Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

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    Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Forgive me if this has already been asked. I tried reading all the pertinent threads and havent found anything on this...

    Is there a transcript available for the full Jason Beghe interview? I asked WBM in an email if one was ready and he said that perhaps someone here had one or was working on one.

    I maintain a blog at LJ and several of my readers have been asking me if they can read a transcript. Some are unable to play videos while some are just lazy and want something to read vs. a video they have to watch - especially one that long.

    If anyone is working on a transcript and would like help doing so (since I know 2 hours is a LOT to type up) I would be happy to volunteer my time and mad typing skillz to help get that out for wider distribution.

    Thanks peoples!
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Hmmm...I must be missing something. I read that entire thread and I dont see anything about transcripts. I see links to audio files but no transcripts.

    Mark also said that he barely has time to check his email, let alone put together a transcript.
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    I've started when I was bored. Probably someone is working on this, but such ideas when enough people think them can result in noone doing it at all. I think these are the first 3 or something minutes and there's no editing or guarantee names are correct etc.

    JB: It would be probably useful for me to kind of go through this thing cause
    I'm still trying to discover what happened. I feel still a little lost and
    bewildered and I dont quite get it. And, thats a common thing for me in me
    life that I like somebody like some things I mean, just politically: I cant
    get how people don't see that those politician's a liar. You know what I mean?
    I dont get it. And so for me, if I was going to write something, the concept
    or the title would be "How I got into Scientology and why I got out".


    As a little kid -I'm talking about... even before I could talk- I can remember
    being interested in people. Really interested in people. And... I was pretty
    shiny and everybody wanna do, you know pick, him up and all this crap and... I
    didn't like that. And I could see people. I felt like I understood who
    somebody was pretty well as a little guy and I didn't have any kind of, I
    might have had some judgement on it, but I didn't have a condemnation like
    "Uh..." I just thought: "Ok, thats Dad" not just "Daddy", but "Oh, ok, that's
    that guy and that's uncle Jeno and... this is this guy at the party" as a three,
    four year old kid looking 'round. And at a certain point I think -certainly
    before first grade- I became very, very interested in "Who am I?" Not just,
    you know, "Oh, that's that guy I know" but I had some kind of a perception
    about a person and as a little kid I remember... cause the way I could get,
    how I perceived the people in front of me, whether it was accurate or not- I
    believed it was true- was kind of by looking into their eyes and saying... who
    they are. So I remember as a little kid looking into the mirror. Looking in
    the mirror and like really, not looking at how do I look, looking and tryin' to
    say: Who am I? And I would say: "Who are you? Who are you?" you know? As a
    five, six year old kid I remember it, 8 years old it was pretty intense and
    I... I'd never got it. And I just thought: "Well, I guess, that's the life
    condition, you know, it's too hard to self-perceive." So this was a question
    that was always, you know, and then I went up and as I was growing up and I
    played the fool and did normal, stupid things and drugs and whatever, but it
    was always something that was in the back of my mind and I was always on a
    spiritual journey one way or another, you know, either some new age shit, not,
    never like, not a lot of organized religion by the time I was fourteen I kind
    of... lost interest in that. You know, but I would read a lot even to the
    point where as a 21 year old kid I mean I remember I was into the spiritual
    teaching of this one guy who is originally teaching in french and I learnt
    french just so I could read it in the original french, so... it's important to
    me. But it was all based on "Who am I?" and I guess that kind of greek "Know
    thyself" type of philosophy. So.

    Somehow I got into Scientology which was Bodhi Elfman that was in my acting
    class and my acting teacher who's a big disseminator -Milton Katselis- was
    ranting about some shit which would pissing me off, 'cause it was wasting
    class... it was like nobody... "How you guys are auditioning me?" or
    something- he was pissed off and he wanted more unmitigated just... adoration
    and he wasn't feeling like he was getting it. And in the middle of his tirade
    I was sitting there 'twas like first thinking: "Who are these fucking people
    that are not, you know, flowing the correct amount of attention to the
    master" and then I looked and I said: "Wonder if I am". And I said: "Do I
    trust Milton?" And I said: "You know what, I really don't." And that was kind
    like a weird thing
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Hi Dydan,
    The intention is there to produce a transcript (I suggested that here), and a few people suggested they'd help (e.g. Plups, AnonyFag), but doesn't seem to have gained much traction.

