Japanese Police shut down Anti-Nuke Protest, Arrest Protesters

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Trev6, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Trev6 Member


    Video of the arrests:

    Machine-translation blog report:,qfor=0

    During a protest against government nuclear policy in Shinjuku on Sunday, September 11th, a very large police presence showed up to oversee the demonstration.

    Shortly after their march began, the police began arresting some protesters for reasons that were unclear. A police officer then declared that the protest rally was cancelled, and ordered everybody to disperse.

    The impression of the blogger was that the overwhelming police presence was there to intimidate protesters, and they planned to shut down the rally from the start:

    Strangely, no major, or even minor media outlet in Japan has reported on these arrests (to date, that I know of, so somebody could prove me wrong).

    There may have been good reasons for arresting those people, but the number of cops on hand and their behavior was arguably an act of intimidation, and based on personal experience with Japanese police, they likely had little respect for the rally and did, in fact, aim to shut it down as quickly as possible.

    Media outlets outside Japan don't seem to be touching this story either. I think it deserves to be spread around.
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    how's it going you bastard<3
  3. Trev6 Member

    Fine, although this story amply demonstrates why we can't raid Scientology orgs in Japan.
    Fucking cops here are shit.
  4. yeah i can imagine...
    never give up tho, sooner or later something is bound to happen <3
  5. DeathHamster Member

    They're about as heavily armed as our school-crossing guards. Just saying.

  6. Trev6 Member

    I like how the Wiki page is almost fawning in its adulation of the police and insistence that excessive force is not used. Japanese police are notoriously racist, and extremely disrespectful of anybody that doesn't passively accept their version of law and order. Because confessions are considered "the king of evidence" and police statistics are strongly pressured to show as close to a 100% success rate, coerced confessions are common. They can and have led to wrongful imprisonment in numerous cases.

    Even worse, police who feel they can't find a culprit will intentionally misreport some cases, such as an incident where a body with several knife gashes across the chest was listed as "suicide" in police records.

    The notion that a "free and fair press" regulates the police is a joke. Police are held up on a pedestal as moral paragons in Japanese society, and in a culture where saving face, avoiding unpleasantness, and respecting authority are valued, attacking the reputation of the police is seen as rude, disrespectful, and unpatriotic. The end result is no meaningful oversight of police abuses. Human rights and freedoms of speech, assembly, and the press are abysmal in Japan.

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