, you got it

    We used to microwave
    Now we just eat nuts and berries
    you got it, you got it

    This was a discount store,
    Now it's turned into a cornfield
    you got it, you got it

    Don't leave me stranded here
    I can't get used to this lifestyle
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  12. subgenius Member

    I have now (have it even on vinyl):

    Not only this, but you don't have to decide what to wear every day.
    I have said many times that I am going to do this, and now I think I really will.
    (Steve Jobs saves a lot of time and unnecessary thinking.)

    I almost joined the army just for that reason.
  13. SwordofTruth Member

    we got any updates on this ?, couldn't tell from all the science and medical crap.
  14. subgenius Member

    Yes. We're still waiting for the next court date and passing the time.
    And I have it on good authority that Jan is on the cans, heavily.
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  15. subgenius Member

    i laughed out loud

    an essential point
    just because A precedes B doesn't mean A causes B
    it could be despite A

    like the guy who would jump in the creek every New Year's
    one time he died of a heart attack
    he made a fatal error of logic (science)
    he wasn't staying alive BECAUSE he jumped in the creek
    but DESPITE it
    science is actually cool
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  16. subgenius Member

    Jan is on the cans mocking up a memory of sometime billions of years ago far far away, where what she did here and now was justified.
    Prove me wrong.
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  17. subgenius Member

    going to be laughing about that all week
    and still sparrow's "I'm a heterosexual man, keep that wink to yourself."
    fucker is quick witted
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Exactly, homeopathic treatment works on racehorses not dogs.

    Yes, if an alternative treatment has been passed down for hundreds of years it will work especially well with dogs and horses.

    I also trust the owners and trainers of the animals and their opinions of course.
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    Awesome, I would pay that woman several hundred thousand to teach me that.
  21. thefatman Member

    Registry search provides the following information:


    Looks like we're ready to roll.

    NB: For those of you who don't know, Meyer is Eastgate's maiden name.
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  22. Sponge Member


    Yes now what was this thread about again? Oh yes....
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  23. Anonymous Member

    do we need a separate infodump type thread for these kind of links/ leaked recent e mails?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Jan Eastgate of scientology front group 'Citizens' Commission for Human Rights' is due in Downing Centre Court, Sydney on 16th June on charges of perverting the course of justice in a child abuse case.
  25. Anonymous Member

    I'm guessing a Scientologist would watch that and think "Imagine how much better she could be if only she knew she was giving Touch Assists and belonged to my Church"
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  26. Sponge Member

    Ooo thank you.
    Here's the link for the court list search page.

    Date: 16 Jun
    Time: 09:30
    Listing type: Mention (Police)
    Juristiction: Criminal
    Court: Local
    Presiding Officer: Unassigned
    Location: Downing Centre
    Court Room: Crt. 4.4 Downing Ctr
    Case Title: R v JANICE MEYER
    Case Number: 201100178789
  27. Anonymous Member

    So is her legal name Meyer? Why is she being allowed to use this name if not?
  28. thefatman Member

    Her full name is Janice Wendy Eastgate Meyer. Why the listing doesn't include the 'Wendy Eastgate' bit I don't know.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Sure are a lot of Meyers in Scientology...
  30. Anonymous Member

    "Meyer" is her married name, not her maiden name. Please get your facts straight before you broadcast to the world. Kthx.
  31. vaLLarrr Member

    No time to wallow in the Meyer...

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  32. RightOn Member

    heh heh...
    the orgs are prolly telling COS members "no that is Janice Wendy MEYERS who got arrested, not Jan Eastgate of the CCHR that got arrested"
    Scilons have so many name variations.
    With doing the ex COS member list, I couldn't believe all the names that had completely other names, and variations.
    that in itself looks snarky
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  33. RightOn Member

    I hope Meyer gets plenty of time to wallow
  34. Anonymous Member

    She's already had plenty of experience waddling.
  35. Not a good time to be a Janice Meyer Wiener
  36. Anonymous Member

    Do Scientology volunteer ministers use powerful LRH tech. on dogs and cats? if they did it would expand their positive public relations.
  37. Anoobymous Member

    On the cans or on the can -
    when she's not being interrogated, I'm sure she's crapping herself unendingly.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Any relation to Oscar Meyer Wiener?
  39. Anoobymous Member

    Ths brings back some unfortunate memories of naked men in Alaska barreling toward the nearest river.
    As you can tell, AK was (and I'm sure still is) really hard up for entertainment. Pun intended, sadly.
  40. Anoobymous Member

    Pix. That's the answer. Snap her going into/coming out of court. Maybe someone could try to get her comment on all this

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