    I have transcribed Video 8:

    Feel free to use this, I intend to do more (though I don't know ETA), and perhaps Plups and AnonyFag would be able to assist??
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Ok. Since it doesnt seem to be a coordinated effort at this point I'll be willing to be the go-to girl for this. What the hell...I'm not working at the moment and it will give me something to do besides lurk on the boards.

    If anyone is able or willing to transcribe the remaining videos, contact me via PM with your email address and we'll get this organized. The sooner we get it out, the better.
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    My first stab at Video 2, will type the rest up later ...

  8. An0n1nNZ Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    The rest of Video 2:

    I am now working on Video 4. If anyone else is able to assist with producing the transcript, please contact Dydan or myself :eek:face:
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Hooray, thanks for the transcriptions! :)
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    yay! When someone finishes and puts them in viewing order it will rawk. I luff u guyz 4 doing this...

    i'm severely hard of hearing/deaf, so transcripts are the next best thing to subtitles.

    I wonder where scn would stand on deafness... lol. They'd prolly think they could cure it.
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Video 4:

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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Videos 8, 2, 4 transcribed and posted.
    1 - started, unclaimed
    2 - done
    3 - unclaimed
    4 - done
    5 - claimed by orly
    6 - unclaimed
    7 - unclaimed
    8 - done

    I'm going to take video 5 and try to get it done real soon.
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    I'm doing 7
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    I claim Part 3.
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Alright, I'll do part 6 then.
    Will post it here as soon as I'm done.
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Ok, I'm going to finish part 1. I'll also take all the parts, proof them for spelling and get them in order in a word doc.

    Is there somewhere that the whole thing can be uploaded where it can be accessed by the general public?
  17. Dydan Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Ok folks, here's the list of who is doing what:

    Part 1: indeedindeed and Dydan
    Part 2: An0n1nNZ
    Part 3: Eff
    Part 4: An0n1nNZ
    Part 5: orly
    Part 6: SmackThePony
    Part 7: Plups
    Part 8: An0n1nNZ

    Thank you everyone for stepping up to the plate so quickly to get this done! I am sure Mark and Jason will appreciate that we're making the content readily available for those unable to watch the videos. You guys RAWK!
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Here is part 3:

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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Thank you for the transcript. My internet at home is kaputt since monday and I have no possibility to watch at work. I appreciate your work :flowers:
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Here's part six. If somebody could check the audio at 7:45, I couldn't understand what he was saying. Terminals?


    WBM: So once you left, how did you leave?

    JB: The wouldn't let me leave. They just kept saying no, no, no, no. And so I said, "Okay, give me my money back." And what I had was, you know, money on account. And per their policy, if you asked for your money, that was it.

    WBM: And they did give it back?

    JB: They gave my wife's money back. They offered to give me my money back. And I'm still in a… They want me to sign a piece of paper that says that I have no further claim against them and I told them I can't do that. Because I feel I do. And I just said, you know, I don't have the time or the money to get into a legal battle. Even if… I'd say a million dollars, they probably owe me. Conservatively. And in this country you can do pain and suffering and maybe I could get a couple of extra bucks. I just don't…

    WBM: It's tough to litigate Scientology.

    JB: Yeah, but I'm not going to sign some paper. That says I don't… You know, I just couldn't… It's just my own integrity. You know, I couldn't… I couldn't say that.

    WBM: So what's happened since you left Scientology? I was talking to your wife a little bit earlier and she was talking about how, you know, the friends cut off from her, who, you know, those who are still in Scientology.

