[January 25 Boston MA] #OpAngel Protest

Discussion in 'Planning' started by WMAnon, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. WMAnon Member

    More info here:

    Protest at the Boston Courthouse at 3PM Friday, January 25th in honor of Aaron Swartz.

    Organizational meeting to follow. Dress sensible, I'll post flyers here in a little while.
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  2. AnonModz Member

    Figured I would do this for what it's worth....

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  3. WMAnon Member

    I'd like to do a flyer run tomorrow (Sunday, Jan 20th) if anyone's available?
  4. AnonModz Member

    I am definitely going. Still looking for more to join.

    I already got some fliers printing, I will print about 50-100.
  5. WMAnon Member


    use these things:
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  6. AnonModz Member

    thnx... they are printing quite nicely :)
  7. AnonModz Member

    +1 for the design btw WM, appealing and to the point.
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  8. WMAnon Member

    Thanks to everyone who showed up to flyer! We hit downtown hard and MIT is gonna have fun trying to clean off their bus stops :)
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  9. AnonModz Member

    It was a good time, see you guys on Fri. I will show up a little early - I am debating on bringing the anonomobile and taking advantage of my handicap placard :)

    WM gimme some feedback on good/bad idea :)

    I know it's a bad idea, but it's just so damn tempting. They deserve to see it staring them in the face, at this point I really don't care after all the bs they get away with, it's the least I can do.

    I may not be in my right state of mind right now but plz msg me and talk me down because I feel like I might to do something I will regret when I get there.
  10. WMAnon Member

    We'll make sure everything's okay, even if we have to hold you down ourselves. Everyone's upset, but getting yourself arrested isn't going to help any. There's another flyer run happening with the event organizers @Harvard today around 5:30 if anyone's interested.
  11. AnonModz Member

    Shit, I would have made it with more notice.. I will see you Fri either way though so take care until then.
  12. AnonModz Member

    So just a little update to the protest happening in a few days. I contacted Southcoast Today (New Bedford Newspaper) as well as the Patriot Ledger, Boston Globe, and Boston Herald to let them know whats going on. Hopefully we get some media coverage and the public will hear from us what is going on. I also contacted wickedlocal newspaper as well.

    We should get some more info on why the government REALLY trumped up the charges without letting the public in on the info.

    Anyways, we should expect to see some media coverage at the courthouse.
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Eliezer Member

    Wish I could be there...
    I was wondering if anyone could teach me to exploit websites?:rolleyes:
  15. WMAnon Member

    I seriously hope you are joking.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Hi Eliezer, welcome. Please know that this is a place for legal activism only.
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