    JB: Yeah. Well, you know, I mean… Jesus. I got a little… I got a little son, too. And he was in a little Scientology school. And… He was four at the time. And, uh… no school was start-- we moved. We were in the process of moving. So it was pretty… And moving to a big… We moved to this big property out here. It's a big different thing and it's a long way away. And they kicked him out of school.

    WBM: It was a Scientology school.

    JB: Yeah. They kicked him out. So he had nothing to do, so it f***** him up. Because he had… "Why can't I see my friends," and… That was just all his friends. You know. And this was a time where, you know, Mom and Dad were really busy, I'm working, we've got a little tiny infant at the time and we're moving. To an enourmous thing and plus, this whole place we're in was under construction. There was a period when we were in one of those Airstream type of things. You know. And no-- nothing for him to do. So that was, yeah… My, my, our friends? I mean, I knew, I could see I was pulling away. So… I'm kind of an anti social personality anyway, so I don't really hang around people. You know. But my wife, you know, with the kids and stuff, she… I remember there's a girl, a wonderful girl, Kelly, Kelly Daniels. Terrific chick. And she found out… Some ethics person told her. And she just was incosolable. You know. So I know there are a lot of broken hearts on the other side. And now there's not. I saw some f****** kid that I hardly know. I do voice-overs, too. So I went to a voice-over and there was some kid from Scientology and usually, if I'd see him at a voice-over, he'd be like "Hey, Jason!". And he went… (Laughs) And I just thought: "You f****** punk." That's all I said to him. It's just like… You see that that's it in a nutshell. You know, both of them are a lie. The "Jason!", because we're Scientologists, and the "…", because you're out. So when you look at the thing it's really, really… The data shows, and the fact… Tory's husband left her. These people, their families just… There's the proof. There's the proof. You're incapable of being a good friend if you're a Scientologist. Because it's-- your're a Scientologist. And Jason Beghe the Scientologist is willing to lose David. Is willing to sacrifice certainly the quality of my relationship with Mom and Dad and brothers and sisters. And God knows who else, that I could have made friends with that weren't Scientologists. Maybe they just didn't understand, or whatever. And my whole f******, the most important thing in my life, for me, again going back to who I was as a kid, was a guy that was interested in people. And I wasn't like judging people, like… I was just willing to be them. An maybe that's why I became an actor. And I grew up in New York. And that was like, this is people, people, people. I'd go every day, growing up, I would meet somebody. You're on the subway. And now, you know, people go to the Home Depot with me and we'd go and hang and talk and do our thing and, you know, that's who I am. And to some degree you're not able to communicate. Because you can't… You're--You've got a bubble around youself. It's this thing. And there's another way, part of the thing that always-- that made it a little bit easier for me to get out of Scientology than other people was that I would always look at the religion-side. And it's like, 'cause again, I was always interested in religion. And when they get exclusive you've got to wonder. You know, when, in other words… You know, I don't have anything against anybody's religion. It's fine. But, you know, "The Evangelicals are the only ones going to heaven." "The Muslims are the only ones going to Allah," or whatever. And these, and "The Scientologists are the only people who know." I get all… Well, I don't think so. It doesn't make sense to me. You know, and there's an interesting story. Like one of the things that took the biggest hits on religion in this century was… It f***** up a lot of people. You know, World War I was a vicious, awful war, different than others, with gasses and mustard gas and it was terrible. People were slaughtered and it f***** up a lot of-- the Germans and the Americans when they go and they would see their bodies and they saw that they had the same bible. They said: "Whoa, I thought God was on my side?" And it's the same… Apparently. So it's like this kind of... You know, when things are bringing people further away from others, and distancing them, and Scientology to the degree that I am a different species… "You're a Wog, and I'm a Homo Novis. And I'm a Homo Novis enough to be loving of you." You see what I'm telling you? That's pretty bad. You know, and then you look at that, you know, and radical Islam… You know, it's like, it's not that different.

    WBM: And yet Scientology says that they're not exclusive, that you can certainly be any other religion and be a Scientologist.

    JB: Well, let me tell you something. I talked to many, many, many (??? plz somebody check audio 7:45 , I'm not sure what he's saying) about this. Because after a certain point, when I'm down on the f****** bottom, after going through this… And I never complained about money. And I'm not rich. But I never complained about it, you never had to f****** beg me for a f****** thing. I would go in and throw down, when I was ready to do it I'd say, "Let's go." And it wasn't ever I wasn't ready 'cause I didn't have the bread, it was I wanted to be ready because I wanted to, "If I'm gonna f****** do this thing, I'm gonna do it. And I'm gonna be behind it." And that's where I was at as a Scientologist. And, uh… But, uh… I told those f****** people, because they're always talking about, you know what they're donig, you know why they need all this money? You know what their real goal is? It's to clear the planet. It's to clear the planet. And you know what the good news is? We only have to clear about three quarters of it, and just due to the fact of our being so theta the other quarter will just clear instantly and the SP's will crumble and… You saw the little wicked witch when she got water thrown on her? That's what will happen to the f****** SP's. But I said to them, because now after a while you start feeling like, "Hey, man. This ain't like a little mistake. That cost me fifty G's." You know, and you start doing that a couple of thousand f****** times and you say, "Hey, I'm getting pissed. That's a lot of mon-ey!" Okay? And you start getting into that. And they ain't talking about all this. And I said, "Where's the money going?" And nobody ever f****** gives you an answer. And, you know, "we're trying to clear the planet?" I said, "Babies, I wanna tell you something, I've got news for you. There's no f****** way. You can't f****** clear Beverly Hills with these prices. There's no f****** way. It's physically impossible." Like they say Obama, Clinton can't reach the number? There's no way. There's not enough money. It can't be done. So that's a lie, they're not trying to clear any f****** planet. And if they are, they're going to have to bring the f******-- the prices will have to go so f****** down, I said, "I'll wait for that. I'll wait, I'll do it next lifetime. When it's 250 bucks to go clear, 'cause I can wait another fourty years, and it'll save me a million bucks, and I'd rather have my f****** kid go to private school. You know? So, f*** it.
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Once I get the last of part 1 scribed I'll be checking everything for accuracy and spelling. Thank you so much for contributing!!

    I'm heading out for a job interview this morning but after I get back I'll be dedicating myself to getting this done.
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Yes, Terminals. Scientology Glossary - T to the rescue.

  23. SmackThePony Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Thanks, Eff!
  24. SmackThePony Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Oh, and much luck with the job interview, Dydan!
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Thanks to everyone who has jumped on board, really appreciate the assistance!!

    As we can see there is great demand for a transcript, and you are helping deliver that! :flowers:
  26. Dydan Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    I think it might be a good idea to make it a habit to transcribe everything we can. There's a lot of people out there who cant watch videos who would benefit from being able to read a transcript. Also it would help media folk as they could read and pick out what portions of the video they want to quote in print.

    Perhaps we should have a Mod set up a folder here specifically to place transcription?
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Good idea Dydan, .. having just looked myself, there is a forum: Translation and Text Composition Projects. It seems to be producing a lot of press releases and similar, but there has also been people asking about transcriptions...

    Perhaps that forum is the appropriate place? (Or ask a mod to create a 'English - Transcriptions' sub-forum)
  28. Dydan Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    That seems like an appropriate place to me, especially if a Mod can make a sub-folder just for transcriptions. I understand that translators are desperately needed and valued and I'd hate to drag them away from that work to transcribe, but those of us who type fast and can do that kind of work SHOULD, y'know?

    I know one person made the comment that "transcription for people without sound is not an argument". Say wha??? If the whole point in being here is to bring awareness about the dangers of this cult I would think distributing the message in multiple mediums would be of vital importance. Like it or not, some people DONT have sound on their computers...or their computers are so old that that they cant watch videos. Some people are profoundly hearing impaired and have a genuine need for transcriptions. And some people just would prefer to read something rather than watch/listen to a recording.

    Getting the messages out in every method available to us is not just a want, its a NEED.

    We seem to have a decent group working on the Beghe video. Perhaps we should organize ourselves and be the team who transcribes everything we can get our hands on?
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    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    I think we deserve our own sub-folder! Also, our transcriptions would be a helpful resource for translators making subtitles in other languages, I think.
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    Okay, here's Part 7. Sorry it took so long. I've had internet connection issues... :(

    Here's a link to the word document: Jason Beghe Part 7.doc

    Jason Beghe Interview – Part 7.

    • Problems with auditing tech
    • Celebrities doing recruiting
    • Sea Organisation
    • Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF)
    • Tom Cruise
    • Recruiting Films and other voice-overs

    MB: How are celebrities treated inside Scientology?

    JB: All I know is how I was treated, and you know, my peers. I mean, that's who I hung out with. I do know, I know that it's a lot different, actually I do. Only because, like, this was another question for me. Like, here I was: I had Ray Mithoff, who's the head, the top auditor on the planet, the senior CS International. I had RTC technology, technicians - whatever - people. Plus, and I mean in LA. I had my own auditor, the CS, the senior CS and then they would all go over my folder, and then they'd send it to Richard Reece at FLAG, who's the senior CS at FLAG, and he'd go over the folder, and they would... do you know how long it took me to get a fuckin' CS? Like, I'd do a thing and I'd make an origination, like, you know... "I'm not sure I like this." My next session would be about a month later! Because they couldn't fuckin' handle... because there were so many "via's" on the "comm line".

    So, how was I handled? I was handled with the best attention ever. And I said, "Do you know something? If this is the best of the best..." - that's what I was saying to them at the end - I said, "How the fuck?" - and that's another thing I was saying about clearing the planet - "You are the best motherfuckers in the world and you admitted you fucked the shit out of me! What happens to poor Schmoe at Orange County Org, who you're saying, you know, just... when you're first saying, 'You just need ethics!' Or some fuckin' thing." He's still stuck in some ethics cycle going "unintelligible gibberish" and they're fucking, it's 'cause they fucked him up! And they say, "No! You need more sec checking!" And he can't afford it... or some fuckin' thing. And it's not even the right fuckin' thing!

    These guys don't know what they're doing! They're fucking hoping! You know what I mean? They're hoping! And the fucking crime of the bitch is they're saying, "Aha! We're going to work this out. And I'm going to put in a little oregano." And the other guy says, "Too much salt." And they fucking... "Here's your folder!" And of course, "We've got it C/S'd and ready to go." And I'd be like, "This fucking sucks! It's the wrong fucking item!" And then your needle's floating and "I'd like to indicate that it IS the wrong item" and it'd go right back to the motherfuckers for another month! And meanwhile, I've already bought $100,000 worth of auditing and it's more going through this thing!

    And then if I just, talking about some stupid fucking overts to start the... because I haven't had a session... "Well, I masturbated..." And I mean you're coming up with...who the fuck cares? I say, you know what I mean? It's not like I'm fucking killing people or beating my children or something. You know what I do? You know... "Er... internet pooorn... and, uh, I don't know! You know, uh... I was, I blew my, I got mad at work..." You know, you've got nothing to fucking say! And this is it! And that'll fucking eat the whole ... it's just unbelievable!

    MB: Celebrities are used heavily for recruiting.

    JB: Yeah.

    MB: And they recruit young actors coming to town. I see every weekend in Backstage West there's, now it's up to 5 or 6 ads for different workshops they do. Are you familiar with that at all?

    JB: Yeah, yeah. I gave one. Yeah, they got me to do one once. Yeah, people got interested and they signed up for courses. And they use people to do that. I suppose they're targeting actors; that's what I've understood. It's good public relations for them, I suppose. Or if somebody hits big it's thanks to Scientology. I know a lot of people who do them and, at first, they were very reticent to do some of the things, say some of the things that they're pressured to do, in other words, you know, it's Scientology and say that Scientology... and you use the ethics conditions all the time, you know, in your career, and all these kind of things

    JB: Yeah. But then after they've done a couple of them, they even start to believe it.

    It's very hard. You have to look, I mean you know, these are decent, good people. And they... it's like... I mean, I don't want to say so many alarming things, but I mean it's... How do people get involved in these destructive relationships? Just between two people? You know, there's a lot of people that get knocked around and come back. And you know, I doubt the person knocked them around on the first date. You know, it's sad. And just looking at that... at those celebrities, you sell a little piece of your soul when you tell that lie, but you've got it all justified that, you know well it's good people, and it's for the church, you know I'm helping the group and da da da... and you've got it thing... but I'm telling you, you know that you're full of it a little bit. And you know that if you really look at it, it's okay. And like, in any other universe, you know if that came up in session it would be an overt. But not there!

    Because you're doing it... because they've got the whole thing ju... I mean this whole hard sell and all this thing, I mean, what they do to the truth - shit - actors is one thing. What about the little children they get into the Sea Organisation? Billion year contracts, you know?

    MB: What's your reaction to the Sea Org and the way that the Sea Org members are treated as opposed to the celebrity clientele? Are you aware of some of the things that happen to Sea Org members?

    JB: Well, I mean again, I've heard things and I don't... and they seem quite plausible. I have never seen anybody being abused. I've seen people kind of screamed at. But I've never seen that kind of abuse.

    To me, I mean it's, let's say you know, you hear my story, and I've got out and I've got some sad tales. Maybe I got ripped off for a good chunk of money and this, that and the other thing. If you look at that as compared to somebody who joins the Sea Org, it's not even comparable. Can you imagine what it would be like to have a person at your beck and call and complete disposal? Your slave? Who not only was a slave by force but, you know, you've got them by the mind! Not the balls, you've got them by the mind! So, they're in love with you, devoted to you, to do whatever you want! For their entire lifetime! Okay? And you can just get them so they're working, let's say... I mean just a person working... 100 hours probably is what the average Sea Org person works a week. I'd say about 80 to 100 hours a week. What's the minimum wage on that? You know. I mean, it's not even minimum wage shit! I mean, they build the buildings. They do everything. High tech stuff. I mean, it's worth at least $75,000 a year. So that's it! And then you get that for 50 years, 40 years, because they get them when they're teenagers! You know and then they've also hired a dentist, who takes care of their teeth. They've also hired all these kind of things as part of their organisation. I mean, what is that? That's just millions and millions of dollars worth of free labour. I mean, it's, it's not only that, plus your whole life! And what do they get in exchange? They... they believe that they're saving this sector of the galaxy. And that's enough for them. And they're the few people that have the ethical fortitude to make that kind of a commitment.

    MB: What's your reaction to the RPF?

    JB: Ah, those are the rules of the game. But, I mean... to me, what it is is more of a way to control. You know, people end up there if they're - I would think - to some degree, they feel, getting out of control. And so, what do you do? You put more control on them until you've got them back in control... and whether that's physical abuse or mental abuse, or both, it's what it is.

    MB: When you were in, did you know the ins and outs of RPF, where families would be split up and people couldn't communicate for months or even years?

    JB: No. They don't talk about that much. I mean as I got older... I mean when I was in a little bit longer and I spent more time at the upper organisations like Gold I would hear about things like that... find out...but they try to keep that stuff away from everybody, especially celebrities, because it indicates, you know... The company line is that the Sea Org is made up of OT's. It's a group of OT's. Okay, so for these people to fail means that OTs are failing.

    It's kind of like a one shot clear joining the Sea Organisation and you have the EPF, which is the precursor, where you get ready. And that is supposed to, when you're finally posted in the Sea Org - the end phenomenon of the EPF, which is called the "Estates Project Force", which is where you do a lot of physical labour and take a couple of courses - the end phenomenon of that is supposed to an OT. Which is interesting to me. I've many times blown my stack when I've got... I've had to get in touch with somebody at FLAG, I had to call the President and of course they've got a new person answering the telephone at FLAG. And of course, Scientology touts itself as THE cutting edge in communication. Whereas they have somebody answering the fucking phone who does not speak English. However, they are an OT! They happen to be an OT from Poland who is now 14 years old and is now the main reception for an international fuckin' hotel and you say, "What the fuck is wrong with this person?" Well, "They're posted and they should be there." And, "You've got to get that job done!" And if their stats are down, I'm sure they're back on the RPF if they haven't learned to speak English quickly enough. And that's not an exaggeration. Insanity!

    MB: So you didn't know that much about what's going on in the RPF?

    JB: No, I learned some things online, but...

    MB: How are you as public kept away from the entheta that's going on in the real world? I mean, if there's some really negative story about Scientology in the paper or on tv, are you aware of that?

    JB: It's a funny thing, like I remember like, my wife had seen Ted Koppel interview David Miscavige and she thought that he kind of fucked up. You know, certainly wasn't very OT. And she talked to Susan Watson, who's the President of CC, and Susan was like, it's almost like gaslighting somebody, you know that expression? Which is, kind of, make it seem like they're, "Are you crazy? Oh! Well, you know, he was just doing a Tone Scale Drill." 'Cause, you know ???? And you know to just "not is" the thing, I think it's called "Dead Agenting". And it was an interesting thing.

    I had a similar experience just seeing Tom Cruise, you know, acting a little bit ... in a way that, you know, could distress a lot of people. And they make it into like, "well this is the greatest, yeah, no, this is good! People just can't handle his level of enthusiasm!" You know, and it's a little "O...kay!" So that's the company line! And you go, "O...kay!" You know?

    MB: Even now, when it would really seem that Tom Cruise paid... and there's global attention to this, and they're trying to spin it as a positive that "all these people are coming to our site and learning about Scientology and joining."

    JB: Right.

    MB: Whereas the rest of the world is thinking, you know, "Tom Cruise is nuts!"

    JB: Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, that's the thing though. In their own little world, it makes sense. The funny thing is, that is, that is a Scientologist talking to Scientology...Scientologists. I mean that's Tom Cruise...he's sitting there - I've done these kind of videos - being interviewed, knowing that his audience is people in the audience of an event that's going to be made up completely of Scientologists and his job is to get some fire under their asses so they can jump out and start behaving more like him. And that's basically what it is. So, that's not... that is, in their universe, you could show that. I think that's an unedited tape, but, you know, that's basically him! I mean, I've been around the guy. You know, I twinned on him in some courses. Shit! He and I, I was getting auditing from Marty Rathbun, we were on turn-about for a month and a half. It was like, Tom would go in, then I'd go in, Tom would go in, I'd go in. And so I mean I spent a little bit of time with him and uh, that's him! You know, he's a very fuckin' focussed guy and, he's a - I mean, that's what I see, I mean this guy is not a namby-pamby pantywaist. He's a total, totally dedicated person. Is my - I can't call him a friend or know him even - but I can tell you that that's who he is. So, if it seems crazy, that's interesting. That seems like the ideal to most Scientologists. And that's an interesting comment. That's what it is. 'Cause they showed that as a "Come on, babies! Get off your asses! Don't you want to be like Tom?" And it's interesting that the rest of the world, who are not caught up in that Truman Show, they see it as, "What's wrong with this guy?" It's crazy.

    MB: It looks very much to outsiders as though your personality is stripped away and it's replaced - your reality, rather, is stripped away - and it's replaced with Scientology's reality.

    JB: That's what I saw. That's what I perceived. And the other dangerous thing, I mean, I've watched a little of that Tom Cruise interview and I just... I'd seen it before then. I mean I went to that event. That was an IAS event from where he won the Freedom Medal. He... the fact that, you know, there's some part in there where he says, "As a Scientologist, you just can't let that, you can't pass that accident, because you know you're the only person that can do something about it!" And he does know that! You know? And to me, that's part of what I'm finding is destructive in terms of a religion that pulls people apart. Whereas, it seems like well, no, he's really helping people. So, you could say that. But he's also putting himself above it. He's a homo novis. He's somewhat condescending. He knows he's going to heaven. Do you understand? You know, and I find that - it's very worrisome. It really is. It's not, I don't think it bodes well for the planetary community when you have people "sectifying" into these groups that are the only way out. It starts to look crazy. That's, I think, where war comes from.

    MB: You mentioned having done some of those videos like Cruise. You've done a lot of Scientology...

    JB: Oh, shit! Man, let me tell you something. Like, the main recruiting film for the Sea Organisation - I spent over... well over a year doing that, with ... up at Gold, with David Miscavige. And he and I and one other guy on the final day, because we had to finish it for Sea Org Day. So if you ever get recruited to join the Sea Org, that'll be me talking. Unless they hear this. Maybe they'll take me off.

    "We live in a world gone mad. Where pain and strife create war and human suffering. A world rife with drugs."

    It starts like that. It's very serious. And it's all about the Sea Organisation, how it was formed and blah, blah, blah. So, apparently, it's working. That's what I've heard. They told me. But their stats never go down.

    Yeah, then the last thing I did before I left was they had this - I don't know what the hell they were calling it, but they had this big public push, they were going to put these videos in every org. So, when new public walk in, they can learn What is CCR? What is the Volunteer Ministers? What is the... like, I must have done 10 or 12 of these things. And that's my voice too.

    Ah, shit. Then of course, the technology of Scientology is learning how to clear people and bring them to higher states of spiritual freedom. And that takes a lot of learning, you've got to go to course. And part of the course is technical films, where they tell the story - they're all written by L. Ron Hubbard and some were even directed by him - but, I'm in... Jesus! Shit, I don't know! Plenty. Plenty of them.

    MB: So, they'll have to purge you now?

    JB: I don't know if they'll purge me. There was a girl who left and they kept her... I mean they re-did the film finally. There's some of them that... it'll take a while to re-do. I mean they take forever to make a film anyway, I mean. Shit, I did a little half-hour film for them. It took months. It took months.
  31. AnonyFag Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Uh, hai guize.... I'm late into the thread, but was set to complete part one. I d/l'ed all the sections, listened to part one through a few times, then came to check on the thread only to find Dydan had snarfed part one... Further, it looks like everyone's spoken for/done the rest of the sections :(

    Are there any sections that have become "abandonware" or too much for someone for me to even do here?? I only get one "real" day off a week between 3 jobs and all, but I was all set up with time and supplies to do this, so I'm all dressed up and nowhere to go. :p

    PM if I'm needed is best... Dayum... is dat sum butthurt I be feelin? :lrhcries:
  32. Yayhey Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    I was just wondering, is there anything apart from in the last couple of parts that could make a very good quote? I've had a quick browse of what is transcripted so far but there is not much I can see that makes a standout quote.
  33. Plups Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    What context?

    I like this:

    From Part 2.
  34. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Condensed Summary:
    "Fuck Fuck fucking goddamned fuck clear! Shit."

    :fuckyou: :whistle:

    Seriously though, nice work transcribers...its good to have easy-access to quotes and C&P material!
  35. An0n1nNZ Member

  36. rof Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    Free babies for transcriptions.

    oops, meant to put this here.
  37. Plups Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    I'm not sure we need a sub-forum. The OP can just amend the first post with links to the posts with the 8 transcripts in them, and possibly an index.
  38. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?


    I started a thread a while ago in the Composition subforum but nobody was interested. I will be more than happy to halp.
  39. An0n1nNZ Member

    Re: Jason Beghe Interview: transcript?

    The purpose is to develop a Transcription machine, focussing on *any* projects that people wish to have transcribed. Already there are requests for transcription of other projects ... it would be helpful to have a place to work on them together in. Hope this clarifies :)
  40. An0n1nNZ Member

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